How to plan the perfect stag do in the UK

It may appear – certainly from social media – that everyone is heading abroad for their stag dos as many grooms-to-be book flights to cities and beaches across Europe to soak up the sun with their male friends and relatives ahead of the big day.  

However, research conducted by Banana Moon Clothing found that only 32% actually hold their stag (or hen) party in another country. It also discovered that the average cost to those attending is £507, due in part to this desire to head to warmer climates.


Popping the question? These marriage proposal ideas can help with your big moment…

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when you’re ready to take the next step, graduating from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife. But, before you get that far, comes the big event – the proposal!

Now, every couple has a different vision on how they want the proposal to be and while one person’s dream may be another person’s nightmare, one thing is certain. You want it to be a memorable moment (for all the right reasons) and one your significant other will remember for the rest of their life.

Here are our top marriage proposal ideas for you to think about…

Unique Proposal Ideas

1) Memorable scavenger hunt

Let’s face it, a scavenger hunt is always fun, no matter your age. But what better way to finish it than with a romantic proposal at the final destination? This is a great proposal idea, you can make the hunt super romantic, creating clues for your partner leading to all the different destinations which mean something to you both. This could be the place you met, where you had your first date, your first kiss, or even just a place which reminds you of each other. This can be made as creative or as simple as you like, you can take them to a whole host of places with intricate clues or even just four or five which are super special to you. All you need to be sure of is ending up at the special final location where you can pop the question!

Unique Proposal Ideas

2) On a helicopter ride

If you want to (quite literally) take your proposal idea to a whole new level, then why not pop the question in the skies? A helicopter ride is both exhilarating and romantic, with tumbling views below of beautiful scenery below. When you’re with the clouds, why not take this opportunity to present your other half with the ring? Want something extra special? Enlist the help of family and friends and get them to spell out ‘will you marry me?’ down on the ground below then simply ask your other half to look out the window when the time is right! There are a number of companies who can help you to organise a helicopter ride for your proposal and some even include a glass of Champagne to help you celebrate!

3) In a Christmas bauble

If you are planning on proposing around the festive season, you don’t necessarily have to wait until Christmas day to pop the question. One romantic way to do it can be when you are decorating your Christmas tree. There are lots of jewellery and specialist shops which sell special baubles specifically for romantic proposal during the Christmas period. Simply pop your ring inside and when you are finished wrapping the tinsel round the branches pass your other half the bauble and ask them to have a look inside. (Just make sure this one doesn’t get mixed up with all the other decorations!)  

Unique Proposal Ideas

4) On stage at a theatre show

If your partner is a theatre lover, there is little better way to propose than in the show itself. This will need a bit of organising as you will need to liaise with the theatre company first but, if it all goes to plan, it’ll show you can pull out all of the stops. Why not start the evening with a pre-show dinner followed by one of their favourite plays? Give no hints away then when the curtain goes down at the end you can pretend you are nipping out for a minute and appear on stage with the cast! Drop to one knee and invite her to come up and join you where you can pop the question. Depending on the show, you could also ask to enlist the actors and actresses, getting them to hold a large sign asking, ‘will you marry me?’.

5) At one of your favourite spots

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ones. Head back to one of the locations that means the most to you. Maybe it’s somewhere you went a lot when you first started going out, somewhere you visit a lot now, or the sight of one really memorable day together. Bring some flowers and a picnic to make it really special before taking out the ring and asking the question. If you have been there a lot of times, maybe you could print out some photos you have together in that spot? You could also hire a photographer to wait out of sight and capture the moment it all happens!

6) Board game

One proposal that recently went viral was one which used a custom board game. You could create a Monopoly game with memorable stops and chance cards relating to your partner’s life, all building up to the big moment – just don’t whip out the ring every time they draw a chance card! You could adapt any of your partner’s favourite board games – they’ll love the thought and effort you’ve put in and you’ll be left with a romantic keepsake.

