How to Plan a Corporate Event

By Josh | 1st July 2019 | 0 Comments
How to Plan a Corporate Event

  Corporate events are usually held all the time by companies all over the world to push for a particular agenda or attain a certain milestone. These events come in many forms, i.e., conferences, awards and gala dinners, an AGM, and other forms. So many resources and time go into the planning of a corporate […]

Top 10 Corporate Event Ideas

By Richard | 22nd February 2019 | 0 Comments
corporate event ideas

When it comes to organising a corporate event, there are a few things to consider that will ultimately result in the event being a resounding success. Initially it’s coming up with corporate event ideas that will be suitable for your group – will it be outdoors, a physical activity or something that will get everyone […]

How to write a motivational speech for your next Team Building Event

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How to write a motivational speech for teambuilding

Prior to managing just how to create inspirational speeches, let’s attempt to specify what inspiration is. “Desire to do something, or something that causes such determination”– this is exactly how Cambridge Dictionary specifies motivation. Being the valued point we require to be effective and also continue in our lives, inspiration isn’t something you can get […]

Team Bonding Ideas to Strengthen Working Relationships

By Josh | 29th March 2018 | 0 Comments
team bonding ideas

On the surface your employees may seem to get on with each other but it is in your best interest to ensure that they truly bond. Once they do, they will find it easier to work together – which will help them grow in their role and, ultimately, be incredibly beneficial for the business as […]

Top 20 Best Corporate Event Ideas

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corporate event ideas

When it comes to throwing a corporate event that is sure to get people talking, you need to go a little bit above and beyond the usual ‘drinks in the local’. And, while this can seem daunting, there’s actually a whole host of easy-to-organise events on offer which are guaranteed to achieve just that. From […]

Top Team Building Activities

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top team building ideas

Looking to increase motivation and productivity in the office? It has been proven that by participating in team building activities your motivation at work increases, trust is built and morale is higher. There are so many great team building ideas out there for you and your colleagues to take part in that it can be […]

The Office Christmas Party

By Adam | 26th January 2017 | 0 Comments
office christmas blog

 Why Book a Christmas Party What better way for corporates and organizations to celebrate Christmas than by organising an office Christmas Party that reflects the ethos of the company in hand? For many companies the ‘Christmas Do’ is regarded as a highly significant event – one in which its highly valued employees and clients are […]

Our Top Summer Team Building Activities

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sup stand up paddle board

Isn’t it time you got out the office and had some team building fun? We all know that a happy, motivated work force increases efficiency and production, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the sunshine and book your staff a team building day!  Here are our top corporate team building picks for […]

Driving experiences – how fast do you want to go?

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From Karting to F1 Here at Adventure Connections, we’re all about the fast paced, heart pumping driving experiences! So, as the F1 season starts warming up we’re here to tell you how you and your group can have your very own extreme driving experience and battle it out to become the Jenson Button of the […]

Wakeboarding for dummies

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wakeboarding for dummies

Wakeboarding for dummies Wakeboarding is the snowboarding of the water world, the “cool” version of water skiing made up of totally rad, colourful curved boards and funky shorts. You’re probably now imagining yourself as a 16 year old dude skimming along the Tahitian ocean, but the actual truth is you’re going to look a bit of […]