Coronavirus: Our Stance

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Easing of measures 14/6/21

It is the lead booker’s responsibility to understand and comply with the current regulations. We do accept any liability for failure to comply.


The Prime Minister’s announcement introducing a lockdown across the whole of England means we are unable to operate at present.
There will be no events prior to 15 February 2021, and we are in the process of contacting affected guests.

Customer update: We are supporting thousands of customers who have had their events impacted by the COVID-19 public health measures.

These enquiries will take some time to respond to. Please ensure that you continue to contact us through our official channels and we thank everyone for their patience as we work through your enquiries as quickly as we can.

If your event cannot go ahead, we have the following options available:

1. You can amend your booking to a later date in this year.
If you decide to move your booking to an alternative date and it is cheaper than the one you originally booked, you will pay the lower amount. If you choose an event date (if you decide to move from low season to a high season date as example) that is more expensive than your original booking, you will need to pay the difference in price.
2. You can amend your booking for free to the same seasonal dates for 2022.
If you decide to move your booking to the same date period for 2022, we will endeavour to honour the price you have already paid.
3. You can choose a credit note for the amount you have paid us if you do not have a date in mind at present.
If you decide that the event will go ahead at some time in the future, but do not have a set date then you can opt for this option, after-all, celebrations, and staycations will be in huge demand and we will endeavour to prioritise you for your continual support of the hospitality industry by offering the very best options and the very best prices.

We appreciate your patience as we work though the process with you.

Please contact your account manager who will be happy to discuss your options with you. Please note we can only communicate with the Lead Booker (the person who made the booking).

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding based on this third and hopefully last National Lockdown.

COVID-19 update: as at 1st September 2020

As GOV changes regulations it is important that all lead bookers (the person who booked the event) are fully aware of their responsibilities. Details can be found on GOV websites and also UK Hospitality.
We continue to work in-line with the GOV regulations, events, activities and accommodation providers have all implemented safe environments for our guests.

COVID-19 update: as at 26th June 2020

For customers whose events have been impacted by lockdown.

The safety of our guests, owners and employees is of upmost importance to us. In light of this, and in line with latest government guidelines, we are contacting all customers whose events cannot go ahead as planned due to the government imposed lockdown.

  • England. Customers with an arrival up to and including 3rd July 2020.
  • Wales. Customers with an arrival up to and including 12th July 2020.
  • Scotland. Customers with an arrival up to and including 2nd July 2020.
  • Northern Ireland. Customers with an arrival up to and including 25th June 2020.

Transfer your event.

If you have an arrival date after 3rd July 2021 we will be in contact soon to see if your event can still take place within GOV guidelines or not.

For existing customers with travel dates from 4th July 2020 for accommodation in England.

At present, there is no indication that events in England from 4th July 2020 cannot go ahead. If you decide to wait and your travel dates were to be affected by public health measures such that your accommodation cannot be provided, you would at that point have a number of options available to you. Please be aware that we will follow government lockdown dates for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Many activity centres and event suppliers have complied with GOV recommendations and will be open and safe on the 4th July 2020.

For all customers with travel dates after 3rd July 2020 who have yet to pay their full balance.

You will be requested to pay your final balance on or before the agreed final balance date made upon booking. If you’re having issues paying the final balance – you must contact us before this date so that we can potentially offer an alternative date. Failure to contact us or pay the final balance may result in your event being cancelled without further notice.

If you decide to cancel your event before your balance due date, we will waive your liability for the remainder of the balance. This means that no further amount will be collected from you in such an event. Should you cancel on or after your balance due date, you will/may need to pay the cancellation charges as set out in the cancellation charges table (according to the number of days before the start date of your event) which you can find in your booking terms displayed online, as well as any applicable non-refundable charges (such as booking fees, admin charges, etc) that you may still owe.

If you decide to pay your final balance inline with the terms you agreed upon booking and your travel dates are affected by UK public health measures such that your accommodation cannot be provided, you would at that point have a number of options available to you, including an event postponement or a refund of the amount previously paid. Please be aware that we will follow government lockdown dates for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

When are we taking new bookings from?

In line with government updates we are only taking new bookings for the following dates in the following countries:

  • England. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Saturday 4th July 2020.
  • Wales. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Monday 13th July 2020.
  • Scotland. We are taking new bookings for arrivals from Friday 3rd July 2020.

All new bookings will have to adhere to GOV guidelines, and by making a new booking it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms laid out on this page and agree to them.

By proceeding with this booking you are agreeing that your booking is in line with the following Government guidance: “Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles). It is against the law to gather in groups of more than 30 people, except for the limited circumstances as set out in law” For the safety of others you must not visit our bar if you have any of the following COVID symptoms: high temperature, a new or continuous cough or a loss of sense of smell or taste.’

Where can I find the latest guidance from the government?

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions as they are imposed on us, by the GOV and suppliers.
Updated: 7/5/20

Coronavirus has now touched all of our lives and at this extremely difficult time, our thoughts go out to our customers, and suppliers and families.

We would like to thank all our patient customers as we continue to work through the events and re-book to alternative dates and options. Many of which have been supportive of and understanding of the current situation. Thank you!

As countries around the world start to review their local lockdown restrictions, we expect the advice to change over the coming weeks. However, in the interim our teams are ready to assist with re-bookings. As you would expect, we have prioritised contacting customers due to depart in the next few weeks.

We’re all looking forward to the end of lockdown and will continue to monitor GOV guidelines and will continue to work on a date by date basis.


Updated: 24/3/2020

For existing bookings:

We will be monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and responding to it based on official information from the government of the United Kingdom. We are also getting in touch with our suppliers as there are various approaches being adopted. If your booking is taking place between the 23rd March – 15th April please check your inboxes for an update from your event organiser. As we are currently working from home, the best way to get in touch with us is through the communications function in your portal or by emailing your account manager. Please be patient as we work to contact our clients in date order.

If you are unable or do not want to travel, you will need to make a claim via your travel insurance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds as per the terms you agreed to before booking, however, we’re endeavoring to work with all our suppliers to offer alternative dates, if possible.


Please check the most up-to-date travel information which can be found here.

You can view our terms and conditions here.

This is an unprecedented issue and we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we do our best to work through it.


For new bookings:

For any new bookings please check with your event organiser about the terms and conditions prior to booking. We are working to implement new terms due to the outbreak but each supplier will have different agreements so we will be working on this on a case-by-case basis.


Get travel insurance

Make sure you have appropriate insurance and purchase it as soon as you book your trip. It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re covered.

Hen Party Games

We know that it’s tricky to get the conversation flowing when you have a large group of hens that may not know eachother, so why not start the weekend off with a hilarious hen party game?! Whether you are looking for an ice-breaker for the hens or a hilarious game for the big night out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hen party games for your last night of freedom to suit all groups!