Unique Proposal Ideas

7) At a beautiful beach/on holiday

Holidays are the ultimate time for romance. With no stresses, no worries and the thrill of unlimited sunshine and cocktails, you’re both guaranteed to be closer than ever. Not only that, but being abroad can offer a whole host of beautiful places that serve as an ideal backdrop for you to pop the question. Why not organise a candle-lit dinner on the beach or go to a local spot with beautiful views? You can ask the staff at your hotel to help you out to make it perfect or keep things simple and ask the locals to recommend the most beautiful spot to head to. Whatever happens, the proposal is guaranteed to be special (and a tan in engagement photos always looks good too!) Be sure to pack a camera and a bottle of bubbly for post-proposal celebrations.

Unique Proposal Ideas

8) With a flash mob

Sometimes less is more and sometimes only in-your-face fantastic will do. If the latter is what you are searching for then why not organise a flash mob for a truly memorable proposal? These proposals are great as they can include a whole host of your family and friends and should end up looking brilliant. Make sure you arrange for someone to film the event (someone is bound to at least have their phone on them) as flash mob proposals are great to watch back, show your friends and family and even your children in the future. You can organise this yourself (but be sure to check with venues first) or use a company to help you. Book a Flash mob is a company of professional flash mob choreographers and producers and can help you out with this. Why not meet your partner at a shopping centre or where they think you’re just going for a wander?

9) The mountain top

If you’re both into hiking and you are looking for somewhere stunning to make the move, get up early for the sunrise and hike up to a mountain peak. Jenna Bush (George W’s daughter) put this technique to use and it’s climbing in popularity (excuse the pun).

Unique Proposal Ideas

10) With a photo album

For a subtle and romantic approach, why not put together a photo album or scrapbook of all your favourite moments together? Then, on the last page, put in some photos of you holding signs saying, ‘will you marry me?’. It’s also a lovely touch to be able to sit together and look through your best moments, and the album will be something you can both keep forever.

Unique Proposal Ideas

11) On a private boat trip (yacht charter)

For a luxurious proposal, why not book a private boat trip such as a luxury chartered yacht? Tell your partner you are taking them for a surprise day out and head to a marina where you board a powerboat. Most are decadently fitted, with plush indoor seating areas. You can hire out a caterer to cook you a romantic three course dinner with wine and then, when the sun begins to set, take your other half out onto the deck and propose with a beautiful backup. Pop open the Champagne and celebrate as you sail back to shore.

Unique Proposal Ideas

12) Underwater

For something a little less conventional why not propose to your other half underwater? There are a few ways to do this – some require you getting wet and others don’t! One way, for example, would be to book on a scuba diving course together on holiday. Enlist the help of your instructor and your fellow divers, wait for your partner to turn their back underwater and, when they do, get your helpers to unravel a sign saying ‘marry me’. Another way is to speak to your local aquarium (Sea Life London offers this) where you can get an expert diver to weave your proposal into the feeding time routine.

13) Write it out in the clouds

If you have a few bucks to splash out and want a big statement that is timelessly romantic, hire a skywriter. They can doodle your question in the sky over a passionate picnic in the park or whilst you’re sunning on the beach. Either way, look up at the right moment and you’re all set for the big question.

Unique Proposal Ideas

14) Recreate your first date

Depending on how old you were when you met, your situation and your tastes at the time, recreating your first date for a proposal could lead you to some pretty funny places. But whether it is down your local pizza place, a park or a five star restaurant, it is guaranteed to be a sentimental and special event.

Unique Proposal Ideas

15) New Year’s Eve with fireworks

This may seem like a cliché, but there’s nothing wrong with a cliché! Why not bid goodbye to one year as boyfriend and girlfriend and see in the new year as fiancé and fiancée! You could take your other half to an organised firework display, or take them to somewhere special where you have the perfect view of the fireworks at midnight. The backdrop will be spectacular for your big moment.

Unique Proposal Ideas

16) Disney

There’s something about Disneyland/World that fills people’s hearts with joy. Whether it’s the childhood memories these parks evoke or the thrill of the rides, you’re bound to have a smile on your face in a Disney venue, whether it’s in Paris or America. You could be a Disney prince and princess forever (and hopefully live happily ever after).

