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Published on Jun 10, 2019

You’ll soon be marrying the woman of your dreams which will be remembered as one of the happiest days of your life. Whether you decide to marry in an intimate reception room accompanied by just a few special people or have the big white wedding in a grand church with an audience of a hundred plus people, there’s no getting away from having to deliver the all important groom’s speech.

The groom’s speech should last around ten minutes and is your opportunity to thank everyone for attending this momentous occasion. Be sure to thank the father of the bride for his speech (regardless of whether he said you were awesome or told a joke at your expense), thank the guests, some of which may have travelled overseas, thank both sets of parents, and a special thanks to the best man(men) and bridesmaids for all of their help and support leading up to the big wedding day. Don’t forget to mention names to give your speech that personal and heartfelt touch.

When writing your groom’s speech you need to decide on the style and tone in which to address your audience. Do you want to convey love, appreciation and genuineness, or add a comical element to your words. To help you write the perfect speech that will compliment both your wedding and personality, we’ve written two groom speech templates below to help get you started.


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The Gentleman’s Groom Speech

This groom speech is all about delivering sincere and honest words of appreciation and love. You’re giving thanks not just for the most enchanting wedding you could have hoped for, but to your beautiful bride for choosing you as her soulmate, and to her parents for welcoming you so warmly into their family as one of their own.

The best wedding speeches are simple and to the point. It’s likely you will have heard a few of them by the time you stand up to take the spotlight, so be mindful that you can’t thank every single person in the room, but do mention those that have offered their utmost support to both you and the bride in your times of need. Tip: remember to speak to the bride well in advance to find out who you should be expressing your gratitude towards on behalf of the both of you.

After thanking both sets of parents and all of the guests, it’s time for the most important thank you – your wife. Yes, absolutely call her your wife, the earlier in your speech the better! For some grooms their wedding tends to organise itself. What we mean by this is there’s a good chance your wife will have gone above and beyond with the organisation and attention to detail of your big day. You absolutely need to acknowledge the tremendous amount of hard work your bride has put into this magical day. Pick out something special to mention that she’s crafted with real love and detail. For example it could be the little origami cranes she hand made for every guest that are supposed to bring luck to marriages and grant wishes.

Be sincere, speak from the heart and tell your wife in front of both your friends and family just why you adore her so much and have wanted nothing more than to marry her since the moment you met. Speak of her beauty, her honesty, the admiration you have for her, her strength and courage, and everything else that awakens those butterflies in your belly. You could even share one of your favourite memories spent together. What about your heart pumping proposal or first time you asked her out?

You should be approaching the ten minute mark now, and in true gentlemen fashion it’s time to raise your glass and propose a toast to the bridesmaids and of course, your stunning wife.


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The Comedic Groom’s Speech

Love and laughter complement each other like wine does cheese.

The purpose of this comedic groom speech template is to bring amusement and smiles to the room. Try to stay away from anything particularly corny and cliche. Instead, your groom speech should be authentic and from the heart centred around your relationship with the bride. By creating a speech that is personal you guarantee nobody will have heard it before and so you’ll capture the attention of everyone in the room. Who knows, some of the audience might even be able to empathise with the weird quirks and habits you both share!

Start with a strong opening line that sets the tone for your lighthearted fun speech. Something along the lines of ‘*insert bride’s name* and I share the same sense of humour, so if you don’t like my jokes, point the finger at her’ – that should do the trick! Move on swiftly and continue to season your speech with a sprinkle of humour throughout.

Add a comedic tone when thanking both sets of families and guests. One suggestion is to thank the father-in-law for his speech and overwhelming approval of you, followed by a quick confession. Would he still approve if he knew it was you that smashed the window of his brand spanking new Mercedes with a football, and not those kids you saw running off down the road?

It’s best to stay away from telling gut-busting jokes at other people’s expenses, but there’s nothing wrong with playing up some of your own weaknesses and imperfections! Talk about the time you first moved in together and after months of bigging up your culinary skills, your wife informed you that you’re not quite the masterchef you thought you were. Or perhaps you fancy yourself as a DIY handyman, only for the newly assembled bed to collapse the moment you sat on it. The best part of it all, no matter your fall, the love of your life is always there to pick you and your confidence back up off of the floor. She’s a keeper!


Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

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You’ll win over a few extra laughs by just being open and honest about your relationship with your wife. Hit the guests with a quirk or habit that they can find relatable. Maybe it’s that your wife spends so much time in the bathroom that you need a shave by the time she comes out. Perhaps you admire her healthy eating habits like insisting that you both get your five a day in. Although, when you ask her if she wants anything sweet down the shop she says no she’s fine. Come nine o’clock when you whip out your little chocolatey treat, her resilience vanishes and she’s asking for her half of your bar!

Complete your speech by thanking your best man(men) with a lighthearted joke, express complimentary words about the bridesmaids and conclude with a toast to your newly wedded wife.

It’s not easy to get a crowd to genuinely laugh so that’s why we advise you practise your groom wedding speech and really work on the pacing of your jokes. Spend some time rehearsing with a friend or in front of a mirror and work out the best time to pause for those carefully planned laughs. Perfect that timing, nail those jokes and you’ll have your guests tearing up with joy and laughter.

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Our final words of wisdom to leave you on are these; the groom’s speech is a lot more meaningful from a sober man, so stay away from the beers and prosecco until the after party if you can help it. Plus, don’t forget that it’s okay to read from notes if you’re nervous, but if you find yourself losing the flow then you can’t go wrong with just being happy, honest, and thankful.

To all the groom’s out there we wish you good luck!


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