Hen Party Games

Published on Dec 29, 2022

We know that it’s tricky to get the conversation flowing when you have a large group of hens that may not know eachother, so why not start the weekend off with a hilarious hen party game?! Whether you are looking for an ice-breaker for the hens or a hilarious game for the big night out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hen party games for your last night of freedom to suit all groups!


1) Bridal Quiz

The bridal quiz is perfect for close-nit groups that all know the bride really well. As the MOH (Maid of Honour), create a quick quiz all about the bride, this can include embarrassing stories, proud achievements and funny facts. We recommend doing 3 or 4 rounds with 5 questions in each, this will make it long enough to be interesting but not too long that it gets boring. It’s also a good game to play whilst travelling to your hen party, either on the train or at the airport.

Example Bridal Quiz Questions:

  • Who is BRIDE’s celebrity crush?
  • Where did BRIDE & GROOM go on their first date?
  • Who was BRIDE’s first kiss?
  • What is BRIDE’s favourite drink?
  • What is BRIDE’s favourite movie?


2) Mr & Mrs

A classic game that seems to feature in every hen do. Create a series of questions about the couple and have the groom answer the questions prior to the hen party. Then, on the hen do have the bride answer the same questions and if their answers match she gets a point. You can even turn it into a drinking game by having the bride do shots for each incorrect answer.

Example Mr & Mrs Questions:

  • Which celebrity does he/she look most like?
  • Who is the best dancer?
  • Who does the most housework?
  • What’s his/her favourite position?
  • What is he/she most scared of?


3) Find the wedding rings

Perfect if you have hired a self catering accommodation, find the wedding rings is similar to hide the thimble. Buy a few novelty wedding rings or get a bag of Haribo rings and hide them around the house. You can either set prizes for hens that find a ring or forfeits for ones that were not able to find one.


4) Toilet Roll Hens

A hen party classic. Split your group into teams, perhaps using the bridesmaids as captains and then it’s a competition to see which team creates the most stylish dress using toilet rolls and sellotape. You can also give bonus points for the quickest team and one that most resembles the actual wedding dress!


5) Taboo Words

At the start of the weekend get all of the girls together and come up with a few taboo words that you aren’t allowed to say during the course of the hen party. Be sure to make them as hard as possible so people get caught out. When someone says the word they have to do a forfeit, this could be a shot, drink or a dare. If you are doing dares have all of the girls write down a list of dares and put them in a pot and then whenever someone has to do one, they pull one out at random – this will avoid any bias or unfair dares!

Example Taboo Words:

  • Fiance’s name
  • Brides name
  • Honeymoon destination
  • Ring


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6) Hen Taboo

A hen twist on the classic game of Taboo that requires a little preparation. On each card write a word and then 5 other words that are related. When you are ready to play, split the hen party into two teams (perhaps the bride vs MOH) and then pick the first player from each team. The player then has to get the rest of her team to say the main word on the card without using any of the taboo words to describe it. Assign a player from the opposite team to check that the player isn’t saying any of the Taboo words and if they do, discard the card and move on to the next one. Set a time limit and the person who gets through the most cards in each round wins a point for their team.

Example Taboo Words:

  • Wedding Ring: Gold, finger, propose, circle, engaged
  • Bouquet: Flowers, catch, throw, decorate, engaged
  • Tuxedo: Suit, best man, groom, dressed, clothes
  • Love Birds: Couple, tweet, wings, heart, fly
  • Bridezilla: Film/movie, dinosaur, veil, wedding, angry


7) Fill in the blank

Another great game that will bring back some hilarious memories! All you have to do is write down a series of facts about the bride-to-be and leave a key word blank. For example, you could say “The bride once walked into _____ when on a night out and broke her nose” You could have a prize for the hen with the closest (or correct) answer and a forfeit for the silliest or furthest away!


8) Guess the cocktail

If you have a hen group that likes a tipple, why not test their taste-buds with a trivia quiz. A great warm-up if you have cocktail making booked or if you are travelling up together you can play whilst on the train or plane. Simply put together a list of popular cocktails ingredients and the girls have to guess what cocktail it makes. A great game to see who really is the biggest alcoholic and it also provides everyone with a recipe card that they can use in the future!