17) The sporting event

Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe proposed to Mike at the baseball game? It might be a  public-pressured proposal but, if you’re both die-hard sports fans or the stadium played an important part in your relationship, this could be the perfect engagement.

What’s your favourite proposal idea? Let us know in the comments below! Already proposed? Now is the time to start thinking of your wedding location! If you want somewhere unusual, check out our post of top unique wedding destination ideas here.

The Ultimate Best Man’s Speech Template

The speech is undeniably the biggest task facing the best man. It’s a big moment and all eyes are on you to deliver some entertainment amid the romance. There’s no doubting that this can be tough. So, if your best man’s speech is in a week, month or year, here’s our template to help…


1) Structuring the speech

Remember, this ceremony isn’t all about you. Your speech is one part of a much larger occasion. Keep your speech short and snappy, ideally under 1000 words (that’s about 6-7 minutes of talking). Try to remember your school/university days and put some structure into this speech like you would with an academic or work presentation. Lead the audience on a journey through the highs – and embarrassing lows – of your friendship, but make sure you don’t drift off on a confusing tangent.

Write down all of the best memories that you have and then go through your list and decide what to keep and what to ditch. If you have a few months until the big day, why not start a notes file on your phone or record voice memos whenever you remember something so that you have a collection to come back to.

The best man’s speech is ultimately supposed to be a fun experience – with a few blushes and laughs and, ultimately, a positive end. Remember to end on a sincere note to bring it all back to the right celebratory tone for the day.


2) Acknowledging the guests

While you will have been a big part of the day and the groom’s life, not everyone will know who you are. So, it’s important to introduce yourself briefly. Then, however, before you dive straight into the speech, it’s important to thank everyone for attending, including personal mentions for the bridesmaids and key guests at the top table.
After this, you’re free to crack a quick quip to get everyone in the mood for some fun.

3) Your bromance

After the ice-breaker it’s time to start getting personal about the groom. Explain how you met, how long you’ve been friends and how much he means to you. Then progress onto some funny stories about him. Think about the trouble you both got into whilst growing up, some drunken mistakes or some ridiculous outfit that he was ever so proud of. You might well have built up some material during the stag do. Try to keep this ‘PG’ rated though, you need to be wary of the fact you have a mixed audience of different ages, political views and ideas. Don’t be too self-referential either – not everyone will be aware of the in-jokes you and the groom have shared. It’s good to remember that this is his big day and, however funny it might be to bring up some embarrassing stories, don’t completely wring him out to dry (especially if you haven’t had your wedding yet and there’s a chance of reprisals). This is after all, supposedly, the best day of his life.

4) Getting emotional

After you’ve got your laughs, it’s time to change the mood. Begin to explain how proud you are of your best mate, how far he’s come in the time you have been together and highlight some of his achievements. How has he affected your life choices and made you into a better person?

5) The relationship from your point of view

The next part leads on from the last topic but introduces the third party in your ‘bromance’ – the groom’s partner. How has their presence improved his life. What did he say to you after their first date and how does he describe them now? It’s always good to pop in a compliment or two too.

6) Signing off

After extolling the virtues of the groom, try to sign off in style to end on a high. You might also want to read out messages from guests who were unable to attend – a tradition at many wedding ceremonies. You could update the tradition and include video messages – it’d be a great surprise to see a relative living abroad or an old friend pop up on screen. Some people even pay for celebrity messages too.

Finally, perform a toast to the bride and groom, have a big old swig of your drink and settle down to enjoy the rest of the evening!


Alternative Best Man’s Speech Templates

Video Mash Up

Contact the groom’s parents and get some funny pictures and videos of the main man throughout his life. This works particularly well when you have been in his life since childhood so that you’ll have lots of snaps of you both together whilst growing up. This can be used as the framework for the speech or could just be a nice addition to be playing in the background.

Quick Fire Jokes

If you want to keep it short and snappy you can put together a collection of jokes about the groom to begin with. This is quite a good idea if there’s more than one best man, giving you the chance to establish a double act routine.