1) Bridal Quiz

The bridal quiz is perfect for close-nit groups that all know the bride really well. As the MOH (Maid of Honour), create a quick quiz all about the bride, this can include embarrassing stories, proud achievements and funny facts. We recommend doing 3 or 4 rounds with 5 questions in each, this will make it long enough to be interesting but not too long that it gets boring. It’s also a good game to play whilst travelling to your hen party, either on the train or at the airport.

Example Bridal Quiz Questions:

  • Who is BRIDE’s celebrity crush?
  • Where did BRIDE & GROOM go on their first date?
  • Who was BRIDE’s first kiss?
  • What is BRIDE’s favourite drink?
  • What is BRIDE’s favourite movie?


2) Mr & Mrs

A classic game that seems to feature in every hen do. Create a series of questions about the couple and have the groom answer the questions prior to the hen party. Then, on the hen do have the bride answer the same questions and if their answers match she gets a point. You can even turn it into a drinking game by having the bride do shots for each incorrect answer.

Example Mr & Mrs Questions:

  • Which celebrity does he/she look most like?
  • Who is the best dancer?
  • Who does the most housework?
  • What’s his/her favourite position?
  • What is he/she most scared of?


3) Find the wedding rings

Perfect if you have hired a self catering accommodation, find the wedding rings is similar to hide the thimble. Buy a few novelty wedding rings or get a bag of Haribo rings and hide them around the house. You can either set prizes for hens that find a ring or forfeits for ones that were not able to find one.


4) Toilet Roll Hens

A hen party classic. Split your group into teams, perhaps using the bridesmaids as captains and then it’s a competition to see which team creates the most stylish dress using toilet rolls and sellotape. You can also give bonus points for the quickest team and one that most resembles the actual wedding dress!


5) Taboo Words

At the start of the weekend get all of the girls together and come up with a few taboo words that you aren’t allowed to say during the course of the hen party. Be sure to make them as hard as possible so people get caught out. When someone says the word they have to do a forfeit, this could be a shot, drink or a dare. If you are doing dares have all of the girls write down a list of dares and put them in a pot and then whenever someone has to do one, they pull one out at random – this will avoid any bias or unfair dares!

Example Taboo Words:

  • Fiance’s name
  • Brides name
  • Honeymoon destination
  • Ring


Hen party sache gift bag

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6) Hen Taboo

A hen twist on the classic game of Taboo that requires a little preparation. On each card write a word and then 5 other words that are related. When you are ready to play, split the hen party into two teams (perhaps the bride vs MOH) and then pick the first player from each team. The player then has to get the rest of her team to say the main word on the card without using any of the taboo words to describe it. Assign a player from the opposite team to check that the player isn’t saying any of the Taboo words and if they do, discard the card and move on to the next one. Set a time limit and the person who gets through the most cards in each round wins a point for their team.

Example Taboo Words:

  • Wedding Ring: Gold, finger, propose, circle, engaged
  • Bouquet: Flowers, catch, throw, decorate, engaged
  • Tuxedo: Suit, best man, groom, dressed, clothes
  • Love Birds: Couple, tweet, wings, heart, fly
  • Bridezilla: Film/movie, dinosaur, veil, wedding, angry


7) Fill in the blank

Another great game that will bring back some hilarious memories! All you have to do is write down a series of facts about the bride-to-be and leave a key word blank. For example, you could say “The bride once walked into _____ when on a night out and broke her nose” You could have a prize for the hen with the closest (or correct) answer and a forfeit for the silliest or furthest away!


8) Guess the cocktail

If you have a hen group that likes a tipple, why not test their taste-buds with a trivia quiz. A great warm-up if you have cocktail making booked or if you are travelling up together you can play whilst on the train or plane. Simply put together a list of popular cocktails ingredients and the girls have to guess what cocktail it makes. A great game to see who really is the biggest alcoholic and it also provides everyone with a recipe card that they can use in the future!

Example Questions:

  • 45ml lemon vodka, 15ml triple sec, 30ml cranberry juice, 10ml lime juice, ice // Answer: Cosmopolitan 
  • 50ml vodka, 25ml peach schnapps, 2 oranges (juiced, plus 2 slices to garnish), 50ml cranberry juice // Answer: Sex on the beach
  • 60mL Vodka, 30mL Passionfruit Puree, 30mL Vanilla Syrup, 15mL Fresh Lime Juice, Prosecco or Champagne // Answer: Pornstar Martini


Hen party gift bags

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9) Pin the Trunk on the Hunk

Pin the Hunk on the Trunk is a naughty twist on the childhood party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out a few images of the bride’s favourite hunks, you can decide how raunchy you want the images are, and then also print out a number of trunks that you can pin onto them.


10) Who’s Who?

This is a lovely game for the bride to play and reminisce over all of her close friendships. Have all of the hens write down a memory that is important to their friendship with the bride on a card, this could be how you met, a memorable holiday or a. Then shuffle all of the cards up and have each person read them out. You all then have to guess who wrote each card.


11) Boozy Pong

Line up 6 cups on either side of a table in a triangle formation and then fill each cup up with your favourite drinks, this could be g&t, prosecco or you can opt to keep it traditional with a classic game of beer pong. Then split the group into two teams and then each take turns throwing the ball into the opposite team’s cups. If you get a ball in the cup, someone from the opposite team has to empty the cup and then remove it from the game.


12) Hen Bingo

Prior to the weekend, create a list of challenges in a 3×3 grid that will have the girls running around like headless hens! The first to tick off 3 in a row wins! You can extend the game by making a 5×5 grid or have different challenges on each persons card.

Example bingo challenges:

  • Get a group photo of everyone in the hen party
  • Find someone with the same name as the groom
  • Find a coin from the year that the bride was born
  • Talk to a stranger with a fake accent
  • Get a free drink from the bar


13) Real or fake?

A simple game of truth or lie, everyone takes turns to say a statement that may be a truth or a lie. It’s then up to the other girls to decide whether it’s a lie or if they are in fact, telling the truth. You can twist the game and the statements could all be stories that you share with the bride-to-be.


hen party games

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14) Sculpt the Hunk

Stock up on Play-Doh for this hilarious hen party game! Similar to pictionary, split the group into two teams and then set a timer for 2 minutes and have 1 person from each team take turns in sculpting the hunk. The rest of the team then has to guess who the hunk is before the timer runs out!


15) Cocktail Making Challenge

If you have booked a self catering house for your hen weekend and want a couple of drinks to warm up for the big night out, create a list of cocktails and bring all the ingredients you need to make them. Then give everyone a different recipe (or you can team up) and task them with making the drink. After all of the cocktails are made, give everyone a sip of each and they have to correctly identify which cocktail is which! A great game to help you learn how to make cocktails and will also introduce you to new cocktails that you may not know about!


16) Guess the Bum

This one is a cheeky game that will need some preparation – but that shouldn’t be a chore! Compile a list of celebrity bottoms and then hide the rest of the body, it’s then a quiz to guess which bum belongs to who. If you think it may be a little tricky you can always write a clue below the picture to help. You can up the hilarity of the game by having the groom & best men send you a picture of their bums to add to the list.


