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The Healthy Hen Party

4th April 2017

How to throw a healthy hen do Here are our top tips on how to throw a hen do without binging on calories.

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Everything You Need To Know About Coasteering

3rd April 2017

Everything you need to know about Coasteering The coastlines of Britain offer a vast amount of different activities for those seeking adventure and adrenaline. We are blessed with some of the most dramatic and beautiful stretches of cliffs, beaches and coves in Europe that are waiting to be explored. A particular type of activity that […]

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What To Do On A Stag Night In

28th March 2017

What to do on a night in with the lads Not every evening on your stag do needs to be an alcohol-fuelled party funded by deep pockets. Between you and your trusty stags of the round table, you’ve spent a lot of money on your swanky self-catering accommodation, so it makes every bit of sense […]

Essential packing for short trips

Essential Packing for your short break

21st March 2017

We know you’re probably well practised in the art of packing, but you’d be surprised at just how many essential holiday items are forgotten each trip! With our essential packing guide, you can leave for your trip knowing you haven’t missed a thing. The men need to pack… Clothing – The men of the group […]

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Pub Crawl in Brighton

23rd February 2017

These are our picks for the best pub crawl in Brighton

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Boost that Post-Christmas Morale with a Team Building Event

26th January 2017

The Christmas period is a wonderful and magical time of year, so it’s only natural that a lot of staff suffer from post-Christmas blues when they have to return to work. January presents an ideal opportunity to bring your staff together, refocus and engage their attention, but most importantly motivate your force so their working efficiency […]

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Introducing Adventure Connections 5.0

26th January 2017

Our trusted and beloved website (version 4.0) has at long last been put to rest after serving us humbly for the past 16 years. If you’re lucky enough to have visited our site in 2017, you will have seen the site’s new transformation complete with our new Trip Builder function!

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My best Friend’s Wedding (Part 7)

2nd December 2016

And it goes on… The second Saturday of July is the official date of the nuptials of the century and 275 Save the Date cards have been sent out. So far so good. Christmas has come and gone and the all New Year celebrations seem to ride on the fact that it is finally The […]


My Best Friend’s Wedding – Activities! (Part 6)

13th November 2016

Titanic, Bikini, Dancing and Pop videos? Oh my God, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they take a Titanic nose dive further into depths, far further than you ever imagined. Honestly, this bloody wedding – it’s hi-jacking a year of my life and it’s not even my big day. Resolution: When or […]

Wedding Dress

My best friend’s Wedding – Do the Bustle! (Part 5)

30th October 2016

Do the Bustle! What is it about a wedding dress that is so seductive? I mean, I’m not even the bride, I have never fantasised about (potentially) my own wedding dress yet, going into the three boutiques that Marina had chosen was really…well…exciting.

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