If you want to do something really different, and you have some sort of musical bone in your body, you might be able pull off a rap. Download an instrumental version of the groom’s favourite tune and put together a personalised song. This can be one of the funniest ways to deliver your speech – but is one of the hardest to pull off. It definitely requires a lot of practice before the big day.


Broaden your literature skills and put together a heartfelt poem filled with treasured anecdotes about the groom’s life and your friendship.

Best Man Speech

The Do’s & Don’ts

Rehearse, Rehearse and Rehearse Again

You, hopefully, have plenty of time ahead of you to practice your speech and you’re going to need it. Weddings are remembered for years to come – and you don’t want your part to be brought up for a bad reason. Enunciate your words loudly and clearly and practice any words or names you’re unfamiliar with. It’s up to you whether you use notes or not. It’ll be more natural without notes but, if you’re nervous, it’s fine to have some written cues to help you along. This isn’t a business pitch, you won’t be too harshly judged for needing notes.


Keep the swearing to a minimum (ideally leave it out completely). There will be a vast range of ages at the ceremony and some words/phrases may not be quite as funny to grandma or the six-year -old as they are to you.

Don’t mention the ex

There will be plenty of chances to bring up hilarious stories about ex-girlfriends, ex-lovers and a couple of one night stands but this would not be the place for it. If you have a story that really does need to be told, censor the ex out.

Don’t get drunk

A wedding is a time to drink and be merry but you need to have your wits about you if you are going to perform on the big night. There’s nothing wrong with a sip of Dutch courage but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. Save the drinks until after the speech.

If you have any more suggestions for our best men, leave them in the comments below!

Top 20 Best Corporate Event Ideas

When it comes to throwing a corporate event that is sure to get people talking, you need to go a little bit above and beyond the usual ‘drinks in the local’. And, while this can seem daunting, there’s actually a whole host of easy-to-organise events on offer which are guaranteed to achieve just that. From wrestling the elements in Tough Mudder to putting culinary skills to the test in a cookery class and sailing the Thames on a luxury yacht, there is a corporate event to suit all tastes and personalities. Here are our top 20 – the only difficult bit will be deciding which one to go for…


1. Zorbing

Let’s face it, when it comes to corporate terminology one of the most overused phrases includes ‘let’s get the ball rolling on this’ and so why not take this pretty literally and head out of the office for a day of zorbing? Some zorb venues can take more than 100 people and you can book the zorb run specifically for your corporate event, giving you a private space and the chance to get in as many ‘rides’ as possible. Taking two to a pod, it’s a great chance to have fun with colleagues (and even show that competitive sporty side). There are venues all over the UK and the chance to try it both on land and on water (although be prepared to get wet in this one). You can even try out zorbing football! It’s an activity sure to appeal to those of all ages.


2. Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder

Let’s face it, the best corporate events promote a sense of comradeship as well as the chance to try something different outside of the office walls. And what better way to do this than to all take part in Tough Mudder? The event’s website states that nothing brings a team together like a bit of mud and if that’s the case with your staff, you’ll be inseparable after wading through chest-high stacks of it, crawling through wet piles of it and sliding in tunnels filled with it. Clearly, your staff need to be up for the challenge and, as the name suggests, this is a tough test of your physical activities. But it’s also undeniably fun and something which can be looked back on with fond (and muddy) memories for months to come. The course itself is 10-12 miles long with more than 20 obstacles (some are hilarious, other are near-impossible) designed to test your physical and mental strength. More than anything it emphasises the need to work as a team. It’s clear from the off this is not a race, but something to all do together. Muddy marvellous.


3. Escape Rooms

Escape Room Experience

While you might sometimes wish you could lock up your co-workers when you’re having a stressful day – this game offers you the chance to do this in a light-hearted way. A great corporate event for smaller teams, you take it in turns in small groups to solve clues in order to escape from the themed room you are in. This involves teamwork, a sharp eye and good problem-solving skills – whilst also being a funny way to get out of the office for the day. It’s said that only 20 per cent of people actually make it out of the room within the allocated time and different teams can compete against each other to make the best time (if they make it at all). Check out our escape rooms.