17) Porn or Polish

A quick, cheeky game that will have all the hens giggling. Find a range of nail polish names and porn titles and then the ladies have to guess which is which! Another good, little quiz that you can play whilst traveling.


wedding gifts for bride from groom

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18) Scavenger Hunt

Similar to Hen Bingo, the scavenger hunt will have the hens running around looking for random items. These can be items that relate to the brides life or it can be random tat, it’s completely up to you! Obviously, prizes for the winner and forfeits for the losers.

Example scavenger hunt items:

  • A veil
  • A photo with another bride-to-be
  • A piece of clothing from a stranger
  • A ring of some sort
  • A bouquet of flowers


19) Dirty Little Secret

Have everyone in the party write down a secret that the rest of the group won’t know about and then fold the paper up and put it in a pot. Then take turns in reading out the secrets and then you all have to guess who wrote the secret.


20) Never Have I Ever…

Predominantly a drinking game, everyone takes turns saying something that they haven’t ever done and then if anyone in the group has done it, they then have to have a drink. It’s a hilarious game that will have the group learning a thing or two about some of the more adventurous members of the party.



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Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Alternative thank you cards to send to your wedding guests


Wedding thank you cards are an important end to your wedding and here’s why. Your wedding day is an occasion all the friends and family will look forward to attending, but it’s worth bearing in mind that your big day may come at quite the cost for them to be a part of. We’re not talking about charging them to enter the evening disco, oh no. We’re talking about the costs that can snowball quite quickly into a large sum of money.


For example, they may have to buy a new suit or dress, and matching accessories. Your wedding venue may not be local so they’ll also have to travel and book a hotel for the night. Let’s be real here, it’s your wedding day so they’re going to buy you a gift too, and probably spend money on food and drink on the day as well.


Given these costs and the time they’ve put aside to share your special day, it’s really important to let them just how much you appreciated them being there. The wedding thank you card is a small and thoughtful gesture and the perfect way to say thanks.


If you’re not sure about the wording of your thank you card we’d suggest thanking and showing appreciation for the time they gave to share such a memorable day with you. Thank them personally for their wedding gift, and share an anecdote, memory or joke you experienced with them on the day. Wish them well and that you hope to see them soon.


Tips to help with your wedding thank you cards


  • After opening each of your wedding gifts, keep a log on your phone or in a notepad of who gave you each present so that you can thank them with a more personal message.
  • Don’t forget to send everyone who helped with the wedding or sent a gift, even if they weren’t able to make the wedding day.


Wedding Photo Thank You Idea

Your wedding day photographer will have captured the most precious memories and your guests may not have seen these. It might take you a bit longer to get hold of these photos but it’ll be worth the wait. Create a montage of your favourite photos to print onto your thank you card. For the extra special personal touch include any photos that were taken of you and the recipients of each card. Alternatively you might want to select your absolute favourite photo to blow up front and centre.


Wedding Groom Speech

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Themed Thank You Cards

If your wedding day was designed around a particular theme then it would only be right to complete the occasion with thank you cards using the same style. If you used a distinct set of colours throughout your wedding, or paid tribute to an era of time or your favourite film then design your thank you cards with these details in mind.


Postcard Thank you Card

For a vintage looking wedding thank you card you can create your very own postcard. Simply put your favourite wedding photo (a polaroid print out would give a strong rustic look) of the newly married couple on the front, and hand-write your personal message of love and appreciation on the back. Stamp and send.


Memetastic Thank You Card Ideas

Consider yourself to be the funniest person in the room at all times? Send your wedding guests an appropriate meme with a hand written thank you message. Another hilarious idea is to find the most meme-able photo from your wedding day and caption it! There’s bound to be a few goofY photos your friends and family took, or even the photographer, though you may have to ask for these especially.


derby holiday home

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Style your wedding thank you notes

If you married in glamour and glitz then send your thanks with a sparkle and shine. Write in a golden tone that shimmers the moment you cast an eye on the card.


Non-traditional thank you notes

We all like to do our bit to help save the planet and this includes going paperless – you can totally apply this to your wedding thank you cards. Send your friends and family a carefully designed email featuring photos from the wedding and a bespoke message to each guest. If they sent you a gift then send them a picture back of you using it to brighten up their day. We’d advise also sending a text to those guests either with a link to the email or directing them to their inbox (just in case those pesky spam filters work or they don’t check their emails very often).


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Top Grooms buttonhole ideas

Groom’s Buttonhole Ideas 


A groom’s buttonhole piece is the finessing touch to any man’s wedding suit. The boutonniere flower is a traditional accessory that can either draw the eye’s attention immediately or blend naturally into the suit’s overall tone. Most grooms will opt for the conventional buttonhole flower, but for those that are partial to risk, you may want to turn from tradition and wear a more unique boutonniere. 

Where do you begin with choosing the perfect buttonhole pin? Decide what it’s actually going to be. For example, a classical flower, a rustic feather, or maybe something entirely unique. Once you’ve decided on the style, the colour is your next biggest consideration. Choose a tone that compliments your suit and the shade of the bride’s dress, or matches the colour of the wedding bouquet. 

On a practical note, if the groom has chosen a buttonhole flower then you need to make sure the flower is fresh for the wedding day. Coordinate with the florist when you want your boutonniere to arrive, ideally on the day before the wedding. On the day of your celebrations, you’re going to want to spray a flower sealant over the blooms and stems to protect them and ensure the blossoms remain beautiful and open all day. 

If you’re not sure what type of boutonniere suits you then read on as we explore a handful of our favourite groom’s buttonhole ideas that will surely help inspire your decision. 


Grooms Buttonhole ideas

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A single yellow tulip with a touch of green foliage adds a strong yet complementary contrast to a fine navy blue suit


A luxuriously elegant white rose to adorn the groom’s buttonhole will supplement any traditional black wedding suit, and the bride’s fairytale white dress. 


Freshly preserved and dried flowers are becoming an increasingly popular choice to accompany country and rustic wedding outfits. You’ll find a whole assortment of dried flowers to choose from online including lavender, gypsophila, daisies.


Grooms Buttonhole flowers

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Wild thistles with beautiful greenery are becoming a staple for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Keep the stem in place by wrapping some twine around which helps to maintain a rather vintage look. 


Silk boutonnieres on the lapel are a great alternative to using fresh flowers. As your wedding day goes on, the petals can start to drop from the heat. Avoid this common occurrence with an artificial buttonhole piece. 


An emerging contemporary buttonhole trend is handcrafted lego character pieces. There’s a whole universe of lego figures so there’s huge scope to customise the perfect piece that describes your personality. What will your character and design say about you? 


The groom’s buttonhole doesn’t have to be decorated with flowers and leaves. Some of you may be as bold to follow your dreams and marry in a sci-fi or fantasy-themed wedding. If this is you, adorn yours and the groomsman’s buttonholes with characters and symbols from your chosen nerdy theme. It could be metallic Jedi Order badges, or two lightsabers crossing in a duel. Marvel fans, have each of your groomsmen use a face pin of their favourite character (no doubling up though!). Harry Potter lovers could use hand-stitched house symbols embedded around some light greenery. 


