Coronavirus: Our Stance

Published on Jun 14, 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Easing of measures 14/6/21

It is the lead booker’s responsibility to understand and comply with the current regulations. We do accept any liability for failure to comply.


The Prime Minister’s announcement introducing a lockdown across the whole of England means we are unable to operate at present.
There will be no events prior to 15 February 2021, and we are in the process of contacting affected guests.

Customer update: We are supporting thousands of customers who have had their events impacted by the COVID-19 public health measures.

These enquiries will take some time to respond to. Please ensure that you continue to contact us through our official channels and we thank everyone for their patience as we work through your enquiries as quickly as we can.

If your event cannot go ahead, we have the following options available:

1. You can amend your booking to a later date in this year.
If you decide to move your booking to an alternative date and it is cheaper than the one you originally booked, you will pay the lower amount. If you choose an event date (if you decide to move from low season to a high season date as example) that is more expensive than your original booking, you will need to pay the difference in price.
2. You can amend your booking for free to the same seasonal dates for 2022.
If you decide to move your booking to the same date period for 2022, we will endeavour to honour the price you have already paid.
3. You can choose a credit note for the amount you have paid us if you do not have a date in mind at present.
If you decide that the event will go ahead at some time in the future, but do not have a set date then you can opt for this option, after-all, celebrations, and staycations will be in huge demand and we will endeavour to prioritise you for your continual support of the hospitality industry by offering the very best options and the very best prices.

We appreciate your patience as we work though the process with you.

Please contact your account manager who will be happy to discuss your options with you. Please note we can only communicate with the Lead Booker (the person who made the booking).

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding based on this third and hopefully last National Lockdown.

COVID-19 update: as at 1st September 2020

As GOV changes regulations it is important that all lead bookers (the person who booked the event) are fully aware of their responsibilities. Details can be found on GOV websites and also UK Hospitality.
We continue to work in-line with the GOV regulations, events, activities and accommodation providers have all implemented safe environments for our guests.

COVID-19 update: as at 26th June 2020

For customers whose events have been impacted by lockdown.

The safety of our guests, owners and employees is of upmost importance to us. In light of this, and in line with latest government guidelines, we are contacting all customers whose events cannot go ahead as planned due to the government imposed lockdown.

  • England. Customers with an arrival up to and including 3rd July 2020.
  • Wales. Customers with an arrival up to and including 12th July 2020.
  • Scotland. Customers with an arrival up to and including 2nd July 2020.
  • Northern Ireland. Customers with an arrival up to and including 25th June 2020.

Transfer your event.

If you have an arrival date after 3rd July 2021 we will be in contact soon to see if your event can still take place within GOV guidelines or not.

For existing customers with travel dates from 4th July 2020 for accommodation in England.

At present, there is no indication that events in England from 4th July 2020 cannot go ahead. If you decide to wait and your travel dates were to be affected by public health measures such that your accommodation cannot be provided, you would at that point have a number of options available to you. Please be aware that we will follow government lockdown dates for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Many activity centres and event suppliers have complied with GOV recommendations and will be open and safe on the 4th July 2020.

For all customers with travel dates after 3rd July 2020 who have yet to pay their full balance.

You will be requested to pay your final balance on or before the agreed final balance date made upon booking. If you’re having issues paying the final balance – you must contact us before this date so that we can potentially offer an alternative date. Failure to contact us or pay the final balance may result in your event being cancelled without further notice.

If you decide to cancel your event before your balance due date, we will waive your liability for the remainder of the balance. This means that no further amount will be collected from you in such an event. Should you cancel on or after your balance due date, you will/may need to pay the cancellation charges as set out in the cancellation charges table (according to the number of days before the start date of your event) which you can find in your booking terms displayed online, as well as any applicable non-refundable charges (such as booking fees, admin charges, etc) that you may still owe.

If you decide to pay your final balance inline with the terms you agreed upon booking and your travel dates are affected by UK public health measures such that your accommodation cannot be provided, you would at that point have a number of options available to you, including an event postponement or a refund of the amount previously paid. Please be aware that we will follow government lockdown dates for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

When are we taking new bookings from?

In line with government updates we are only taking new bookings for the following dates in the following countries:

  • England. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Saturday 4th July 2020.
  • Wales. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Monday 13th July 2020.
  • Scotland. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Friday 3rd July 2020.

All new bookings will have to adhere to GOV guidelines, and by making a new booking it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms laid out on this page and agree to them.

By proceeding with this booking you are agreeing that your booking is in line with the following Government guidance: “Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles). It is against the law to gather in groups of more than 30 people, except for the limited circumstances as set out in law” For the safety of others you must not visit our bar if you have any of the following COVID symptoms: high temperature, a new or continuous cough or a loss of sense of smell or taste.’

Where can I find the latest guidance from the government?

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions as they are imposed on us, by the GOV and suppliers.
Updated: 7/5/20

Coronavirus has now touched all of our lives and at this extremely difficult time, our thoughts go out to our customers, and suppliers and families.

We would like to thank all our patient customers as we continue to work through the events and re-book to alternative dates and options. Many of which have been supportive of and understanding of the current situation. Thank you!

As countries around the world start to review their local lockdown restrictions, we expect the advice to change over the coming weeks. However, in the interim our teams are ready to assist with re-bookings. As you would expect, we have prioritised contacting customers due to depart in the next few weeks.

We’re all looking forward to the end of lockdown and will continue to monitor GOV guidelines and will continue to work on a date by date basis.


Updated: 24/3/2020

For existing bookings:

We will be monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and responding to it based on official information from the government of the United Kingdom. We are also getting in touch with our suppliers as there are various approaches being adopted. If your booking is taking place between the 23rd March – 15th April please check your inboxes for an update from your event organiser. As we are currently working from home, the best way to get in touch with us is through the communications function in your portal or by emailing your account manager. Please be patient as we work to contact our clients in date order.

If you are unable or do not want to travel, you will need to make a claim via your travel insurance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds as per the terms you agreed to before booking, however, we’re endeavoring to work with all our suppliers to offer alternative dates, if possible.


Please check the most up-to-date travel information which can be found here.

You can view our terms and conditions here.

This is an unprecedented issue and we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we do our best to work through it.


For new bookings:

For any new bookings please check with your event organiser about the terms and conditions prior to booking. We are working to implement new terms due to the outbreak but each supplier will have different agreements so we will be working on this on a case-by-case basis.


Get travel insurance

Make sure you have appropriate insurance and purchase it as soon as you book your trip. It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re covered.