4. Banger Racing Experiences

Birmingham Banger Racing and stock cars

In Birmingham there is a race track ideal for a competitive, adrenaline-fueled corporate event. Upon arrival you will learn the basics along with a few rules of the road.Next up is a couple of practice laps and then you can strap in and speed around the circuit with your colleagues! This corporate event is ideal for groups of all sizes, take turns in the hot-seat or watch by the sidelines as your friends go toe-to-toe in the stock-cars and listen to the commentary as the cars go round the track. Winners receive a trophy and the site also has catering for light lunches.


5. Treasure Hunt

City Treasure Hunt

A large part of working in an office can be hunching over a screen, analysing figures and coming up with strategies that you can work together on to achieve a common goal. And why not take these skills and turn them into a fun day out with a team treasure hunt? When it comes to corporate event ideas this is one of the more motivating (after all, who doesn’t want to spend the day searching for treasure?!) and utilises common office skills as well as bringing everyone together for the day and offering a chance to let their hair down. This event can either be fully-managed by the hosts or you can work on the details for yourself.


6. Corporate Cooking Classes

Corporate Cooking Event

For something a little different to get everyone out of the office, why not try a cooking class at one of our top kitchens around the UK? For employees and potential clients alike, it offers a day with a difference and a delicious three course meal too! You can even upgrade the event to include unlimited wine whilst you cook! The day starts with a brief introduction where our experienced chefs will explain how the day will run and what you’ll be cooking! Following this you get settled into your own state of the art workstation and taught how to make a the dishes such as pies and pastries, cakes, salads and so much more. All the equipment and ingredients are included and all the recipes can be taken home so you can remake the masterpieces at home!


7. Go Karting

outdoor go karting

What better way to let off some steam during the working week than racing round a track in a go kart? Adrenaline packed, great fun and a sneaky way to inject a bit of competitive spirit, go karting is an ideal corporate event idea. Whether you fancy indoor go karting or outdoor karting there are a number of packages and offers for you to try. Outdoor offers a faster experience, and one popular package people indulge in is a grand prix racing day. In this, kart drivers complete a designated number of laps, with the winners entered into the semi final heats and then final heats. The top drivers of the day will take to the winner’s podium to receive trophies and bubbly.


8. Group Kayaking

Group Kayaking

Kayaking is another activity which is a great corporate event idea. The event can start with a gentle paddle through the water then change to a whole host of different activities. These can include things such as blindfolded navigation where teams travel through an obstacle course with the paddler blindfolded, relying on the others to lead them. This is great to get everyone talking and knowing each other that bit better. Other activities can include a tug of war between two kayaks and also a relay race. Whichever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable and unique day away from the office.


9. Karaoke Night (Open Mic)

Karaoke Night

There’s nothing to bring a group together than a night of drinks, snacks and warbling into a microphone. Whether the singing is memorable for all the right or all the wrong reasons, a karaoke night is a great corporate event idea. Whether you use it to have a bit of casual fun away from the desk or decide to structure it with a proper singing competition there are multiple ways to enjoy a karaoke night out. Laughter is also proven as a great team builder strengthening relationships and encouraging positive vibes and if there’s anything to encourage laughter it’s sure to be this!


10. Corporate cocktail making

Bar Crawl

You would be hard pressed to find a group who don’t like cocktails, let alone the chance to make their own. Cocktail making is a great event to get people together in a fun and sociable way and get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. There are a range of cocktail making events which are available and it’s a great idea for small to medium group sizes. With some events you all make the same cocktails, while others offer the chance to play a range of games and activities to get involved in. Whatever you opt for, as far as corporate event ideas go, it’s one of the most relaxed and fun ways to get everyone involved.


12. Coasteering

Coasteering Experience

For a corporate event with a difference, coasteering is a choice great for groups (and not for the faint hearted). This event includes climbing, scrambling, swimming and cliff jumping, seeing participants leaping from a rocky outcrop! It’s a great chance to see otherwise inaccessible parts of the UK coastline – and from a different viewpoint too. Fully kitted in wetsuits, helmets, buoyancy aids and surf boots, you take to take to the water and swim along rocks into caves and then climb up a rock face before leaping off the cliff and back to the water below. It’s a great activity which is guaranteed to create talking points for both the pub later in that evening and for years to come. Both half and full day experiences are available.


