Top 20 Best Corporate Event Ideas

Published on January 1st, 1970

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          Top 20 Best Corporate Event Ideas

          Published on Dec 5, 2017

          When it comes to throwing a corporate event that is sure to get people talking, you need to go a little bit above and beyond the usual ‘drinks in the local’. And, while this can seem daunting, there’s actually a whole host of easy-to-organise events on offer which are guaranteed to achieve just that. From wrestling the elements in Tough Mudder to putting culinary skills to the test in a cookery class and sailing the Thames on a luxury yacht, there is a corporate event to suit all tastes and personalities. Here are our top 20 – the only difficult bit will be deciding which one to go for…


          1. Zorbing

          Let’s face it, when it comes to corporate terminology one of the most overused phrases includes ‘let’s get the ball rolling on this’ and so why not take this pretty literally and head out of the office for a day of zorbing? Some zorb venues can take more than 100 people and you can book the zorb run specifically for your corporate event, giving you a private space and the chance to get in as many ‘rides’ as possible. Taking two to a pod, it’s a great chance to have fun with colleagues (and even show that competitive sporty side). There are venues all over the UK and the chance to try it both on land and on water (although be prepared to get wet in this one). You can even try out zorbing football! It’s an activity sure to appeal to those of all ages.


          2. Tough Mudder

          Tough Mudder

          Let’s face it, the best corporate events promote a sense of comradeship as well as the chance to try something different outside of the office walls. And what better way to do this than to all take part in Tough Mudder? The event’s website states that nothing brings a team together like a bit of mud and if that’s the case with your staff, you’ll be inseparable after wading through chest-high stacks of it, crawling through wet piles of it and sliding in tunnels filled with it. Clearly, your staff need to be up for the challenge and, as the name suggests, this is a tough test of your physical activities. But it’s also undeniably fun and something which can be looked back on with fond (and muddy) memories for months to come. The course itself is 10-12 miles long with more than 20 obstacles (some are hilarious, other are near-impossible) designed to test your physical and mental strength. More than anything it emphasises the need to work as a team. It’s clear from the off this is not a race, but something to all do together. Muddy marvellous.


          3. Escape Rooms

          Escape Room Experience

          While you might sometimes wish you could lock up your co-workers when you’re having a stressful day – this game offers you the chance to do this in a light-hearted way. A great corporate event for smaller teams, you take it in turns in small groups to solve clues in order to escape from the themed room you are in. This involves teamwork, a sharp eye and good problem-solving skills – whilst also being a funny way to get out of the office for the day. It’s said that only 20 per cent of people actually make it out of the room within the allocated time and different teams can compete against each other to make the best time (if they make it at all). Check out our escape rooms.


          4. Banger Racing Experiences

          Birmingham Banger Racing and stock cars

          In Birmingham there is a race track ideal for a competitive, adrenaline-fueled corporate event. Upon arrival you will learn the basics along with a few rules of the road.Next up is a couple of practice laps and then you can strap in and speed around the circuit with your colleagues! This corporate event is ideal for groups of all sizes, take turns in the hot-seat or watch by the sidelines as your friends go toe-to-toe in the stock-cars and listen to the commentary as the cars go round the track. Winners receive a trophy and the site also has catering for light lunches.


          5. Treasure Hunt

          City Treasure Hunt

          A large part of working in an office can be hunching over a screen, analysing figures and coming up with strategies that you can work together on to achieve a common goal. And why not take these skills and turn them into a fun day out with a team treasure hunt? When it comes to corporate event ideas this is one of the more motivating (after all, who doesn’t want to spend the day searching for treasure?!) and utilises common office skills as well as bringing everyone together for the day and offering a chance to let their hair down. This event can either be fully-managed by the hosts or you can work on the details for yourself.


