Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Thank your guests with our alternative wedding card ideas

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          Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

          Published on Apr 21, 2020

          Alternative thank you cards to send to your wedding guests


          Wedding thank you cards are an important end to your wedding and here’s why. Your wedding day is an occasion all the friends and family will look forward to attending, but it’s worth bearing in mind that your big day may come at quite the cost for them to be a part of. We’re not talking about charging them to enter the evening disco, oh no. We’re talking about the costs that can snowball quite quickly into a large sum of money.


          For example, they may have to buy a new suit or dress, and matching accessories. Your wedding venue may not be local so they’ll also have to travel and book a hotel for the night. Let’s be real here, it’s your wedding day so they’re going to buy you a gift too, and probably spend money on food and drink on the day as well.


          Given these costs and the time they’ve put aside to share your special day, it’s really important to let them just how much you appreciated them being there. The wedding thank you card is a small and thoughtful gesture and the perfect way to say thanks.


          If you’re not sure about the wording of your thank you card we’d suggest thanking and showing appreciation for the time they gave to share such a memorable day with you. Thank them personally for their wedding gift, and share an anecdote, memory or joke you experienced with them on the day. Wish them well and that you hope to see them soon.


          Tips to help with your wedding thank you cards


          • After opening each of your wedding gifts, keep a log on your phone or in a notepad of who gave you each present so that you can thank them with a more personal message.
          • Don’t forget to send everyone who helped with the wedding or sent a gift, even if they weren’t able to make the wedding day.


          Wedding Photo Thank You Idea

          Your wedding day photographer will have captured the most precious memories and your guests may not have seen these. It might take you a bit longer to get hold of these photos but it’ll be worth the wait. Create a montage of your favourite photos to print onto your thank you card. For the extra special personal touch include any photos that were taken of you and the recipients of each card. Alternatively you might want to select your absolute favourite photo to blow up front and centre.


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          Themed Thank You Cards

          If your wedding day was designed around a particular theme then it would only be right to complete the occasion with thank you cards using the same style. If you used a distinct set of colours throughout your wedding, or paid tribute to an era of time or your favourite film then design your thank you cards with these details in mind.


          Postcard Thank you Card

          For a vintage looking wedding thank you card you can create your very own postcard. Simply put your favourite wedding photo (a polaroid print out would give a strong rustic look) of the newly married couple on the front, and hand-write your personal message of love and appreciation on the back. Stamp and send.


          Memetastic Thank You Card Ideas

          Consider yourself to be the funniest person in the room at all times? Send your wedding guests an appropriate meme with a hand written thank you message. Another hilarious idea is to find the most meme-able photo from your wedding day and caption it! There’s bound to be a few goofY photos your friends and family took, or even the photographer, though you may have to ask for these especially.


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          Style your wedding thank you notes

          If you married in glamour and glitz then send your thanks with a sparkle and shine. Write in a golden tone that shimmers the moment you cast an eye on the card.


          Non-traditional thank you notes

          We all like to do our bit to help save the planet and this includes going paperless – you can totally apply this to your wedding thank you cards. Send your friends and family a carefully designed email featuring photos from the wedding and a bespoke message to each guest. If they sent you a gift then send them a picture back of you using it to brighten up their day. We’d advise also sending a text to those guests either with a link to the email or directing them to their inbox (just in case those pesky spam filters work or they don’t check their emails very often).


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