13. Whisky Tasting


Whether you are based near to Scotland or fancy taking a trip for the day, Edinburgh’s whisky tasting is a great location for a corporate event. While whiskies are made in far flung countries such as Japan and New Zealand, Scotland’s single malts hold the strongest reputation. With a whisky tasting event you get the chance to sample a number of different tipples, while also learning more about the history of Scottish whisky. Fun and entertaining you will also receive a fully-guided tour, a ‘sensory perception quiz’ (a great ice breaker and group activity) and will be tutored on the five stages of appreciating Scottish whisky. When you leave, you all receive a Scottish whisky miniature – a great memento of the day.


14. Hovercraft racing

hovercraft flying lesson

Take your corporate event to a new level with hovercraft racing. A fun and invigorating event, it’s a great way to bring everyone together to try something new and also bring out a healthy bit of competitive spirit. With this event you learn to fly a hovercraft before trying your skills on a designated course. There are a whole host of different tracks in the UK (some even have water features) and all offer a range of challenges to test your skills. Hovercraft racing is a great day for larger groups as the minimum group size is 10.


15. It’s a Knockout

Its a knockout party ideas

While everyone might be familiar with the popular television show It’s a Knockout, it’s not often people get to take part in it! Opting for It’s a Knockout as a corporate event is a great choice to bring people together in a fun and casual setting that won’t be forgotten in a hurry! There are a whole host of assault courses and games to try and these can be altered depending on the group dynamic, meaning that everyone will feel happy and comfortable participating. These include ‘hats on’ – where you have to make your way through a foam covered giant inflatable hurdle course whilst wearing a hat containing a cup full of water (the more water you keep in the cup, the more points the team gets!). ‘Crazy climber’ (up a mountaineering wall) and ‘barmy bingo’, where team members dress as giant pensioners and race down the course to a small swimming pool full of extra large ‘BINGO’ balls to try and find the correct numbers to fill out their team’s bingo card!


16. Private London Eye

London Eye Private Capsule

For a corporate event idea which is both sophisticated as well as fun, why not rent out a pod on the London Eye? For the thirty minute ‘flight’ you get your own private capsule as well as priority boarding. You can choose to have the pod just as it is or add extras for a really luxurious flight. These enhanced extras include things such as a Champagne Capsule, Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Capsule, Champagne Cocktail Capsule, Wine Capsule, British Cheese Selection, Afternoon Tea Capsule, Brunch Capsule, Canapés or Pimm’s and Strawberries Capsule. It’s a great idea for getting a group together in a unique setting, with beautiful views of London down below, and gives you plenty of opportunities to network, build relationships and get away from the office for a day.


17. Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter

If you’re really looking to impress, a luxury yacht charter corporate event is the way to go. These magnificent super boats are some 60 feet-plus in length with decadent interiors and a calming ambience. These qualities make them a stylish location for a private meeting, an employee incentive or to entertain prospective clients. There are few distractions aside from the sounds of the waves and, if desired, you can opt for a fully catered experience where chefs can tailor the menu to your requirements. And Playing Сaptain Сooks casino for New Zealand 


18. Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Murder mystery nights are a great and lighthearted way to get a group together in an exciting way. The evening consists of the group witnessing performed scenes, examining physical evidence and interrogating suspects to solve a murder! It’s a unique corporate event idea and one that is guaranteed to get everyone involved. The package includes venue hire, prizes for the best and worst guesses and can also include dinner for an even more memorable event. Murder mystery nights always include their own suspects and victim but if you would like audience members written into the plot then you can.


19. Ultimate Army Assault Course

Assault Course

For a corporate event idea that is also a big challenge, look no further than the ultimate army assault course. A combination of teamwork, strength and just downright competitiveness, it is a day to test all senses. The days starts with a bit of training to get the group ready before being split into teams where you will take part in challenges such as tug of war and astronaut training before heading to the course. Here, you will be guided by ex-military instructors who will take you across woodland, up hills, through underground tunnels and diving into pools, really pushing you to the limit! This is a perfect event for encouraging teamwork among an athletic bunch.


