How to Plan a Corporate Event

Published on Jul 1, 2019


Corporate events are usually held all the time by companies all over the world to push for a particular agenda or attain a certain milestone. These events come in many forms, i.e., conferences, awards and gala dinners, an AGM, and other forms. So many resources and time go into the planning of a corporate event with furniture and audiovisual equipment being very relevant in addition to others. With a quick click on exhibition stand design, you get access to all the exhibition equipment and stand design that you need for the event to be a success. Here is a handy post to guide you through the planning of a great corporate event.


Start early

Most weekends are booked for this kind of events meaning you need to do prior planning way before others decide to plan theirs too. There is so much waiting and exercising patience when it comes to getting responses and confirmations from suppliers and venue managers. Get the dice rolling as soon as possible.


Come up with a team

Planning a corporate occasion is not a one-person show. A lot of things need to be put in place, and a single head cannot coordinate all of these to the letter. If your company already has an events team in place, good for you. If contrary, there is a need to pick out people with an array of skills and knowledge across the company to get things done quickly and to detail. Allocate different duties to each one of them leaving some for yourself and keep tabs on them with frequent inquiries of the progress.



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Set a budget

During this planning, some things are urgent while others are important with the budget falling in both categories. Find out with the accounting department how much money has been allotted for the event as early as possible to start doing the necessary allocations. The amount is, however dependent on the kind of corporate event you are looking to hold, with a need to request for more if the amount does not seem to be enough. Better be safe than sorry. When it comes to allocation of the funds, it is vital to start with what is essential and urgent at the same time moving down in the order of merit to the last thing on the list. Additional luxuries may come in after everything is in place and there is a surplus in the budget.


Set the date

Venues nowadays fill up fast, especially during the festive season. This calls for the need to be hasty with picking an appropriate day that will not clash with the company’s calendar. Weekends are known to be the days of this kind of indulgences as the majority of people are available, and there is no rush to rush wrap up the occasion for people to go home and tuck in early to beat traffic on their way to work the following day. Do not disregard days that come earlier in the week as they offer great days for a discount on the venue and also an easy chance to land a beautiful place.
You can decide to do a poll of the date you wish the corporate even to be. Send emails or texts to people in the company of the preferred dates and pick the one that has won the majority of hearts.


Pick a venue

From the various sites that you sample, pick one that is ideal for the theme of the event with consideration to factors such as the location, capacity, facilities available, accessibility and security depending the time of the day or night you plan to host the event. This will also give you time to do decorations on the venue as per the theme of the whole occasion and company colours.


Send invitations

Corporate events comprise of different groups of people, ranging from employees, clients, potential clients, and business partners. Send out emails to all those you are looking to invite with an RSVP and if need be, send a card to each one of them too.


team building exercises and games

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Foods and drinks

According to Senate House Events, there is a need to be very particular when it comes to outsourcing for a caterer and the kinds of foods and beverages to serve in the event. When it comes to this, there is a need to look into various aspects, such as whether the guests will choose beforehand or whether it will be a set menu. Also, consider catering for special diets for specific clients.



With such events, there is always the need to keep people hyped and in the right spirit. There are several options to go for when it comes to entertainment that suits your guest list and party theme.


Event runner

It is quite imperative to have someone with much charisma and a touch of humour to keep the event running. This person will be in charge of the flow of the occasion, including regulating speeches and running the giving of awards if there is to make it as smooth as possible.


With this handy guide, you will get your cooperate event to be the talk of the town for months with everything in place and running smoothly just like anticipated.


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