Perfect Your Groom Speech With Our Templates & Examples

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Groom speech templates

You’ll soon be marrying the woman of your dreams which will be remembered as one of the happiest days of your life. Whether you decide to marry in an intimate reception room accompanied by just a few special people or have the big white wedding in a grand church with an audience of a hundred […]

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Examples

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Father Of Bride Speech

Every father knows that one of the biggest and most important days in his life will be to give his daughter away on her special day, and with every wedding comes the famous father of the bride wedding speech. Not only is this an important moment for the father to thank all of the guests […]

Best Man Speech Tips and Advice

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Best Man Speech Tips

Your best friend has just asked you to be his best man – and at first all you feel is pride and how amazing it is. After all, what an honour to be chosen out of all his friends to support him throughout his big day – plus you get to organise the stag do! […]

Popping the question? These marriage proposal ideas can help with your big moment…

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Proposal Ideas

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when you’re ready to take the next step, graduating from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife. But, before you get that far, comes the big event – the proposal! Now, every couple has a different vision on how they want the proposal to be and while […]

30 Unique Places Where You Should Get Married

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Unique Places Where You Should Get Married

Can’t find your dream wedding venue? Or are you trying to suss out some quirky ideas for where you could get married in the UK? There are so many special venues out there that have played host to hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings that churn out the same old kind of thing every weekend. […]

Who gets an invite to the hen party?

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hen party ideas

Only the most important people make the list! Hen parties have been a tradition for centuries in which a ceremony is held in celebration of the bride to be. The big question ringing in every maid of honour’s mind is “who should I invite and am I completely certain that they are still friends?”.

Organising Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Planner

When it comes to weddings, does size matter? Would you rather share one of the most special days of your life with every Tom, Dick and Harry you can think of? Or would you prefer to be surrounded in love and confetti by only your nearest and dearest? Do you see your wedding as an […]

My best friend’s Wedding

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Best Friends Wedding

A chief Bridesmaid writes the inner thoughts of a somewhat reluctant Chief Bridesmaid a.k.a secret bride in waiting….  The invitation When I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s forthcoming wedding, my first reaction was one of horror. Firstly, I have been a bridesmaid now six times – the last time when […]

16 Unique Engagement Ideas

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Put a ring on it Tying the knot is a special and memorable experience for every happy couple, and considered to be one of life’s greatest moments. Everybody has a different perception of the perfect proposal, whether that be a dramatic setting such as at the peak of a mountain or at your family home […]

Festive engagements!

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Did you get engaged over the festive period? Congratulations if you got engaged over Christmas & New Year! Now the planning starts including the hen weekend!