          6. Corporate Cooking Classes

          Corporate Cooking Event

          For something a little different to get everyone out of the office, why not try a cooking class at one of our top kitchens around the UK? For employees and potential clients alike, it offers a day with a difference and a delicious three course meal too! You can even upgrade the event to include unlimited wine whilst you cook! The day starts with a brief introduction where our experienced chefs will explain how the day will run and what you’ll be cooking! Following this you get settled into your own state of the art workstation and taught how to make a the dishes such as pies and pastries, cakes, salads and so much more. All the equipment and ingredients are included and all the recipes can be taken home so you can remake the masterpieces at home!


          7. Go Karting

          outdoor go karting

          What better way to let off some steam during the working week than racing round a track in a go kart? Adrenaline packed, great fun and a sneaky way to inject a bit of competitive spirit, go karting is an ideal corporate event idea. Whether you fancy indoor go karting or outdoor karting there are a number of packages and offers for you to try. Outdoor offers a faster experience, and one popular package people indulge in is a grand prix racing day. In this, kart drivers complete a designated number of laps, with the winners entered into the semi final heats and then final heats. The top drivers of the day will take to the winner’s podium to receive trophies and bubbly.


          8. Group Kayaking

          Group Kayaking

          Kayaking is another activity which is a great corporate event idea. The event can start with a gentle paddle through the water then change to a whole host of different activities. These can include things such as blindfolded navigation where teams travel through an obstacle course with the paddler blindfolded, relying on the others to lead them. This is great to get everyone talking and knowing each other that bit better. Other activities can include a tug of war between two kayaks and also a relay race. Whichever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable and unique day away from the office.


          9. Karaoke Night (Open Mic)

          Karaoke Night

          There’s nothing to bring a group together than a night of drinks, snacks and warbling into a microphone. Whether the singing is memorable for all the right or all the wrong reasons, a karaoke night is a great corporate event idea. Whether you use it to have a bit of casual fun away from the desk or decide to structure it with a proper singing competition there are multiple ways to enjoy a karaoke night out. Laughter is also proven as a great team builder strengthening relationships and encouraging positive vibes and if there’s anything to encourage laughter it’s sure to be this!


          10. Corporate cocktail making

          Bar Crawl

          You would be hard pressed to find a group who don’t like cocktails, let alone the chance to make their own. Cocktail making is a great event to get people together in a fun and sociable way and get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. There are a range of cocktail making events which are available and it’s a great idea for small to medium group sizes. With some events you all make the same cocktails, while others offer the chance to play a range of games and activities to get involved in. Whatever you opt for, as far as corporate event ideas go, it’s one of the most relaxed and fun ways to get everyone involved.


          12. Coasteering

          Coasteering Experience

          For a corporate event with a difference, coasteering is a choice great for groups (and not for the faint hearted). This event includes climbing, scrambling, swimming and cliff jumping, seeing participants leaping from a rocky outcrop! It’s a great chance to see otherwise inaccessible parts of the UK coastline – and from a different viewpoint too. Fully kitted in wetsuits, helmets, buoyancy aids and surf boots, you take to take to the water and swim along rocks into caves and then climb up a rock face before leaping off the cliff and back to the water below. It’s a great activity which is guaranteed to create talking points for both the pub later in that evening and for years to come. Both half and full day experiences are available.


          13. Whisky Tasting


          Whether you are based near to Scotland or fancy taking a trip for the day, Edinburgh’s whisky tasting is a great location for a corporate event. While whiskies are made in far flung countries such as Japan and New Zealand, Scotland’s single malts hold the strongest reputation. With a whisky tasting event you get the chance to sample a number of different tipples, while also learning more about the history of Scottish whisky. Fun and entertaining you will also receive a fully-guided tour, a ‘sensory perception quiz’ (a great ice breaker and group activity) and will be tutored on the five stages of appreciating Scottish whisky. When you leave, you all receive a Scottish whisky miniature – a great memento of the day.


          14. Hovercraft racing

          hovercraft flying lesson

          Take your corporate event to a new level with hovercraft racing. A fun and invigorating event, it’s a great way to bring everyone together to try something new and also bring out a healthy bit of competitive spirit. With this event you learn to fly a hovercraft before trying your skills on a designated course. There are a whole host of different tracks in the UK (some even have water features) and all offer a range of challenges to test your skills. Hovercraft racing is a great day for larger groups as the minimum group size is 10.


