20 Hilarious Group Fancy Dress Ideas

Published on Feb 1, 2018

Dressing the bride or groom-to-be in some ludicrous outfit during their hen or stag party is often part of the fun – but why not show some solidarity and join in?

Fancy dress is a great way to make the night more memorable and you will have some brilliant photos to remember it by. But if you want to do this, you should spend some time considering a group theme.

So, before you send out the invites, here are a few funny group fancy dress ideas, that will look great and get your party group plenty of laughs along the way:


Group Fancy Dress


1. Cadbury selection box

This works any time of the year – but if the stag or hen party falls around Christmas then this is particularly effective. Each member chooses a chocolate bar that you would find in a Cadbury selection box – Caramel, Crunchie, Curly Wurly, and Chomp, for example. These costumes are easy to make yourself by simply buying felt in the relevant colours and then sewing it together. Make sure you create the cardboard top and cover yourself in netting for the perfect photo.

Group Fancy Dress


2. Roller coaster ride

Start by dressing up as tourist – and then build yourself a roller coaster seat. This will be quite easy with some cardboard – just remember you need to create fake legs with a spare pair of trousers and shoes on the seat – so you can still move.  

Stand two-by-two as you swerve from left to right and dip up, then down – as your rollercoaster makes its way through the city streets.  


3. A Disney film  

Why not choose the bride or groom’s favourite Disney film. It might be a classic such as The Lion King, for example. Once you have your film you can assign everyone a character – from Simba, Nala and Mufasa to Timon, Pumba and Rafiki. Don’t forget to group together for a rendition of the Circle of Life and recreate the scene on Pride Rock.   


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Group Fancy Dress


4. Crayola crayons

Each choose your favourite colour – and then buy plenty of felt or material of your choice in that colour (a dress could work well too!). Now you need a cone shaped hat in the same colour, and finish it off with the Crayola logo. This will look brilliant once you have got all the colours together.

Group Fancy Dress


5. Through the decades…

Love the flapper dresses from the 1920s? Wish you could have been a hippy in the 60s? Inspired by the shoulder pads of the 80s? Choose your decade and then transport your group back there for the night.


6. Letters A-Z

Pick a letter and use this as your inspiration. Your decision might be based on the bride or groom’s name, for example. Let’s say you choose S. Each person now has to dress up as something beginning with this letter, and the more creative the better. Think shark, Spice Girl, Shakespeare, Shrek, spoon… the possibilities are endless.


Group Fancy Dress


7. Superheroes and villains

From Superman and Batman to Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn – assign each member of the group a different superhero (and villain, if you wish) and then you can come together and use your powers to fight crime and protect the public! Or, at least, take photos looking like you are.   


8. Pick a TV Show or film

Choose a TV show or film and then bring the characters to life. You might choose to become the Pink Ladies or T Birds from Grease. How about Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Bam-Bam from The Flintstones? Or something a little more modern like Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders?


9. Your favourite album cover

Group fancy dress is the perfect opportunity to recreate your favourite album cover. Think David Bowie – Aladdin Sane, Kiss – Creatures of the Night, or The Beatles, Abbey Road. Just imagine the photos you could get?!


Group Fancy Dress


10. Bands/artists through the ages

Split the group up into teams and give each one a decade/era and challenge them to pick a musical act to transform themselves into. A group of three given the 90s might become Hanson or Destiny’s Child, for example. If you are still considering activities, then you might want to book karaoke!

Group Fancy Dress


11. A football team

Why not all come as members of a football team? Fancy going retro? Then how about the 1966 England World Cup winning team, perhaps? Or Manchester United’s Class of 92 – think Beckham, Neville and Giggs – or maybe one of Liverpool’s all-conquering teams from the 1970s and 1980s. Alternatively, you may want to just dress up as your favourite football team right now.


12. Animals

You might want to be a bit more specific – farm or safari animals, under the sea, birds, household pets – or keep it open and let people choose. This could be as simple as slipping into a onesie or you might want to be a bit more creative. The choice is yours!


13. Carry me…

‘Carry me’ fancy dress becomes a big talking point when an individual wears it – and when it comes to a group looking for group fancy dress costumes a mixture of these will look particularly effective together. So, a gorilla with you in a cage, sitting on a skier’s shoulders, or a leprechauns back, riding a horse or being carried by a shark all become options and are bound to turn heads.


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Group Fancy Dress


14. Wigs

Want to dress up but with little effort? Then why not wear a wig each! Bright pink, green, red, purple – long, short, afros, mohican – it might be simple but it will also be effective, particularly when in a large group. You can always ditch them later if you head off for a meal.


Group Fancy Dress


15. Where’s Wally?

This outfit couldn’t be simpler – you just need a red and white stripy top, a blue skirt or trousers, a red and white bobble hat and comedy glasses. Just be prepared to spend the night trying to find each other…


Group Fancy Dress


16. Pick a country

This could be a particularly good one if the upcoming wedding is abroad or the couple has already booked their honeymoon. You could all go as the same country or you may want to pick one each and then see what you can come up with. Statue of Liberty for America, a Viking for Norway or a pyramid for Egypt, perhaps?


17. Pyjama party

It will be the cosiest night out you have ever had – PJs, dressing gown and slippers. Plus, you can get straight into bed as soon as you get home – bonus!     

Group Fancy Dress

18. “When I grow up I want to be…”  

What did you want to do when you were a child – become a ballerina? An astronaut? Teacher? Detective? Or maybe you fancied yourself as a wizard or even a dinosaur? Well, it is finally time for that dream to become a reality as you dress up in your chosen role, for one night only.


19. The brighter, the better

Raid your wardrobe for your brightest clothing – you might want to choose just one colour or you may want to mix them all together. There is just one rule: the brighter, the better!


20. Masks

Another simple but effective option is to go for masks. A popular choice for hen and stag parties is having masks printed with the face of the groom or bride-to-be. Don’t forget to complete it with an outfit that they would wear. It’s great to bring up again on the wedding day!

Whether you want to go all out – or keep it simple as possible – there are plenty of ways to incorporate fancy dress into your stag or hen party.


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