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Activity : Team Building Event: Haute Couture – 2365

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What's Included?

Key Business Benefits

  • Provides inspiration
  • Supports strategic planning
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Changes attitudes
  • Visualising the future
  • Fun
  • Shared experience
  • High energy

A high energy experience that will bring out the ‘fabulous’ in everyone

Haute Couture brings your corporate messages to life in style! Your teams will be charged with the task of creating unique and dramatic fashion statements - a corporate collection - which they will then wear as they strut along the catwalk, flaunting their creations to your eager audience. As with any real-life fashion show, there is much work to be done so teamwork, strategic planning, creativity and sheer hard work will be vital. Extremely entertaining and bags of fun, Haute Couture has been a huge hit and has had flashbulbs popping all over the world. So book your place on the catwalk, dazzle the fashion press with your stunning corporate collection and parade your brand spirit today

What happens?

  • After an informative briefing, your teams will be provided with everything they need to create a fashion sensation: sketch paper, bolts of cloth, an array of unusual materials, other essential paraphernalia, make-up, all-important accessories and, of course, a production budget.
  • Your teams must then provide their imagination, inspiration and perspiration to create an ‘on message’ corporate fashion statement all the way from the drawing board to the catwalk.
  • Each of your teams must focus on the delivery of their core message, whilst simultaneously considering costume design, choreography and music choice to complement their goals.
  • Their imagination will need to run wild as they release their hidden design skills and at the same time they will need to manage and allocate their limited resources of time, people and budget.
  • In a professionally choreographed, grand climax your teams' models will parade their creations for all to see.
  • Invariably their creations range from the stylish to the completely outrageous but they will always be greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause from your fervent audience!