Example Questions:

  • 45ml lemon vodka, 15ml triple sec, 30ml cranberry juice, 10ml lime juice, ice // Answer: Cosmopolitan 
  • 50ml vodka, 25ml peach schnapps, 2 oranges (juiced, plus 2 slices to garnish), 50ml cranberry juice // Answer: Sex on the beach
  • 60mL Vodka, 30mL Passionfruit Puree, 30mL Vanilla Syrup, 15mL Fresh Lime Juice, Prosecco or Champagne // Answer: Pornstar Martini


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9) Pin the Trunk on the Hunk

Pin the Hunk on the Trunk is a naughty twist on the childhood party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out a few images of the bride’s favourite hunks, you can decide how raunchy you want the images are, and then also print out a number of trunks that you can pin onto them.


10) Who’s Who?

This is a lovely game for the bride to play and reminisce over all of her close friendships. Have all of the hens write down a memory that is important to their friendship with the bride on a card, this could be how you met, a memorable holiday or a. Then shuffle all of the cards up and have each person read them out. You all then have to guess who wrote each card.


11) Boozy Pong

Line up 6 cups on either side of a table in a triangle formation and then fill each cup up with your favourite drinks, this could be g&t, prosecco or you can opt to keep it traditional with a classic game of beer pong. Then split the group into two teams and then each take turns throwing the ball into the opposite team’s cups. If you get a ball in the cup, someone from the opposite team has to empty the cup and then remove it from the game.


12) Hen Bingo

Prior to the weekend, create a list of challenges in a 3×3 grid that will have the girls running around like headless hens! The first to tick off 3 in a row wins! You can extend the game by making a 5×5 grid or have different challenges on each persons card.

Example bingo challenges:

  • Get a group photo of everyone in the hen party
  • Find someone with the same name as the groom
  • Find a coin from the year that the bride was born
  • Talk to a stranger with a fake accent
  • Get a free drink from the bar


13) Real or fake?

A simple game of truth or lie, everyone takes turns to say a statement that may be a truth or a lie. It’s then up to the other girls to decide whether it’s a lie or if they are in fact, telling the truth. You can twist the game and the statements could all be stories that you share with the bride-to-be.


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14) Sculpt the Hunk

Stock up on Play-Doh for this hilarious hen party game! Similar to pictionary, split the group into two teams and then set a timer for 2 minutes and have 1 person from each team take turns in sculpting the hunk. The rest of the team then has to guess who the hunk is before the timer runs out!


15) Cocktail Making Challenge

If you have booked a self catering house for your hen weekend and want a couple of drinks to warm up for the big night out, create a list of cocktails and bring all the ingredients you need to make them. Then give everyone a different recipe (or you can team up) and task them with making the drink. After all of the cocktails are made, give everyone a sip of each and they have to correctly identify which cocktail is which! A great game to help you learn how to make cocktails and will also introduce you to new cocktails that you may not know about!


16) Guess the Bum

This one is a cheeky game that will need some preparation – but that shouldn’t be a chore! Compile a list of celebrity bottoms and then hide the rest of the body, it’s then a quiz to guess which bum belongs to who. If you think it may be a little tricky you can always write a clue below the picture to help. You can up the hilarity of the game by having the groom & best men send you a picture of their bums to add to the list.


17) Porn or Polish

A quick, cheeky game that will have all the hens giggling. Find a range of nail polish names and porn titles and then the ladies have to guess which is which! Another good, little quiz that you can play whilst traveling.


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18) Scavenger Hunt

Similar to Hen Bingo, the scavenger hunt will have the hens running around looking for random items. These can be items that relate to the brides life or it can be random tat, it’s completely up to you! Obviously, prizes for the winner and forfeits for the losers.

Example scavenger hunt items:

  • A veil
  • A photo with another bride-to-be
  • A piece of clothing from a stranger
  • A ring of some sort
  • A bouquet of flowers


19) Dirty Little Secret

Have everyone in the party write down a secret that the rest of the group won’t know about and then fold the paper up and put it in a pot. Then take turns in reading out the secrets and then you all have to guess who wrote the secret.


20) Never Have I Ever…

Predominantly a drinking game, everyone takes turns saying something that they haven’t ever done and then if anyone in the group has done it, they then have to have a drink. It’s a hilarious game that will have the group learning a thing or two about some of the more adventurous members of the party.



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