Grooms Buttonhole flower crown wreathe

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If the bride-to-be is planning on having a delicate floral bridal hair wreath, you might want to consider matching your boutonniere with a small wreath made of green foliage and blooms. For the perfect final touch, attach a small ribbon to match the colour of the flowers used in the bridal hair wreaths.


For a rustic look with a new modern twist use a peacock feather to adorn a suit of blue and green tones. 


Hand-stitched buttonhole flowers are a newly favoured idea and there are countless options to choose from. The flower can hang loosely or it can be stitched or embroidered onto a piece of fabric. 


Literature lovers will adore the groom’s buttonhole pin upcycled into a flower, but made from pages in a book. Depending on the theme of the wedding, use pages from a classic graphic novel which will add a touch of colour to your boutonniere. 


A new wedding buttonhole tradition is combining a colourful bloom with ribbon and a decorative steel Victorian key. 


Top Tip: Don’t throw the groom’s buttonhole pin away after the wedding day, instead keep the boutonniere as a treasured keepsake to remember the special day. If you’ve opted for a non-traditional buttonhole idea you’ll have no problem wrapping it in some bubble wrap and placing in an air-tight box. If you decided to wear a buttonhole flower you’re going to want to try and preserve the bloom. One method of doing so is by placing the flower in a container and placing it inside the freezer. Depending on the type of flower you used the results can differ.


Stag Party Idea

Presents for the Bride and Groom Gift Exchange

Presents for the Bride and Groom Gift Exchange 

Just when you thought you’d planned every last inch of your wedding and there couldn’t possibly be anything else to organise, you realise you need to find the most perfect wedding gift for your better half. But the good news is that a wedding gift for the bride or groom doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive and extravagant present. No no, it just needs to be thoughtful, from the heart and something that will leave a lasting memory, and there’s no reason you can’t have some fun with your choice! To help give you a head start, here are some of our favourite wedding presents for the bride and groom. 


Wedding Table Place names

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Groom to Bride:

Mrs or Wife Tagged Gifts

Practically anything that has Mrs, Wife or Wifey printed or engraved on it will bring out the biggest smile on her face. Those words will act as stamps of authenticity and there’s no better time to give these gifts than immediately after tying the knot. Searching on the web will bring up hundreds of businesses that will customise small gifts for you. If she decided to take your surname, make sure you buy some gifts that celebrate her change in name, like a t-shirt that reads ‘You can call me Mrs X’.


Bridal Cover Ups and Robes

Make those ‘getting ready’ shots even better with a tailor-made bridal cover up or wedding robe to make her feel like the true princess she is, all day long. Keep her cosy with a soft, feather lined robe, or chic satin cover up with her name and wedding date printed on the back. This is a gift she’ll be able to take back home and every time she uses it, she’ll think of her fairytale wedding day.



Every blushing bride would cherish a new piece of jewellery to mark her gorgeous wedding day. Steel bracelets and bangles with precious words of affection engraved with the date of wedding will be cherished for eternity. A gleaming pair of diamond earrings to match the rock on her finger would be a very welcome present. If sentimental is your aim then a delicate locket incised with both your initials and a heart, plus your favourite couple image of the pair of you locked inside for eternity. 


Wine Glasses

Is there anything better than a chilled glass (or two) of crisp fruity wine at the end of a long week? Give your wife the most exquisite and intricately crafted crystal wine glasses. Personalise with a message of adoration and the date that you shared your vows. 


wedding gifts for bride from groom

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Bride to Groom:

Gentleman’s Watch

A timeless gift for the groom that any gentleman would be delighted to receive on his wedding day. A luxurious accessory that you can get your wedding date engraved on or a small message of love printed on the inside of a leather strap. The watch is a staple in the bride and groom gift exchange, a classic piece that he’ll be able to keep and show off forever.


Suit Ties

Give the groom his signature piece for any suit. A decorative tie in his favourite colour, made of the highest quality silk with a hidden hand-stitched message of love. It’ll be his go-to tie for every special occasion and it will carry with it a story to share.



Whether the groom wears a suit to work nine to five every day of the week, or only brings out the tux for special occasions, personalised wedding cufflinks are an ageless wedding gift. Silver-plated cufflinks engraved with the date of your wedding and both of your initials is both a thoughtful and practical present that will be used for years to come with joyous memories attached. Not to forget to mention they’re damn classy and worth showing off. 


Scotch Glasses

Watch the smile appear from his face as he opens a magnificently designed crystal scotch glasses for those special occasions when your hubby needs a drink of the most divine single malts. Depending on the style of glass you choose you may want to add your own personalisation onto the side for that added personal touch.


Specially Crafted Mixtape

Create the ultimate-mega mixtape to be played above all other playlists. Featuring the very best 70s power ballads, the hippest beats that came out of the 80s, the rock and punk anthems that defined the 90s, the cheesiest hits of the noughties, all the way through to the freshest modern day beats in the weekly charts. This mixtape is only to include the songs he considers absolute bangers. The best opportunity to present the groom with his gift is by getting the DJ to announce your carefully curated mixtape in front of all of his friends and family before challenging him to a dance-off to his definitive favourite song. Queue the music please. 


wedding gifts for bride from groom

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For both Bride & Groom:

Customised Video Game Controllers

Are the pair of you big gamers? Introverts at heart and long for the evening to co-op adventures together? Get yourselves matching Mr & Mrs customised controllers. 


Keepsake Box

Present your soulmate with a wooden or stainless steel keepsake box that holds treasured possessions that you’ve kept over the course of your relationship. Items such as anniversary cards, your first date night cinema tickets, love notes from class, and small nostalgic gifts you’ve bought for each other. Be warned, this idea can be a real tear-jerker! 


Their Favourite Sweet Treat 

You can handle this present for the bride and groom gift exchange in one of two ways. The first is to provide your other half with their favourite treat at every possible moment on their wedding day. From the moment they wake, through the getting ready phase, and at the after-party. The treat could be the most luxurious chocolate truffles or a bowl of naughty sugary sweeties. It could be their god-tier biscuit or even signature takeaway lattes from their favourite roasterie. Alternatively, you could give them a voucher that gives them a week, a month or even a year’s supply of their cheeky afternoon treat! These small but meaningful gestures won’t be forgotten and are really worth the time and effort. The smile on their face will be priceless. 


Photo Book 

Decorate and fill a leather-bound photo book with cherished memories of your entire relationship. College photos back when you were just friends, ‘couplies’ from the countless date nights you went on together, those shots of you standing on a sunset beach, goofy selfies from those duvet film days, and everything else in between that’s led to the moment that you both said ‘I do’. 


An Experience of a Lifetime

Has your partner always spoken about that one thing at the very top of their bucket list that they swear they’re going to get around to doing? The bride and groom gift exchange is the perfect chance to give your better half an experience that they’ve always wanted. Skydiving out of a plane at 10,000ft, driving a Ferrari around the legendary Silverstone track, learning to scuba dive off the coast of Spain, smithing your very own axe, or bathing an African elephant abroad. Whatever your choice you can be sure your partner will be overjoyed at the experience of a lifetime.


