Grooms Buttonhole Ideas

Published on January 1st, 1970

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          Top Grooms buttonhole ideas

          Published on Apr 1, 2020

          Groom’s Buttonhole Ideas 


          A groom’s buttonhole piece is the finessing touch to any man’s wedding suit. The boutonniere flower is a traditional accessory that can either draw the eye’s attention immediately or blend naturally into the suit’s overall tone. Most grooms will opt for the conventional buttonhole flower, but for those that are partial to risk, you may want to turn from tradition and wear a more unique boutonniere. 

          Where do you begin with choosing the perfect buttonhole pin? Decide what it’s actually going to be. For example, a classical flower, a rustic feather, or maybe something entirely unique. Once you’ve decided on the style, the colour is your next biggest consideration. Choose a tone that compliments your suit and the shade of the bride’s dress, or matches the colour of the wedding bouquet. 

          On a practical note, if the groom has chosen a buttonhole flower then you need to make sure the flower is fresh for the wedding day. Coordinate with the florist when you want your boutonniere to arrive, ideally on the day before the wedding. On the day of your celebrations, you’re going to want to spray a flower sealant over the blooms and stems to protect them and ensure the blossoms remain beautiful and open all day. 

          If you’re not sure what type of boutonniere suits you then read on as we explore a handful of our favourite groom’s buttonhole ideas that will surely help inspire your decision. 


          Grooms Buttonhole ideas

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          A single yellow tulip with a touch of green foliage adds a strong yet complementary contrast to a fine navy blue suit


          A luxuriously elegant white rose to adorn the groom’s buttonhole will supplement any traditional black wedding suit, and the bride’s fairytale white dress. 


          Freshly preserved and dried flowers are becoming an increasingly popular choice to accompany country and rustic wedding outfits. You’ll find a whole assortment of dried flowers to choose from online including lavender, gypsophila, daisies.


          Grooms Buttonhole flowers

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          Wild thistles with beautiful greenery are becoming a staple for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Keep the stem in place by wrapping some twine around which helps to maintain a rather vintage look. 


          Silk boutonnieres on the lapel are a great alternative to using fresh flowers. As your wedding day goes on, the petals can start to drop from the heat. Avoid this common occurrence with an artificial buttonhole piece. 


          An emerging contemporary buttonhole trend is handcrafted lego character pieces. There’s a whole universe of lego figures so there’s huge scope to customise the perfect piece that describes your personality. What will your character and design say about you? 


          The groom’s buttonhole doesn’t have to be decorated with flowers and leaves. Some of you may be as bold to follow your dreams and marry in a sci-fi or fantasy-themed wedding. If this is you, adorn yours and the groomsman’s buttonholes with characters and symbols from your chosen nerdy theme. It could be metallic Jedi Order badges, or two lightsabers crossing in a duel. Marvel fans, have each of your groomsmen use a face pin of their favourite character (no doubling up though!). Harry Potter lovers could use hand-stitched house symbols embedded around some light greenery. 


          Grooms Buttonhole flower crown wreathe

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          If the bride-to-be is planning on having a delicate floral bridal hair wreath, you might want to consider matching your boutonniere with a small wreath made of green foliage and blooms. For the perfect final touch, attach a small ribbon to match the colour of the flowers used in the bridal hair wreaths.


          For a rustic look with a new modern twist use a peacock feather to adorn a suit of blue and green tones. 


          Hand-stitched buttonhole flowers are a newly favoured idea and there are countless options to choose from. The flower can hang loosely or it can be stitched or embroidered onto a piece of fabric. 


          Literature lovers will adore the groom’s buttonhole pin upcycled into a flower, but made from pages in a book. Depending on the theme of the wedding, use pages from a classic graphic novel which will add a touch of colour to your boutonniere. 


          A new wedding buttonhole tradition is combining a colourful bloom with ribbon and a decorative steel Victorian key. 


          Top Tip: Don’t throw the groom’s buttonhole pin away after the wedding day, instead keep the boutonniere as a treasured keepsake to remember the special day. If you’ve opted for a non-traditional buttonhole idea you’ll have no problem wrapping it in some bubble wrap and placing in an air-tight box. If you decided to wear a buttonhole flower you’re going to want to try and preserve the bloom. One method of doing so is by placing the flower in a container and placing it inside the freezer. Depending on the type of flower you used the results can differ.


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