Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages

10 Fun Hen Party Ideas for all Ages

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          Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages: Inclusive Fun For Everyone!

          Published on May 8, 2024

          Picking the right hen party ideas for mixed ages is both a challenging and rewarding experience. After all, you want to create a celebration for the bride and her troupe of hens that is inclusive and unforgettable for everyone involved.

          Planning a hen party can be really rewarding and a lot of fun, but when you’ve got a fabulous group of ladies spanning generations, it can also feel like a bit of a juggling act. From the bride’s best friends to her amazing mum, sisters, aunties, and maybe even the cool grandma. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice fun and laughter when it comes to hen party ideas for mixed ages.

          We’ve got a whole treasure trove of exciting hen ideas to share with you, so get ready to create a hen do that will leave everyone smiling and wishing for more.


          10 Fun Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages

          1) Tipsy Painting

          Tipsy painting hen party group

          Leaping to the top as one of the most popular hen party activities is Tipsy Painting and for all the right reasons. Combining creativity with fun, this activity is where paint meets party in a vibrant frenzy of art, music and laughter.

          It’s non-physical and you need no prior painting experience so it really is suitable for every hen.  If you have under-18s in your group they can sip on softs whilst the adults enjoy a few glasses of prosecco. Tipsy Painting is the perfect hen party idea for mixed ages.

          2) The Big Sleepover

          Hen party celebrations at home

          If you’ve rented a big hen party house for the weekend then we highly encourage you to make the most of the space and facilities you’ve already paid for. Plan a good ol’ fashioned sleepover with plenty of relaxing and mischief thrown in. Order an online food shop with plenty of buffet food and drinks to be delivered to your accommodation, or order takeaway for ease. Watch a film with duvets, pamper yourselves with face masks, or embarrass the bride with games like Mr & Mrs.

          3) The Gameshow Experience

          The Gameshow Experience for hen parties of all ages

          One of our favourite hen party ideas for mixed groups is the Gameshow Experience. It’s a unique, interactive experience that can be held at a local venue or your hen accommodation where you split into teams and two hosts will lead you through a journey of laughter, competition and uproarious fun, all loosely based on classic TV gameshows.

          Additionally, there will be personalised rounds based on your hen party group. This activity is a fantastic ice breaker for groups that don’t know each other and will make everyone feel really comfortable around each other.

          4) Spa Breaks & Pampering

          Mixed age group hen party pampering experience

          A timeless hen party idea that’s loved by all ages is a spa and pamper session. From back massages and facials, to bubble bliss in the jacuzzi and sauna sessions. All the hens will be thanking you for arranging this activity, particularly if you’ve had a big day and night out the previous day.

          If you’re staying somewhere there isn’t a local spa, we can help arrange a mobile pamper party and have the pampering gods come to you. Or we can also help book you into a luxury spa hotel.

          5) Picnic in the park, garden or beach

          Ladies having a picnic by the beach

          Hen do ideas don’t always have to be expensive or wild, sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that bring the biggest smiles. If you’ve hired accommodation with a garden then why not host a grand picnic or tea party on a sunny summer’s day? No garden, no problem. Just Google a local park or beach and take a few blankets and picnic baskets. Just make sure it’s not going to rain!

          Have everyone pitch into a kitty and visit your nearest supermarket or local bakery for lots of delicious cakes, fresh sandwiches and scones. If you’re feeling particularly lavish, we can help arrange platters of cakes and sandwiches to arrive at your property.

          This hen party idea for mixed ages offers flexibility and affordability, allowing you to customise the picnic to your group’s preferences. A scenic park or beautiful garden also provides a picturesque scenic backdrop for some hen party photos too.

          6) See a show at the theatre

          Theatre show for mixed age hen parties

          Watching a show at the theatre is a fantastic option for a mixed-age group. Whether it’s a feel-good musical like The Lion King that everyone knows and loves, a West End comedy show for belly-aching laughs, or a captivating drama, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The live experience adds another layer of excitement and many theatres offer pre-show dining options or nearby restaurants, making it a complete evening out.

          If you’re not keen on theatre, maybe a live music show would be a better fit? Book standing or seated depending on the make-up of your hen troupe.

          7) Cheeky Nude Life Drawing Classes

          Hen party life drawing class

          While this option might not be suitable for all groups, a cheeky nude life drawing class can be a hilarious and empowering activity for a mixed-age hen party with the right dynamic. This lighthearted and creative experience allows everyone to unleash their inner artist in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. Your professional nude hosts will make you feel at ease whilst providing plenty of laughs, making it a fun and unforgettable experience.

          8) Have fun and get wet at It’s a Knockout

          It's a knockout - mixed age hen party group

          Get ready for giggles galore with a hilarious session at It’s a Knockout! This inflatable obstacle course extravaganza is perfect for unleashing your competitive spirit and inner child. It’s an active activity, but the beauty of It’s a Knockout is the variety of challenges. There will be slippery slopes, wacky costumes, and giant balls to navigate, but there are also rounds that require teamwork and strategy, which are perfect for older guests who may not be able to run or climb.

          Alternatively, It’s a Knockout is one of those few activities that are just as fun and laughable to watch and cheer on the sidelines, as it is to actually take part in, making it an excellent hen party idea for mixed age groups.

