Top Team Building Activities

Published on Oct 5, 2017

Looking to increase motivation and productivity in the office? It has been proven that by participating in team building activities your motivation at work increases, trust is built and morale is higher. There are so many great team building ideas out there for you and your colleagues to take part in that it can be hard to know where to start. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 15 of the best team bonding ideas (and they’re so much more fun than the dreaded sitting in a circle and telling everyone your name and favourite hobby…!)

treasure hunt games

1) City Treasure Hunt

A large part of working in a team involves communicating together to achieve a common goal, something which can sometimes be forgotten in amidst the chaos of everyday tasks. A city treasure hunt is a great way to remind everyone of how much better they are when working together and is a top team building exercise.

For a city treasure hunt participants are split into teams and are presented with pens, paper, folders and anything else necessary for the hunt – including customised maps of the chosen area for the activity. Teams then work together with their teammates to earn points by solving clues to find places and answer questions, completing numerous tasks along the way. After the allotted time has passed, everyone regroups to find out the winners of the day and (hopefully!) receive the winning prize! This game is great to encourage better communication between workmates as well as how to tactically solve problems as a team.

Murder Mystery team building event

2) Murder Mystery

This is designed for smaller groups and so it is ideal for those smaller companies who are looking for great team building activities ideas. It takes place in the evening, giving you the chance to let your hair down and get to know your colleagues a little better. Prior to a murder mystery night everyone is assigned a character to play, with a personalised invitation letter and guest list beforehand which explains everything about their persona for the night as well as giving costume tips and instructions for the activity. Two actors join the group for dinner and teams are immersed in a fully interactive evening which all runs smoothly until…well, you find out on the night!

This is designed to take place over a three course dinner in a private dining room giving plenty of time to get to know colleagues you might not normally speak to.

Teamopoly team building event

3) Teamopoly Team Building

Teamopoly is a great choice for team building. Not only does it strengthen core team dynamics but it also encourages communication and team strategy – as well as a bit of healthy competition! Now ignore any terrifying flashbacks from last Christmas’s annual boxing day game of Monopoly, this is much more fun. This is a life-sized board with teams of giant irons, wheelbarrows, ships and boots – made up of the traditional pieces. Teams have 90 minutes to navigate through the board with their team, passing challenges along the way and dodging pitfalls such as the jailbreak card. The whole journey is brought to life with live actors and supersized props and the aim is to try and gain as much Monopoly money as possible! Teamwork and a clear strategy are key to this, so it’s a great chance to work on those skills! Once the timer runs out, finances are counted and the most prosperous team wins!

team building ideas

4) The Apprentice

No-one wants to hear the words ‘you’re fired’, especially from your boss, but this team building activity offers you the chance to go through that route for fun in a game based on BBC One’s The Apprentice. With up to 25 participants, teams will begin the day with a briefing from the powerful business mogul ‘Sir Allan Sucre’ (wonder where they got that one from?!) where they are told of their task ahead. It is up to the teams to plan their time wisely and assign team roles correctly, utilising individual members’ skills and strengths. The team which returns with the highest figures will win, receiving two bottles of champagne. Participants will walk away with better team work, negotiation and communication skills – as well as either the Hired or Fired trophy.

The Crystal Challenge Team Building Event

5) The Crystal Challenge

Whilst there are a few things which are better kept in the 90s, The Crystal Maze is one throwback we’re all too happy to see return and it makes for a great team building day. Based on the popular Channel 4 game show, this sees teams competing in a mix of adrenaline-inducing activities to collect as much time as possible in the crystal dome at the end of the game. Activities are designed to test teams’ communication, strategic, time management and problem-solving skills and will guide participants through Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones with unique challenges in each one. The team at the end who then uses their time in the dome to grab the most gold tokens will be crowned the winners. This is a great event for larger groups to get to know one another (plus, the optional costume actor Richard O’Brien is free of charge to groups of more than 100 guests).

Wolves of Wall Street Team Building

6) Wolves of Wall Street

Encapsulate the noise, buzz and excitement of Wall Street itself with this fast-paced team bonding day idea. The ultimate trading game sees teams buying and selling shares at exactly the right moment to reap the highest financial benefit before purchasing building materials from the profits. These can then be used to construct a corporate tower to sell for even more cash. This leads to a series of exciting twists and turns designed to challenge and keep everyone on their toes – from grumbling surveyors checking your regulations are in place to market news flashes and rapidly changing prices, it’s a game of communication and strategic planning. At the end, it all comes down to money. Properties are sold off at £p/cm and added to the share values. Those who have made the most profit will be crowned the Wolves of Wall Street!

Masterpiece team building activity

7) Masterpiece Team Building Event

A regular phrase in workplaces is to remember everyone is working for the “bigger picture” – Masterpiece team building day brings this analogy to life, with a giant picture painting challenge. Ideal for getting those creative juices flowing, this is a fun event which marries together problem solving, time management, delegation and communication, for it’s not so simple as just putting a brush to paper! Teams have to create a giant size masterpiece of a famous  painting, company logo or graffiti art work and along the way there will be a range of tasks and challenges to help complete the painting. This involves logical quizzes, puzzles and tasks to win stamps which can be cashed in at the shop to win supplies for the finale. At the end of the day teams can take their masterpieces back to the office as a keepsake!

