7 stags you’ll find on a stag party

Published on Jun 13, 2016

Stag Party - Pub

So how you do spot a stag party?

Stag parties. Some men love them, some men hate them. Whatever your opinion is, there’s no getting away from them! After all, you don’t want to be the one that let down the groom on his last night of freedom do you? Whether you’ve been on a stag do, or you’ve seen them stumbling around town, we’re sure you’ve spotted these unmissable characters.

1) The Chief Stag

Stag party - Chief stag

The man of the hour (weekend). The chief stag is surrounded by his trusty comrades, dressed to impress in a pristine, tailored suit with… What are we kidding? You’ll be able to spot this fella from a mile away as he’ll either be wearing a giant inflatable penis costume, or disguised as batman. Just don’t mistake the groom for the poor guy wandering around town wearing a Spiderman costume advertising Papa John’s special offers…

2) The “I’ve got the best idea” Stag

Stag party - I’ve got the best idea”Stag

“Let’s go to Vegas right now!”. “We should each down 10 shots one after the other!”. “We should all get matching tattoos!”. The answer to all of these questions is a unanimous no.  The only person that actually thinks these are great ideas is the wally spouting them. Humour him, but do not heed his words, otherwise you will wake up with some serious regret.  And possibly end up in another country.

3) The Dad Stag

Stag party - The Dad Stag

Also known as the oldie of the group. He’s a bit more mature and a little wiser than the rest of the lads. He’ll be trying to prove that the few grey hairs on his head don’t mean a thing. Game on lads – Dad stag has the first round covered.

4) The Buff Stag

Stag party - The Buff Stag

See that guy in the insanely tight t-shirt with his nipples poking through? You have just clocked the buff stag. He’ll initiate A LOT of conversations about how he “wished he was at the gym” or how much he can squat, bench, curl, and how many pull ups / chin ups he can do. He’s also on guard ready to sort out the trouble makers the group might come across. Don’t be surprised if you see the Buff Stag putting his bod to good use by bench pressing Chief Stag. Everyone needs a party trick right?

5) The Not So Sure Stag

Stag party - the not so sure stag

We all have one friend that’s a bit of a goody two shoes. “But Charlie, I think we’re supposed to buy something before we use the toilet”. This is a case of telling the guy to put a sock in it. But on the occasion he says “but Charlie, are you sure it’s a good idea to urinate in the street when there are police behind us”, you’re probably better off listening to him. As annoying as The Not So Sure Stag is, you’re probably going to need him to talk some reason in to you at some point during the night.

6) The Whipped Stag

stag party - remeasuring stag

This is the stag that’s been texting for the majority of the night out. He’s reassuring his girlfriend every few minutes that he’s not getting up to anything shifty including having an expensive lap dance, running down the street butt naked, or being a bit too flirtatious with another woman / women. In 2012, 2434 people took a stag survey and it was reported that 39% of stags said they partook in a bit of harmless flirting!

7) The Lad Stag

Stag party - lad stag

There’s no mistaking the Lad Stag. He has a slightly golden glow (that’ll be his fake tan), white pearly gnashers and a charm so sharp that he’ll cut straight past the small talk and in to your…  heart. You’ll find this guy serenading a group of ladies at the bar, but keep an eye on that one – nobody likes a deserter. Chances are he’s got his own room too.

Tell us which stags you and your group are! Have we missed any characters that need adding? Don’t forget to check out the opposition; 7 hens you’ll find on a hen party!

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