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Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas Wedding Ideas

A Christmas wedding you say, what a truly magical idea! Picture an open fireplace dancing with warmth, mulled wine and mince pies served straight to your lips, and Christmas carols echoing through the halls, all before sharing your vows and tying the knot. Sounds like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Combining the best elements of the winter season with your very own marriage ceremony, here are some jolly good Christmas wedding ideas we think you’ll adore. 


Christmas Wedding Theming

When you envisage your wedding day you probably have some kind of theme in mind centred around a particular colour scheme, period in time or season. In this case, we’ve got two iconic Christmas wedding themes we think you should consider. 


New York New York

Snow is falling all around you in Central Park. You can see the hustle and bustle of the city passing by. Yellow cabs pick up Christmas shoppers, holiday market stalls line the streets, festive decorations glisten in shop windows, the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Bring the magic of New York to your wedding and use all of these concepts in your own planning to create a truly captivating experience.


Winter Wonderland 

If your wedding day is a vision in white then you’ll have no problem incorporating a white Christmas winter wonderland theme. Drape the walkways, seats and tables in (fake) snow, and cover the ceilings with warm white LED lights to create an icicle effect. Line the aisles with elegant white trees that twinkle in the light, dangle snowflakes from the windows and fill the room with bouquets of white roses. 


Elegant wedding cake design

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Food, drinks and nibbles

As soon as anyone mentioned the C-word when we were young our faces would beam at the thought of Santa delivering us presents. Now, way past our twenties, it’s the thought of devouring a succulent Christmas roast with all of the trimmings, and the endless nibbles and delicacies that you just can’t contain your excitement for. 

Cups of fruity mould wine and spiced` hot chocolate for all of your guests, mince pies and seasoned sausage roll canapes hand-delivered, and chestnuts roasting by an open fire. Sounding dreamy to you? 


Festive alcoholic beverages 

Don’t forget to stock the bar ready for the after-party. You’ve got your usual vodka and gin cocktails, champagne and prosecco, lagers and ciders to serve. But it’s Christmas time so you’ll need to throw in a few winter drinks for good measure;  Bucks Fizz, good ol’ fashioned snowballs topped with a sweet cherry, a little cheeky port or sherry, or if you’re more into liquors a creamy orange chocolate Baileys or Tia Maria will seal the deal nicely.


Wedding Christmas Cakes

We recently published a blog called 25 Wedding Cake Ideas which you can use for cakey inspiration, just make sure you add your own Christmas twists! A touch of mistletoe, white or gold sugar powder, edible snowflakes are all subtle Christmas touches you can add to any wedding cake. If you have a sweet tooth then also look into making and decorating a gorgeous gingerbread house, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without mentioning the traditional Christmas pudding topped with whisky and cream. 


Wedding Groom Speech

This may also be of interest to you: Best Man Speech Ideas


Christmas Dress Code

You’ve spent days upon days planning every detail you can think of for your big Christmas wedding so there’s no harm in requesting that your guests abide by a dress code for the ultimate wedding finesse. One idea is to ask the women to wear an item of red clothing (skirt, dress or shirt) and request the men to stick to a smart navy blue blazer and trousers. Or an even simpler idea is to hand out a decorative boutonnière for all of the men’s lapels, and elegant ribbons for the ladies to tie around their hair or wrists. These small coordinated details will really impress your family and friends.


Christmas Petting Zoo

Invite Rudolph and his friends to your wedding for a real sense of Christmas magic. A small friendly petting zoo where you can feed reindeers and antelopes the most delicious carrots, or big fluffy husky dogs will bring so many happy smiles to the children’s faces. 


Wedding Get-away

The happy couple are often taken away from their big day in a horse-drawn carriage. If you’re really looking for a unique winter wedding idea, hire a team of huskies or a couple of reindeers to dash you away in your very own Christmas sleigh.


Secret Santa 

For more Christmassy fun organise a huge Secret Santa for all of your guests to take part in. Set the budget low to five pounds, email or text everyone who they’re buying for and ask them to bring it along nicely wrapped on the big day. Even if all of the guests don’t know each other, it’s still a lovely gesture to send and receive a small gift. Make sure you select a volunteer to dress up in the big man’s robes to present all of the gifts for an authentic secret Santa experience. 


Santa’s Grotto

Call in Saint Nicholas himself to hand out gifts to your nearest and dearest. The kids will absolutely love this Xmas idea. Set up a little Christmas grotto complete with tinsel, wreaths, baubles, lights and even one of Santa’s little helpers (or Buddy the Elf if you so wish). Small presents for the children from Santa will fill them with so much joy. He could even hand Christmas wedding favours to all of the adults too. Just make sure to hand him a naughty or nice list for a bit of added amusement! 


Christmas Wedding Ideas

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Christmas Photobooth / Photographer

You’re going to want to look back on your wedding day for years, so make sure you’ve got plenty of photos to smile upon. Depending on your budget, you could hire a photo booth or photographer with the specific role of taking group photos. Set up a Christmas backdrop, have a box of festive props including antlers, Santa hats that jingle and roast turkey hats that sing, bauble earrings, tinsel scarves, Rudolph’s bright red nose, and all of the other silly accessories that make you giggle. 


Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Start by choosing your core makeup of colours; crimson reds, forest greens and dashes of snow-white. Combine mistletoe, winter berries and a couple of pinecones for an attractive and genuine Christmas bouquet. 


Christmas Wedding Decorations

Fill your venue with tasteful seasonal decorations. Hang holly and ivy or snow dripped mistletoe wreaths from the pews. Luminate windows and dark spaces with candles and lanterns that flicker for hours. Tall fir Christmas trees adorned with delicate baubles, tinsel and lights, with beautifully wrapped presents lying underneath. If the budget allows, hire a snow machine to give everyone the white Christmas they’ve always wanted and deserve.


Christmas Songs and Carolers

Nobody wants to walk into a room of silence so have your wedding guests shuffle to their seats to your specially crafted Christmas playlist featuring hits from the likes of Elton John and Shakin’ Stevens. If you really want to liven up the atmosphere then hire a jolly band on Christmas carolers, or go that extra mile by hiring an angelic choir to sing your favourite wintertime hymns. 


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Wedding Table Name Ideas

Wedding Table Sign Ideas

There’s no detail too small when it comes to organising your wedding day. Bride and groom – it’s all about you, which means you’re going to want to share lots of little sentimental and personal stories with your guests and one great way to do this is through your wedding table names. Don’t be a boring Barry and seat your guests at tables 1 & 2. Place them at a table that’s named after something special, fun, and memorable. To help your imagination run wild here are 20 of our favourite wedding table name ideas.


Countries you’ve visited

Travel, holidays and excursions abroad. Tell your guests about the adventures you and your partner have shared together by naming each table as a country you’ve travelled to. You could include a small itinerary note on each table to add a little extra culture and encourage others to visit too!


