hen party ideas

Our Top 10 Hen Party Ideas

21st November 2017

Long gone are the days when a hen party was a simple dinner or few drinks down your local. Now hen parties are more and more fun with a whole plethora of options available, no matter what sort of celebration you are looking for. However, all this choice means that when it comes to hen […]

stag do challenges

30 Stag Do Challenges

14th November 2017

Every aspect of your stag party is in place, all that is left is to set the legendary stag do challenges that every stag-ateer must abide by, or else suffer painfully embarrassing forfeits which you will be mocked for. The challenges here have been passed down from stags for generations, from our fathers and their […]

50 Fun things to do in london

50 Fun Activities You Can Do In London

30th October 2017

There is an abundance of activities in London for you to participate in. Whether it’s just you and your partner or a whole squad of stags and hens, London guarantees you an experience that will leave you with a dire thirst to return for more of it’s charm. So where do you start with a city […]

best stag party destinations

Ten Stag Do Destinations in the UK

17th October 2017

When it comes to organising a stag do, one of the hardest parts can be deciding where to go. Most stag parties settle for somewhere that has beer, booze, music and a load of great activities. However, if you haven’t the foggiest about where to start the hunt, it makes the whole process a little […]

top team building ideas

Top Team Building Activities

5th October 2017

Looking to increase motivation and productivity in the office? It has been proven that by participating in team building activities your motivation at work increases, trust is built and morale is higher. There are so many great team building ideas out there for you and your colleagues to take part in that it can be […]

Alternative Stag do ideas

Alternative Stag Do Ideas In The UK

19th September 2017

There is a lot of thought and preparation that needs to go into planning a stag do – you want to show your stag why he gave you such an important job after all. First this means working out who you are going to invite, then you need to choose the perfect location, find somewhere […]

Girls Weekend Away Ideas

6 Girls Weekend Away Ideas

12th September 2017

You don’t have to dig out your passport and board a plane to ensure the perfect girls weekend away – there are plenty of places to visit and explore right here in the UK. Whether you are planning a hen party to celebrate your best friend’s upcoming nuptials or you just fancy some girl time […]

Unique Places Where You Should Get Married

30 Unique Places Where You Should Get Married

7th September 2017

Can’t find your dream wedding venue? Or are you trying to suss out some quirky ideas for where you could get married in the UK? There are so many special venues out there that have played host to hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings that churn out the same old kind of thing every weekend. […]

invite to the hen party

Who gets an invite to the hen party?

15th June 2017

Only the most important people make the list! Hen parties have been a tradition for centuries in which a ceremony is held in celebration of the bride to be. The big question ringing in every maid of honour’s mind is “who should I invite and am I completely certain that they are still friends?”.

football themed stag do

Football Themed Stag Party

11th June 2017

Football Themed Stag Parties Looking to base your weekend around the footy? Did you know that there are over 5300 football clubs registered to the English football league system? Almost every lad has grown up and kicked a ball at some point in their lives, whether that’s in a pair of slick astro’s or a […]