20.  Build a Roller-coaster

Rollercoaster Teambuilding Activity

The challenge is for teams to work together to design and build a rollercoaster which transports a football along its entire length propelled only by gravity!
The ball must roll unaided from the start to the end of your rollercoaster. Bonus points for unnecessarily engineering jumps, twists or even a loop the loop into the crazy structure.
Our Rollercoaster challenge is a great event for groups of all sizes but with a huge group the event becomes quite a spectacle. Ideal for all sorts of corporate events, this one is not to be missed.


Which is your favourite corporate event idea? Have we missed anything off? Let us know… If you need anymore Corporate Event ideas, take a look at our other suggestions here

Our Top 10 Hen Party Ideas

Long gone are the days when a hen party was a simple dinner or few drinks down your local. Now hen parties are more and more fun with a whole plethora of options available, no matter what sort of celebration you are looking for. However, all this choice means that when it comes to hen party ideas it can get a bit overwhelming with a market stuffed with so many you don’t know where to begin.

From the adventurous activities such as climbing trees with Go Ape or racing around the city on a group treasure hunt, to the more relaxed such as a spa day or afternoon tea, you are guaranteed to find something, it just helps if you know where to look. And this is why we have put together ten of our top hen party ideas so that you can plan an event that is memorable for all the right reasons and one that will have you wishing you could do it all again…

Go Ape

Go Ape Experience

When it comes to hen party ideas, what could be more fun than taking your party to (quite literally) the next level, with a day at Go Ape? This is a great activity for everyone to get together and have fun, while also getting the adrenaline pumping! You can take the course at your own pace and it’s great fun for cheering each member of your group on and experiencing something a little different. If anyone doesn’t want to take part, they can still follow the course from below – putting them in prime position for watching the action and also some great photo taking! Why not spend the day at Go Ape and follow with an evening cocktail making masterclass for a fun-packed day from noon until night…


Cocktail Making


Let’s face it, what would a hen do be without a few drinks at least? And what better way to get there than to make your drinks yourself with the group? A cocktail making masterclass is a great way to mix your own tipples with friends whilst also indulging in a few fun bar games and challenges to really get the party started. Learn to mix and muddle the drinks, how to properly shake the ingredients and what exactly it takes to make a drink taste truly delicious (and yes, there is more to it than just alcohol!) This is a great activity to start your night on the town and get everyone in the party mood and excited for what the rest of your night has to offer…

City treasure hunt

City Treasure Hunt

Whilst you may regularly explore cities with friends, girlfriends or your other halves, a hen do is the perfect time to take a mundane walk and turn it right on its head, creating a game from the everyday scenes, sights and destinations around you. Introducing the city treasure hunt! It’s ideal if you’re staying in the city and don’t fancy foraying far. The day will consist of you being split into teams where you have to race to beat each other, solving clues and puzzles using skills and persuasive negotiation which will lead you all around the city. Not only is it exciting but it’s a great way to spot potential bars, clubs and restaurants for your upcoming night out on the tiles! The minimum group size for this is ten participants, so it’s ideal for those with a slightly larger group to all get-together.

Escape room

Escape Room Experience

Hen dos are a great way to mingle with old friends but also to meet new ones. There’s no better way to induce friendship than to lock a group of you in a room together where you have to work as a team to get out. An ‘escape room’ is a fantastic hen do idea, not only due to this, but also as it’s super memorable and not something you’d do every day, or are likely to have done before, making your special weekend that little bit more so. If you are a larger group you are split into smaller teams and you can compete against each other to see who manages to get out the fastest! Why not do this in the morning then follow with a vintage afternoon tea to round off the day where you can compare stories and regale tales of the afternoon?

Afternoon tea and games

Afternoon Tea

After a morning spent doing something competitive, it can be nice to get together and have a delicious afternoon tea. Why not hire a space in a vintage tea room and decorate it with different pictures of all the guests and the bride to be? (Be sure to call up first to check you can, of course!) During the tea you can also play games such as a Mr & Mrs quiz (testing the hen on her knowledge of her other half) or see how well all the hens all know her themselves in different team quizzes. Feast on delicious scones, sip tea and pop champagne and watch the afternoon fly by in a really fun and special way.