Beat the clock team building activity

8) Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock is a day filled with team bonding ideas. An expansive list of creative, physical, technical and mental tasks will see teams racing together against time to score the most points. This game is simple, taking place in one conference room. Each team is given its own numbered box and team pack where they can decide to either start by conquering challenges within the box or heading to various tasks which are set up around the room. Each task (out of the 150-plus on offer) has three different levels of difficulty and each team may only attempt one. Succeed at a harder one and you’ll win more points, but is it worth the extra seconds you waste on the clock if not? This is a challenge which features something for everyone, with every sort of personality and skill set and requires teams to work together, pooling their best resources for every task. The day ends with the all important announcement of the winning team. This activity is great to encourage teamwork and utilise different strengths. It will encourage time management, role allocation, planning strategies and so much more and this can then be applied back in the office.

Beat the banker team building activity

9) Beat the Banker

If you’ve ever heard of or watched the TV gameshow Deal or No Deal, you’re sure to have wanted to have a go yourself at beating the banker. Well, with this Beat the Banker game you can! The event comprises of teams picking a sealed numbered box and, through process of elimination, getting rid of the other numbered boxes until they either reveal the value of their box or accept an offer from the banker. There are two games every half hour, led by presenter No-El and his co-workers, and six teams of ten can compete against each other over the 90 minutes of gameplay. As the event draws to a close, scored are totalled up and the team with the highest figure walks home with the largest prize. Prizes range from a bottle of bubbly to a single chocolate coin, so it’s important to pick those numbers wisely! This is a great way to encourage teamwork and bring co-workers closer together for a fun and unique day out of the office.

Back to School

10) Back to School

Memories of your school days can often bring back a strong sense of nostalgia and this Back to School team building day allows participants to head back down memory lane, but with a difference! The day offers a range of activities for competing ‘houses’ to go head to head in a range of classes such as art, home economics and physics – but be careful not to land in detention. Dressing up, while not compulsory, is highly recommended. Don’t think PE is missed out on either, teams compete in their very own sports day featuring all the classic challenges – including sack races, hockey games, welly wanging and lots more! The day ends with a prize for the winning team (which you will find out on the day). This activity is great for promoting teamwork and encouraging a competitive spirit!

Fencing Activity

11) Fencing

Fencing is a really fun day away from a desk. Team members can either enjoy a bronze session (two hours) silver (three hours) or gold (with guidance from Olympic fencers). On the day, groups receive a safety and technical briefing before learning all the necessary skills required for fencing – a mix of focus, balance and timing. Team members are then taught to draw swords and both attack and counter-attack their opponents. At the end of the event, the ‘Battle of the Sword’ finale sees two opposing legions compete against each other to capture their opponents’ colours. They will walk away from the event with a greater competitive spirit (and hopefully bragging rights too!).

Haute Couture

12) Haute Couture

Haute Couture takes workwear wardrobes to a whole new level. A high energy experience, this team bonding day starts with teams being provided with everything needed to create a fashion sensation – from scissors and cloth to a production budget, makeup and accessories. The teams then have to work together to create a sartorial masterpiece to show on a catwalk at the end of the experience. And it doesn’t just end with the clothes. Teams must put together the messages, the costumes, the choreography and the music choice to accompany their show – working up to a jaw-dropping showcase! The teams’ super models end the day by parading their creations down a catwalk in front of the rest of the group. It’s a great choice for changing attitudes and encouraging team members to think outside of the box.

Plate of Food

13) What’s Cooking?

This action-packed event takes participants straight from the frying pan into the fire as they compete against rival teams to create the best dishes. What’s Cooking offers the chance for team members to watch experienced chefs whip up some delicious dishes before getting some hands on practice themselves. Working together with a selection of mystery ingredients, they have to create their own mouth watering dishes to be presented to the critics ready for their restaurant’s grand opening! As well as gaining new culinary knowledge, teams will also learn the importance of working together in a time-pressured environment, providing them with essential skills to be transferred back to the office. Bon appetit!

Flash Master Team Building Activity

14) Team Challenge

Team Challenge is, as the name suggests an action packed day filled with different tasks and challenges to take part in. When arriving to the venue you are divided into teams (with matching t-shirts of course) and then have to try your hands at a number of activities, which you have to all work together to complete. The activities are split into zones such as the driving zone, the creative zone, reaction zone and It’s A Knockout-style inflatable zones with tasks including buggy racing, human table football and even herding ducks! The day finishes with the awards ceremony, which sees prizes given to not just the winners but also for novelty reasons too, such as the funniest/worst competitors. This day is perfect for encouraging teamwork, promoting positive attitudes and increasing communication between colleagues.

Urban Circus team building activity

15) Urban Circus

Urban Circus offers a team building activity with a difference, shunning clowns and lion tamers for a motivational and challenging event which will see participants return to work and approach tasks with an invigorated mind and positive attitude. Upbeat and energetic, the day commences with professional circus performers staging a show, led by the charismatic ringmaster. Team members are then taught a plethora of exciting acts such as feather balancing, plate-spinning and low-wire walking. There are a number of zones to try, all with different activities to have a go and challenge themselves with – with most people being surprised at just how much they can achieve when they put their mind to it. The day closes with the grand finale, where delegates perform together to the ringmaster. It’s a team bonding day which is both unique and inspiring and guaranteed to have participants return to the office with a whole new attitude.

Whatever you choose, we’re sure that these team building exercises will make a difference to your workplace.