International phrases for I love you

It’s not a wedding without the theme of warmth and affection embedded throughout. Spread the love amongst family and friends at their tables by finding the translation for I love you in different languages from across the globe. A phrase that’s so universal that no matter what language it’s spoken in, it’s heard and felt by everyone. Cue the awws.



Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Lagoons

There’s something quite majestic about the names given to huge bodies of water. The Atlantic, Loch Ness, The River Nile, Lake Como, The Pacific. Blue nature at it’s finest. This theme is perfect for lovers of the Earth’s water.


Planets of our Solar System

Naming your wedding tables after the planets in our solar system is about as grand as you can get. We’re sure this astrological theme will provide some thought provoking conversations at the table about our existence and size relative to the rest of the universe (We’re so tiny!). 


Star Constellations

We’re betting that at some point in your relationship you’ve sat in a country field gazing upon the stars hand in hand with your loved one. Give credit to the romance that followed and name your wedding tables after the wondrous star constellations. For an extra creative touch, include dot-to-dots of the constellations for your guests to complete.


Game of Thrones House Names

Who will you assign to house Lannister, Stark and Targaryen, and what will that say about the wedding guests at those tables? If you’re throwing a fantasy themed wedding, your guests will love revisiting GOT. Add famous lines from characters belonging to that house and get your family and friends to guess who said them. ‘Isn’t it a man’s duty to be drunk at his own wedding?’ – Tyrion Lannister. 


Famous Cocktails

We’re going to take a wild guess and predict that alcohol may be available at your wedding. Name each table after the most delicious cocktails you can think of, and include a little recipe / ingredient card for how to make them for bonus points.


Wedding Table Card Names

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Simple and classy. Forget words, just assign your favourite colours to each table. If you’re all about tones then you might want to note the hex codes for each colour. You just know someone will ask you for one!


Breeds of Doggos

Dogs are just the best things in existence, wouldn’t you agree? So smiley, fluffy and happy, of course you’re going to want to include them in your wedding! Labradors, chihuahuas, German shepards, dachshunds, corgis, and beagles. If you can’t have a golden retriever delivering your rings down the aisle, you can at least use these cute creatures of comfort as a theme for your wedding table names.


Greek Mythology

Fans of ancient Greek history will love this mystical table name theme. Allocate each table a legendary creature of myth and wonder such as the primordial cyclops, ferocious chimera, deadly hydra or war hound Cerberus. Go the extra mile and include an image and description of each exalted being. 


Local Phrases and Sayings

Colloquial phrases that you, your family and friends have used growing up are a fantastic choice for wedding table names. They’re distinctive, personal and more often than not, hilarious. Go bananas. 


Gold Tier Chocolate Bars

Rank your absolute favourite chocolate bars and label your tables with them. Will your guests agree with your cocoa rankings or will you start a choco debate? Don’t forget to have mini chocolates available for each of your guests as a delicious sweet treat.


Bier Cheers

If you and your partner are big fans of barley, water, hops and yeast (let’s just call it beer!), have your tables named after your most recommended bevvies. Or stick with the types; IPA, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Porter, you get the gist. Just make sure you have a good selection of these at the bar!  


Wedding Table Place names

Need a hand with the stag/hen do: Use our trip builder


Types of Flowers

Can’t decide on what flowers to have at your wedding? Don’t settle for one, have a touch of everything by naming each table after a piece of Mother Nature. Sunflower, Daisy, Lavender to name just a few flowers that will add a touch of beauty to your big day and smell spectacular. Maybe you could have one of each type of flower on each table?  


Sporting Heroes

If you really can’t do without a sporting reference on your wedding day, assign each table a captain which will act as your wedding table name. Your guests will field their captain’s teams. For some after-party fun, organise a few team games to take part in with a cardboard cut out of your captain to inspire and lead.


Famous Duos

Romeo and Juliet, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Jelly? The choice is yours. Will you choose those that inspire beauty and love, or comedy duos that deliver gut-busting laughter. 


Significant Dates

Every blushing bride and handsome groom has at least a few milestone dates in their relationship. Your first date, first kiss, engagement, moving in together, birth of a son or daughter, even the time you spilt your entire soup entree down you at your anniversary meal. Use these dates as the headers for your wedding tables. Choose your styling options; dashes, periods, or make it more enigmatic with just digits like 05082010. Don’t forget to include a caption so your guests know the significance of those dates!



Glitz up your wedding tables with the names of shimmering birthstones. These stones could also influence the colours used on each table. Plus, the names emerald and amethyst just emit elegance and glamour.


Unique table names wedding

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Family and Friends

The spotlight is firmly on the happy couple, but a wedding isn’t complete without their closest friends and family to share their happy day. Once you’ve assigned all the guests to a table, select one member and share with everyone your most treasured memory with them, verbally or written on a note for the table. 


Mountain Ranges

Are you both accomplished conquerors of mountains and seasoned adventurers? Call your wedding tables all the mountains you’ve climbed or are on your bucket list to hike. Include a few mountain facts on the tables such as the total height, conditions (snowy, volcanic), time / estimated time of your climb, and date conquered / you hope to complete it. You could even include a sign-up sheet somewhere so that your guests can opt-in for the next big climb with you! 


There we have it, 20 unique wedding table name ideas to get you thinking about your big day. Have we missed any that you’re considering using or have used? Let us know in the comments!


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25 Wedding Cake Ideas

25 Wedding Cake Ideas


Gathering wedding cake ideas is without a doubt one of the best parts about planning a wedding. You’ll want to conduct careful research (including tasting of course) and decide on flavours, overall style and size, and cost. We’ve collected a whole bank of cake ideas to help you whittle down exactly how you want your wedding cake to look. We should warn you, don’t scroll down on an empty stomach. Absolute scrumptiousness awaits.  


Elegant wedding cake design


Simply Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas


1) Elderflower and lemon flavoured cake with white icing is both classy and flavoursome. Add a bouquet of purple flowers to give it some vibrance. 


2) Sweet white chocolate icing with a tangy raspberry sponge centre. Classic.


3) Buttercream is both traditional and modern and comes in just about every flavour you can imagine. 


4) One way to give a simple-looking wedding cake an extra dimension is to add small yet tasteful flowers to the edges.


5) Give a minimalist looking wedding cake an extra glow by sprinkling it with golden or silver glitter to dazzle. 


6) At the very centrepoint of a wedding is the blushing bride and handsome groom. Keep your wedding cake a pleasing neutral colour with a modest look and add a stylised bride and groom wedding cake topper as the crowning piece. If your wedding has a colour scheme try and add a ribbon of this colour to match.


7) No fancy handcrafted icing is needed with a fancy metallic gold painted wedding cake.


8) Salted caramel oozes down the layers creating a rich and seriously sweet treat. Finesse with clotted cream fudge for sheer indulgence.  