          9) Cooking classes: Ready, steady, cook!

          Cooking Class

          Channel your inner star baker with a fun and collaborative bake-off style cooking experience! Perfect for all skill levels, this activity allows everyone to unleash their creativity and work together towards a delicious outcome. Most cooking studios will provide all the ingredients, equipment, and expert guidance you’ll need. Choose a celebratory theme, like decadent desserts or delightful finger foods, and have a blast decorating your creations. It’s a chance to bond over shared laughter, friendly competition, and of course, the sweet satisfaction of enjoying your masterpieces together.

          10) Get messy with pottery making and painting

          Pottery making and making class

          If you fancy something a little more unique and crafty then a pottery-making and painting class is perfect for a mixed-age group. No prior experience is necessary as a professional potter will guide you through the session showing you how to relax on the potter’s wheel and show you the basics of shaping clay. Not only will you come out with your very own clay creation but you’ll have loads of fun doing so.

          For hen parties with a slightly more risque sense of humour, some studios will offer willy pottery-making and painting classes, where you can unleash your inner artist in a slightly cheekier fashion.

          Whether you create a beautiful mug, a special hen party keep-sake, or something in between, pottery making is a memorable activity that is a favourite hen party idea for mixed-age groups.


          How to start planning your hen party for a mixed-group?


          First and foremost we always recommend speaking to the bride (unless it’s a total surprise) to find out who makes the cut for the hen party crew. It’s also good to ultimately understand what vibe of hen party the bride wants, and also how diverse the hen group is. Are there older or younger ladies and any mobility issues to be aware of? Are cringy or cheeky activities suitable, or a big no-no?

          Depending on the group of ladies, there might also be some restrictions to be aware of in terms of location for the hen party. How far can Nanny Natalie travel reasonably?

          Having this initial context will make your job of arranging the hen party for a mixed age group so much easier and enjoyable.


          Challenges of having a mixed-age hen party


          Hen Party Group

          If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to plan a hen party for a mixed group of different ages and abilities, we totally understand. It is a challenge but it’s not impossible. It’s important to be as inclusive as you can be, whilst also ensuring the bride-to-be and her trusty hens have the celebration of a lifetime!

          One of the hardest things to balance in a multigenerational hen party group is the overall dynamic of the event. If this is the first time some of the girls are meeting then it’s your responsibility as chief hen to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. A few hen party icebreaker games can help massively with this.

          Hens under the age of 18

          Let’s face it, most hen parties will have alcohol, but what if your hen troupe includes younger siblings or friends under the legal drinking age?

          Here’s what we’d suggest for an inclusive hen party away for all ages:

          Choose daytime hen party ideas for all ages that don’t revolve around alcohol – like a pamper session or spa break mentioned in our list above!

          Then we recommend spending the first night in and making the most of your hen party accommodation playing funny hen party games and eating delicious food. >On this night the hens over 18 can drink and the underage hens can experiment with mocktails.

          On the second hen night, everyone can head out for dinner and then splinter off so that the adults continue for a big night out, and the younger members head back home after an actionpacked weekend. This way, the younger members of the group get a full-on hen party experience, but also lets everyone else have a big boogie night out too. We know it’s not a nice feeling to leave someone out but as long as expectations are set from the start then this shouldn’t be a problem.

          Older hens & physical restrictions

          If your mixed-age hen party consists of older women or women with mobility or disabilities then it’s important to choose hen party activities that are suitable for everyone. This means staying away from super-active ideas that require lots of physical work or running around. Instead, we’d suggest planning activities that the entire hen troupe can enjoy. Some of the most popular type of hen party ideas for mixed ages include relaxing activities, and crafty or cooking experiences.


          Selecting the right accommodation for your mixed-age hen party group


          Lots of comfy sofas with TV in living room area

          As part of your hen party planning you’re also likely looking at booking suitable accommodation for your group of trustee hens. But have you considered bedroom configurations for your mixed-age hen party group?

          Some key considerations worth thinking about before you book any hen do accommodation are:

          – Is the bedroom configuration suitable for your groups?

          – Who will be sleeping in what bedroom and bed?

          To put this in context, would Nanny Natalie be happy to share a bedroom (let alone a bed) with any of the bride’s friends or extended family?

          It might sound silly but depending on the dynamics of your hen group you might have ultimate flexibility with bedroom configurations or very specific requirements to make the accommodation suitable and comfortable for everyone in your party.


          The best hen parties for mixed-age groups


          Planning a hen party for all ages and abilities can seem daunting at first. But with a little creativity and these hen party ideas for mixed ages, you can create a truly special trip for everyone involved. A celebration with mums, sisters, aunties, and grandmas sharing stories and laughter is a recipe for a truly wholesome and heartwarming weekend. The bride will cherish the tales and memories from all walks of life, making this hen party extra special.

          If you’d like to talk about hen party ideas and your plans our Hen Specialists are here to help. We can help arrange all your hen party ideas, from finding the perfect accommodation to organising memorable activities and creating bespoke packages. Speak to one of our friendly hen party specialists today on 01273 858 206 and let’s get planning.