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          15+ of the best hen party locations in the UK. Each destination offers something unique, whether you're looking for a beachy hen do on the south coast or to hit the town on a city break.


          Adam – We’ll be using AC again!

          I wanted to give a special shout-out to Nathan at Adventure Connections for making the entirety of our trip easy and enjoyable. He communicated clearly, offered flexibility with our requirements, and helped us arrange a wonderful weekend for our group that everyone loved. We’ll be back to use you again soon!

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          Aimee – Easy event planning

          I highly recommend booking through Adventure Connections, they made my life so much easier and answered every question I had swiftly. Thank you so much for all your help and an excellent trip away!

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          Catherine – The Best Weekend Away!

          We had the best weekend arranged by Adventure Connections for my cousin’s hen. Everything was swiftly arranged and we loved the activities booked for us (private chef and butlers). Thanks everyone – a stressful planning situation made easier by great party planners!

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          Top UK Hen do locations in the UK

          Undecided on where your hen party should go? Over the last 20 years, we have compiled a list of the best UK hen destinations, take a look at our favourites below or call us on 01273 858206 to speak to an expert.


          South West

          The historic city of Bath is full of gorgeous architecture, and plenty of places to relax and rejuvenate like the Roman Bath Houses. But when you're not relaxing, you'll be wanting to party, and Bath is full of stylish bars and lively nightlife options for hen party groups.


          South East

          Brighton is ideal for hens wanting a big weekend and we have lots of hen-friendly houses meaning you can all stay under one roof. There are stacks of high-adrenaline activities, things to see and an unrivalled night-out. The city is packed full of niche restaurants, beautiful bars and beach-front clubs.


          South East

          Cute country cottages taken straight out of The Holiday are sprinkled all over the Cotswolds. Hire a mobile-beautician for a relaxing weekend with the girls or head into Oxford for cocktail making and a big night out.


          South West

          Just 2.5hrs from London, Bristol is popular with hen groups wanting a good night out harbourside. The city can offer everything from cool & quirky bars to action-packed activities like the West Country Games.



          How about relaxing in your very own Scottish mansion for the weekend? Edinburgh is perfect for the extra-large hen parties that all want to be under the same roof. We can also arrange mobile pamperers, caterers and mixologists to visit.


          North West

          Liverpool has recently become the go-to hen destination in the UK. Renowned for massive nights out and home to some lovely boutique hotels, Liverpool offers everything you'll need to host the best hen party.

          How to choose the perfect hen do destination

          The Bride

          It sounds obvious but it’s important to remember that although there are 10-20 odd people attending the hen party, the bride is the most important person. In the run-up try and hint at where she would like to go, ask around or speak to the groom. If you want to avoid specifics, you can always ask if she’d rather a beach or city break or what she’d like to get up to and then work from there.


          The price is always at the forefront of every hen’s mind when choosing a destination. Everyone will have different expectations and the location can really play a big part in the overall budget. It’s no secret that everything is cheaper up north but also bear in mind that if you opt to stay in a smaller town or in an accommodation out of the city, this can drastically bring down the price. Our top budget-friendly hen locations include Newcastle, Liverpool & Bournemouth. It’s always good to mention the budget when inviting the hens so there are no surprises or drop-outs further down the line.

          The Dates

          Choosing a date between a large group is always a struggle but when it comes to choosing a hen location, this can play a big part. Check the local events calendar to see if there are any local festivals or gigs happening. Brighton will be bustling one weekend because of Pride or why not head to something like Edinburgh Fringe whilst on your hen do? Alternatively, if you’re not interested in anything like that, it can be a great reason to change the date as accommodation prices will likely increase around festivals or major events.

          The Weather

          Remember the destination may be completely different in summer than it is in winter. Cities like Brighton or Bournemouth excel in the summer but come winter are very windy. Likewise, destinations like Oxford & Edinburgh make for beautiful, cozy winter breaks. No matter where or when you go, you’ll have a great time but it’s also important to think about what you’ll likely be doing when you are there so that it suits the season.

          The Season

          Whilst we’re on the topic of budget, it’s worth thinking about what time of year you are going. Accommodation prices will increase in the summer and school holidays so it’s best to work around this if you can – unless you have any teachers in attendance. If you want to avoid crowds, it’s always better to avoid bank holidays or peak months too as it will be harder to book restaurants, get into bars or even find a spot on the beach.


          It’s important to think about how long you are willing to travel but also how you are getting there. If you’re staying in the city centre of somewhere like Brighton, Liverpool or London then traveling around will not be an issue but if you’re out of the city or have activities booked on the outskirts, you will need a vehicle, public transport or we can help hire a minibus.

          The Location

          It may sound a little backward to think about the geography of the location when choosing your hen destination but if your group is scattered all over the place it may be sensible to pick a central city so no one has an extensive journey.

          The Journey

          Has the bride-to-be mentioned how far she’s willing to travel? It’s also important to remember that if you are only staying for 1 or 2 nights, your group are likely not going to want to travel for an excessively long time as it will eat into the weekend. Our average group size travel for around 2-3 hrs to get far enough away from home, without feeling like a chore.

          The Activities
          Almost all of our hen locations offer the classic activities such as butlers in the buff, bottomless brunches or cocktail making. However, if you’re looking for something specific, it’s worth checking in advance. How about punting in Oxford, watersports on the south coast or highland games in Edinburgh?

          The Accommodation

          When planning the hen do, you’ll have to find somewhere for you all to stay. If you’re after a central hotel, this won’t matter but if you want something unique you’ll have to work the location around this. If you want a cozy cottage or house in the countryside, Oxford or Nottingham have some beautiful options. Alternatively, if you want a beach-house on the coast, take a look into Bournemouth or Bristol.

          The Food

          Is the bride-to-be a big foodie? If you want some top tier food then a big city like London, Liverpool or Manchester will have plenty of highly rated or even Michelin Star-rated restaurants. If she’s into fish & chips, head to the coast.

          The nightlife

          Potentially the deciding factor in this discussion. If the hen is/was a party animal, one last big night to send them on their way is what could make or break the hen weekend. Our top party destinations for hen groups include Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.

          Group size

          Your destination may depend on your group size. As fun as it sounds to travel far with a big group, it’s going to be difficult to herd the hens across the country and find somewhere for you all to stay. If you have a large group, you’ll likely be looking at staying in a hotel or in a large house on the outskirts of the city. Places like Edinburgh or Oxford have some brilliant large-group accommodation in the countryside or if you want to stay in the city, Brighton and Bournemouth are your best bets.


          The final thing to take into account when choosing your hen party destination is whether the hen has been there before. Again, ask the groom and decide if she would want to return. It could be one of her favourite places or somewhere she went to uni, it could also have negative connotations or somewhere she’s already scratched off her map.

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