Drip wedding cake ideas


Two & Three Tier Wedding Cakes Ideas


1) Make a luxurious red velvet centre first tier accompanied by a smooth chocolaty sponge on the second tier. Hide both underneath a light buttercream vanilla icing. 


2) For all the bakewell tart fans this almond and cherry wedding cake is for you. The sponge has a slight nutty texture to it complemented by a tasty cherry jam. Topped with fresh cherries for the perfect fruity touch. 


3) Drip cakes are a popular modern trend. Delicately crafted drip can turn any wedding cake into a scrumptious looking waterfall. A light strawberry drizzle goes well with a classic Victoria sponge, and salted caramel is the perfect accompaniment for vanilla icing.  


4) Naked cakes have recently come into fashion. Strip back the icing and you have your wedding cake bare for all to see! Tiers are served between gorgeous sweet cream and decorated with fresh fruit such as strawberries and raspberries.


5) Identical top and bottom layers with a contrasting middle cake gives a slice of variety and sophistication.


6) Not every cake needs to be circular, break out of the norm with square tiers. The corners give your wedding cake a new sense of grandeur.


traditional wedding cake


Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas

1) For a timeless wedding cake, line the bottom of each tier with silver lacing and decorate in a minimalist fashion with small floral piped icing.


2) For that 50s and 60s style wedding cake, connect your layers with individual columns to give it that extra height and overall wow appeal.


3) Nothing says vintage like pure angelic, elegant white. White frosting, white lace, white flowers, white icing. 


4) Premium liqueurs, in particular brandy, and quality fruits were among the most popular ingredients used in vintage wedding cakes from the 1950s. 



Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

1) For those of you with a sweet tooth, you might want to decorate and top your icing with your favourite past time sweeties. From love hearts and haribos to strawberry bon bons and wine gums.


2) If you’re after a wedding cake that’s to be remembered for its unique appearance then you need to forget traditional elegance. How about a stylised Liquorice Allsorts cake for the shock factor!


3) Dare to be different with a wedding cake with just a single layer and several tiers of divine cupcakes topped with intricate, handcrafted chocolate and vanilla icing.


4) Similar to the cupcake tiers, go bold with delicately delicious maroons that melt in the mouth.


5) Think Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the form of a lavish wedding cake. Dark icing with a moist chocolatey centre and a hint of orange to compliment the richness the chocolate brings. For ultimate luxe and style, position small edible orange decorations along the cake tiers.


6) For a real poptastic wedding cake sprinkle the top with popping candy. Vibrant, sweet, but most of all fun.


7) Nobody said that your wedding cake couldn’t be a cheesecake. Give your guests the gift of variety with three different flavoured tiers. A tangy fruity layer, followed by a crumbly cookie centre and finished with a salted caramel crown.  


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Fancy Dress Theme Ideas

Stag & Hen Party Fancy Dress Theme Ideas


A well planned and coordinated fancy dress theme amongst your friends and family has the potential to put your celebratory event into the history books. Stag and hen dos, halloween parties, birthday nights out or new years eve pub crawls. You can add a fancy dress element into the mix for all of these events. If you need a little inspiration to get you thinking about your very own costumes and themes, here are eight of our top fancy dress ideas. 


1) The Avengers 

With well over two dozen characters to choose from, one of our favourite and most topical fancy dress theme ideas is to roll out with your very own team of superheroes. Create your very own shield and lead from the front as Captain America. Meld your own suit of Iron and become (you guessed it) Iron Man. For those of you happy to cover yourself in green body paint then The Hulk and Gamora is for you. If you want to look edgy in black consider Hawkeye and Black Widow. We’re betting one of your friends has a Spiderman Halloween costume hidden in their wardrobe so get them to dust it off and suit up! No Avengers squad would be complete without the God of thunder; Thor! Throw in his Endgame beer belly for a few bonus points. 


We highly recommend you do some research because there’s a whole fictional universe of superheroes to choose from. Avengers, assemble! 


2) Boyband and Girl Pop Groups

One word; CHEESE. East 17’s white fur coats from Stay Another Day or the Spice Girls world tour outfits. There’s so much scope when it comes to music group fancy dress ideas. Find your best bowl cut wig and stroll out as The Beatles. All of you Abba fans can put on your finest dancing dream costumes. If you want to really bring your boyband and girl groups to life, learn a chorus or better still, an entire song that your band is well known for. That’s a party trick that will absolutely impress anyone that crosses paths with you.


3) 80s / 90s themed fancy dress

This idea is a timeless classic and you can have heaps of fun with this theme. The 80s and 90s brought about some of the world’s most iconic fashion trends. We’ve broken this fancy dress theme down into three main categories; hair styles, clothes, and accessories.


Hair: We’re talking perms, perms and more perms for you ladies. Curls and waves everywhere please. Boys, you’re going to have to choose from a cool looking mullet or a mohawk that requires a whole tub of wax to style.


Clothes: Mesh tops, combat trousers, leopard print, leather studded jackets, and roll necks all fit the bill here. Oh and we nearly forgot to mention that anything neon goes too. 


Accessories: Chokers, chunky jewelry, fanny packs, leg warmers, and bandanas. It’s the attention to detail where the effort really shines. 


4) Around the World Themed Fancy Dress

If you want a broad theme that’s open to a lot of interpretation then we recommend an around the world fancy dress code. Pick countries or continents out of a hat and then leave everyone to get creative with their outfits. Don’t discuss what you’re wearing with anyone else, just all turn up on the day so it’s a complete surprise. 


Some of the costumes and accessories you might consider for this idea include Bavarian lederhosens and dirndls, bollywood beauty costumes, Japanese geishas, Mexican sombreros and leather cowboy boots. This theme ensures a night of culture and excitement.  


5) Sh*t shirts & sh*t skirts 

This fancy dress idea requires you to seek out the most hideous and hilarious shirts and skirts you can possibly find. Your mission is to be an absolute eye-sore to all those that have the unfortunate luck of gazing upon you. Vibrant uncomplimentary colours and bold patterns will give anyone staring at you long enough a headache. Hit the web and you can find some ghastly clothes featuring all manner of things such as flags, cute animals, and vegetables. We expect if you look long and hard enough you can find a shirt with all three of those things printed on them – challenge accepted!  


6) Famous Faces

Another one of our favourite fancy dress ideas is to glam up as a celebrity, historical figure or famous face. We’ve all seen a stellar line up of costume dopplegangers on a night out at some point. Those famous faces often include the likes of David Beckham, Maralyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Katy Perry, and Mr T… you get the picture! 


Don’t feel like you have to stick to these obvious famous faces though. Part of the fun comes from being a bit more adventurous and choosing a famous face that isn’t recognisable to everyone. You might want your friends and family to have to work hard to uncover who you’re appearing as for the night.  


7) Who wore it best fancy dress theme

This idea is a bit harder to organise initially because it requires your entire group to collectively agree on one person or character that you must all dress up as. Once you are all happy with your decision you must all purchase the same outfit. The best part about this fancy dress theme is that even though you’re dressing up as the same person, you’re all going to look very different with your own distinct styling. Plus you’ll have people of all different shapes and sizes taking part. Some of you will look absolutely laughable, whereas some of you may pass as the real deal. 