          15. It’s a Knockout

          Its a knockout party ideas

          While everyone might be familiar with the popular television show It’s a Knockout, it’s not often people get to take part in it! Opting for It’s a Knockout as a corporate event is a great choice to bring people together in a fun and casual setting that won’t be forgotten in a hurry! There are a whole host of assault courses and games to try and these can be altered depending on the group dynamic, meaning that everyone will feel happy and comfortable participating. These include ‘hats on’ – where you have to make your way through a foam covered giant inflatable hurdle course whilst wearing a hat containing a cup full of water (the more water you keep in the cup, the more points the team gets!). ‘Crazy climber’ (up a mountaineering wall) and ‘barmy bingo’, where team members dress as giant pensioners and race down the course to a small swimming pool full of extra large ‘BINGO’ balls to try and find the correct numbers to fill out their team’s bingo card!


          16. Private London Eye

          London Eye Private Capsule

          For a corporate event idea which is both sophisticated as well as fun, why not rent out a pod on the London Eye? For the thirty minute ‘flight’ you get your own private capsule as well as priority boarding. You can choose to have the pod just as it is or add extras for a really luxurious flight. These enhanced extras include things such as a Champagne Capsule, Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Capsule, Champagne Cocktail Capsule, Wine Capsule, British Cheese Selection, Afternoon Tea Capsule, Brunch Capsule, Canapés or Pimm’s and Strawberries Capsule. It’s a great idea for getting a group together in a unique setting, with beautiful views of London down below, and gives you plenty of opportunities to network, build relationships and get away from the office for a day.


          17. Luxury Yacht Charter

          Luxury Yacht Charter

          If you’re really looking to impress, a luxury yacht charter corporate event is the way to go. These magnificent super boats are some 60 feet-plus in length with decadent interiors and a calming ambience. These qualities make them a stylish location for a private meeting, an employee incentive or to entertain prospective clients. There are few distractions aside from the sounds of the waves and, if desired, you can opt for a fully catered experience where chefs can tailor the menu to your requirements. And Playing Сaptain Сooks casino for New Zealand. 


          18. Murder Mystery Night

          Murder Mystery Night

          Murder mystery nights are a great and lighthearted way to get a group together in an exciting way. The evening consists of the group witnessing performed scenes, examining physical evidence and interrogating suspects to solve a murder! It’s a unique corporate event idea and one that is guaranteed to get everyone involved. The package includes venue hire, prizes for the best and worst guesses and can also include dinner for an even more memorable event. Murder mystery nights always include their own suspects and victim but if you would like audience members written into the plot then you can.


          19. Ultimate Army Assault Course

          Assault Course

          For a corporate event idea that is also a big challenge, look no further than the ultimate army assault course. A combination of teamwork, strength and just downright competitiveness, it is a day to test all senses. The days starts with a bit of training to get the group ready before being split into teams where you will take part in challenges such as tug of war and astronaut training before heading to the course. Here, you will be guided by ex-military instructors who will take you across woodland, up hills, through underground tunnels and diving into pools, really pushing you to the limit! This is a perfect event for encouraging teamwork among an athletic bunch.


          20.  Build a Roller-coaster

          Rollercoaster Teambuilding Activity

          The challenge is for teams to work together to design and build a rollercoaster which transports a football along its entire length propelled only by gravity!
          The ball must roll unaided from the start to the end of your rollercoaster. Bonus points for unnecessarily engineering jumps, twists or even a loop the loop into the crazy structure.
          Our Rollercoaster challenge is a great event for groups of all sizes but with a huge group the event becomes quite a spectacle. Ideal for all sorts of corporate events, this one is not to be missed.


          Which is your favourite corporate event idea? Have we missed anything off? Let us know… If you need anymore Corporate Event ideas, take a look at our other suggestions here