Presents for the Bride and Groom Gift Exchange

Published on Mar 18, 2020

Presents for the Bride and Groom Gift Exchange 

Just when you thought you’d planned every last inch of your wedding and there couldn’t possibly be anything else to organise, you realise you need to find the most perfect wedding gift for your better half. But the good news is that a wedding gift for the bride or groom doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive and extravagant present. No no, it just needs to be thoughtful, from the heart and something that will leave a lasting memory, and there’s no reason you can’t have some fun with your choice! To help give you a head start, here are some of our favourite wedding presents for the bride and groom. 


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Groom to Bride:

Mrs or Wife Tagged Gifts

Practically anything that has Mrs, Wife or Wifey printed or engraved on it will bring out the biggest smile on her face. Those words will act as stamps of authenticity and there’s no better time to give these gifts than immediately after tying the knot. Searching on the web will bring up hundreds of businesses that will customise small gifts for you. If she decided to take your surname, make sure you buy some gifts that celebrate her change in name, like a t-shirt that reads ‘You can call me Mrs X’.


Bridal Cover Ups and Robes

Make those ‘getting ready’ shots even better with a tailor-made bridal cover up or wedding robe to make her feel like the true princess she is, all day long. Keep her cosy with a soft, feather lined robe, or chic satin cover up with her name and wedding date printed on the back. This is a gift she’ll be able to take back home and every time she uses it, she’ll think of her fairytale wedding day.



Every blushing bride would cherish a new piece of jewellery to mark her gorgeous wedding day. Steel bracelets and bangles with precious words of affection engraved with the date of wedding will be cherished for eternity. A gleaming pair of diamond earrings to match the rock on her finger would be a very welcome present. If sentimental is your aim then a delicate locket incised with both your initials and a heart, plus your favourite couple image of the pair of you locked inside for eternity. 


Wine Glasses

Is there anything better than a chilled glass (or two) of crisp fruity wine at the end of a long week? Give your wife the most exquisite and intricately crafted crystal wine glasses. Personalise with a message of adoration and the date that you shared your vows. 


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Bride to Groom:

Gentleman’s Watch

A timeless gift for the groom that any gentleman would be delighted to receive on his wedding day. A luxurious accessory that you can get your wedding date engraved on or a small message of love printed on the inside of a leather strap. The watch is a staple in the bride and groom gift exchange, a classic piece that he’ll be able to keep and show off forever.


Suit Ties

Give the groom his signature piece for any suit. A decorative tie in his favourite colour, made of the highest quality silk with a hidden hand-stitched message of love. It’ll be his go-to tie for every special occasion and it will carry with it a story to share.



Whether the groom wears a suit to work nine to five every day of the week, or only brings out the tux for special occasions, personalised wedding cufflinks are an ageless wedding gift. Silver-plated cufflinks engraved with the date of your wedding and both of your initials is both a thoughtful and practical present that will be used for years to come with joyous memories attached. Not to forget to mention they’re damn classy and worth showing off. 


Scotch Glasses

Watch the smile appear from his face as he opens a magnificently designed crystal scotch glasses for those special occasions when your hubby needs a drink of the most divine single malts. Depending on the style of glass you choose you may want to add your own personalisation onto the side for that added personal touch.


Specially Crafted Mixtape

Create the ultimate-mega mixtape to be played above all other playlists. Featuring the very best 70s power ballads, the hippest beats that came out of the 80s, the rock and punk anthems that defined the 90s, the cheesiest hits of the noughties, all the way through to the freshest modern day beats in the weekly charts. This mixtape is only to include the songs he considers absolute bangers. The best opportunity to present the groom with his gift is by getting the DJ to announce your carefully curated mixtape in front of all of his friends and family before challenging him to a dance-off to his definitive favourite song. Queue the music please. 


wedding gifts for bride from groom

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For both Bride & Groom:

Customised Video Game Controllers

Are the pair of you big gamers? Introverts at heart and long for the evening to co-op adventures together? Get yourselves matching Mr & Mrs customised controllers. 


Keepsake Box

Present your soulmate with a wooden or stainless steel keepsake box that holds treasured possessions that you’ve kept over the course of your relationship. Items such as anniversary cards, your first date night cinema tickets, love notes from class, and small nostalgic gifts you’ve bought for each other. Be warned, this idea can be a real tear-jerker! 


Their Favourite Sweet Treat 

You can handle this present for the bride and groom gift exchange in one of two ways. The first is to provide your other half with their favourite treat at every possible moment on their wedding day. From the moment they wake, through the getting ready phase, and at the after-party. The treat could be the most luxurious chocolate truffles or a bowl of naughty sugary sweeties. It could be their god-tier biscuit or even signature takeaway lattes from their favourite roasterie. Alternatively, you could give them a voucher that gives them a week, a month or even a year’s supply of their cheeky afternoon treat! These small but meaningful gestures won’t be forgotten and are really worth the time and effort. The smile on their face will be priceless. 


Photo Book 

Decorate and fill a leather-bound photo book with cherished memories of your entire relationship. College photos back when you were just friends, ‘couplies’ from the countless date nights you went on together, those shots of you standing on a sunset beach, goofy selfies from those duvet film days, and everything else in between that’s led to the moment that you both said ‘I do’. 


An Experience of a Lifetime

Has your partner always spoken about that one thing at the very top of their bucket list that they swear they’re going to get around to doing? The bride and groom gift exchange is the perfect chance to give your better half an experience that they’ve always wanted. Skydiving out of a plane at 10,000ft, driving a Ferrari around the legendary Silverstone track, learning to scuba dive off the coast of Spain, smithing your very own axe, or bathing an African elephant abroad. Whatever your choice you can be sure your partner will be overjoyed at the experience of a lifetime.


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