Bonus tip: Don’t just throw on an outfit, act like this person would! If they have an accent, use it. If they have a few catchphrases then try throwing them into conversation. We guarantee you’ll enjoy this experience even more if you become your character.


8) Christmas Tuxedo

Some of you here might be thinking about adding a fancy dress theme to your annual Christmas party. If you’re attending a shared party event there might be some limitations on what you can wear. For example most of these large scale pre-organised parties require smart attire to be worn, but there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t wear a Christmas tuxedo! We (Adventure Connections) bought our very own special suits last Christmas and couldn’t have been happier with our choices. Sure, we were laughed at, but we made a lot of people smile too and that’s what the Christmas season is all about! Ladies, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a fine selection of dresses available online too. 


The best fancy dress ideas are the ones that everyone is happy to take part in. It’s not about embarrassing yourself or your friends, it’s all about having fun and making memories. If you head out to celebrate with one of our ideas, don’t forget to take a picture and tag us on Twitter at @adventureconn – we’d love to see your creative efforts!


Stag Party Idea

Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas


Designing the ultimate hen party gift bag full to the brim with thoughtful, fun and lavish surprises and handing them out to the bride’s hen groupl is the perfect way to start the special occasion. The gift bag acts as a personal way to thank everyone for attending the bride’s hen party and gives them all of the essentials they’ll need to take part and enjoy both the relaxing and mischievous hen do activities. 

In this blog you’ll find a list of accessories, fun miscellaneous items, and little memories that can be added to any hen party gift bag, regardless of whether you’re planning a luxury trip abroad or celebrating at home with your nearest and dearest. 


hen party gift bag ideas

Hen activity ideas: UK Spa days


Hen party bag ideas

Before you begin to think about what essential items to present your fellow hens, you need to decide on the type of gift bag to hold everything in. The main three things you need to consider are style, size, and price! 


Eco friendly paper gift bags (See example here)

One of the most popular hen party gift bag ideas are the eco-friendly paper bags made out of recyclable kraft paper. These come in different shapes and sizes but the best thing about them is that you can print your own text or designs onto them. This could be something like “Sarah’s Hen Do” or for all of you pranksters, a close up shot of the bride to be’s best face. If you’re feeling extra crafty you can add your own sparkle and ribbon to them after they’re printed for that extra magical touch. 


Hen Party Tote Bags (See example here)

Tote bags are an increasingly popular choice of hen party bags because they’re cheap, light and durable, and a gift that you can keep long after the celebrations. You can choose from a range of colours and print your own message or design onto the bags. Consider printing individual names for all of the hens to make them feel extra special. 


Hen party gift bags

View: UK Hen Accommodation


Hen Party Beauty Gifts and Accessories

Your hen party gift bag is going to be full of little treats for the entire group. You’ll want to include cute matching accessories to wear when you’re out and even a few pampering gifts to apply in the getting ready phase before you hit the dance floor.


Beauty face masks and bath bombs 

Who doesn’t want to feel a million dollars before a night out? Pop a little face mask into your gift bags so that everyone’s skin can feel soft and look radiant. If you’ve rented a self catering house then why not really relax by adding in some lush smelling bath bombs to help your skin feel extra nourished and moisturised.


Glossy lip balm and glitter galore 

Hen parties are a no cracked lip zone so don’t forget to put some glossy flavoured lip balm into the bag. Add a couple of sachets of glitter too so that you can really glitz up for the party! 


Handcrafted jewelry 

There’s loads of room for creativity with personalised bangles, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Handcrafted accessories are a really nice and personal gift that the bride and her trusty brunettes are going to adore.


Hen Party Face masks (See example here)

This is a classic and essential accessory that is the absolute definition of hen parties. You have to choose whether to print out the face of the groom so that the queen hen can’t look anywhere without seeing her bethrothed’s dazzling face. Or you can make sure that everyone who gazes upon your group knows exactly who’s tying the knot by printing the hen’s face. If you’re ordering these you need to make sure they’re going to fit in your hen party gift bag!


Headbands, hats and hen do sashes (See examples here)

If your hen party has a theme then hats are an important accessory to finesse any outfit. Cowboy hats, bridal veils, floral headbands, or sparkling crowns so that all the hens feel like royalty for the day. A hen party isn’t complete without a glammed up sashe so don’t forget to order and personalise the entire groups online in advance. 


Hen party sache gift bag


Hen Party Sweet Treats, Drinks and Fun:


Sweet Treats

Sweets and chocolate are delicious and cheap gift bag fillers and there’s plenty of choice! Little bags of prosecco and gin flavoured jellies always go down a treat, or chewy strawberry bonbons because who doesn’t love a bonbon! Heart shaped lollies are a win or for extra friend points you could pick out just the haribo rings and bag them up especially for the bride. 


Head to your nearest luxury chocolatiers and pick out some cheeky chocolate treats. Make sure you sample the goods on offer because it’s important to pick the right type of chocolate for the occasion. Little fairy cakes are another delightful option and something you could bake in your own kitchen for just a few pounds. We hope your cake decorating skills are up to scratch because it’s all in the detail when it comes to the icing. It might be a good idea to practice your icing on a few test cupcakes for pristine presentation skills.


Cocktails for the Hens

Pop into your local supermarket and grab an on the go alcoholic drink. You’ll find quite the selection from fruity gin and tonics, summer time PIMM’s, and cocktails in a can like passion fruit martinis. Or just stay classy with a classic WKD. 


Willies for the Hens

If there isn’t a willy in your hen party gift bag, is it even a hen party? Willy drinking straws, wind up racing willies, willy keyrings, stress willies, mini willy hoopla, willy water guns, jelly willies, need we go on? 


Hen Party Gift Bag Momentos 

A hen party is a celebration of friends, love and an experience you’re going to want to remember for years to come. Give all of the hens an adorable little gift that they can keep as a memento. If you all live in different areas, who knows the next time you’ll all be in the same place.


Group Hen photo

If you’ve already got a group photo of everyone attending the hen party, print it out on some nice glossy photo-paper and make a little frame for it. If you haven’t got a picture with all the hens at this point, add a nice decorative frame into your hen gift bag and make sure you get a few photos taken of the whole group whilst you’re taking part in activities, in your fancy hen pad, and whilst you’re on your big night out. Then send the photo in your group chat so they can all individually print and frame it.


Hen Party Badges (See examples here)

Badge making is definitely not just for kids – have some fun with your design and messaging. Not only can you wear them on your day out but it’s a small memory to keep and smile at on a rainy day. 


The brilliant thing about these hen party gift bag ideas is that there are so many options to choose from which makes for a really personal experience, and if you shop around and get creative, these ideas aren’t going to break the bank. 


If you’re booking a hen party and need some fabulous self-catering accommodation to base yourselves in for the weekend, and want some hilariously fun games to keep you busy, check out our hen party page here


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