Spa day

Spa Day

Wedding planning can be stressful, so give the bride-to-be a chance to unwind and relax before the big occasion with a spa day. Whether you decide to get a treatment or just to all relax in the spa, it’s a brilliant way to gossip, catch up and discuss both the hen do antics and also the excitement of the impending big day! There are a variety of spa options all around the UK, from Center Parcs to hotels and independent ones. It’s important to do some research before you go. Some also do special offers for hen parties which can include extras such as champagne or manicures, so be sure to do your research before you go! Why not follow this with an evening of wine tasting for a classy way to finish off a more sophisticated experience?

Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl

The best hen do memories are often made (or willingly forgotten) on bar crawls, with the antics and laughs spoken about for years to come. So why not make it one really remember? Do your research before heading on the hen do and pick a number of bars you want to head to on the night. You can also turn it into a game – from bar crawl bingo (how many can you spot in each location) to bar crawl monopoly, to a drink and a shot in each one – you can be prepared for things to get a bit wild!

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

For a classier night of drinking why not indulge in a wine tasting evening? Wine tasting events are great for all socialising together, learning a bit more about your favourite wines and also getting a bit merry if you’re heading out to the town after. They are a great way to introduce you to understanding wine and the different varieties and with a taste of three reds and three whites you can all find your favourite. If your hen party has a preference, this can be arranged and an addition of champagne, canapes and even food can also be added if you’re really looking to make that evening a little bit more special.

Games Night

Board Games Night

Sophisticated nights aside, there are also a number of games designed for a more wild hen night! Why not rent out a space or all get together in one of your hotel rooms (if you’re a smaller group) and spend a night in with some prosecco and hen do games? (If you have a self-catered accommodation with a lounge area or games room it is perfect for this!) From hoopla and snakes and ladders to Twister and truth or dare the world is your oyster when it comes to hen party versions of classic games! Why not order in some pizzas, gather some snacks and enjoy a chilled (or maybe not so chilled) night in together!

Chocolate Making Party

Chocolate making class

Indulge in your sweet side with a chocolate making masterclass at your hen party. Gather your group to learn all about the history of chocolate as well as sampling different flavours along the way. You will then get the chance to make your own chocolate treats such as a giant chocolate button and chocolate truffles – and there are even competitions along the way for the best design! Take home your creations in a ribbon tied box (if they make it that far without you resisting temptation!) and show them off to your family and friends. Why not indulge in this masterclass during the day and round off the hen party with a games night in where you can nibble on your creations as you play?

No matter which hen party activities you choose for your hen do, it’s important to keep the main goal in mind- making sure the bride-to-be has the best send-off possible! Plan as much as you can before you go and try to team together activities for day and night so each day of the itinerary runs smoothly and has plenty to do.

30 Stag Do Challenges

Every aspect of your stag party is in place, all that is left is to set the legendary stag do challenges that every stag-ateer must abide by, or else suffer painfully embarrassing forfeits which you will be mocked for. The challenges here have been passed down from stags for generations, from our fathers and their fathers before them. We’ve got the awesome, the hilarious and the most disgusting stag do challenges for you to take part in. Choose your favourites at your own risk…

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Cosy Pub

Pub and Club Challenges

1) The stinky pint

Have the stag take off his sock and then cover his glass and drink the beer. He’ll then be stranded with one wet sock and a bad aftertaste.

Up the ante: Retrieve a stranger’s sock and do the same challenge.


2) Embarrassing dancer

When a cheesy pop song comes on, make it a rule that the stag must stand up, shout THIS IS MY JAM and then run onto the dance floor. Anything by Katy Perry or Britney usually works well.

Up the ante: Grab a nearby dancer and challenge them to a dance-off.


3) Scavenger stag

After a round, collect all of the dregs and have the stag finish them all off.

Up the ante: Finish the dregs from a stranger’s table.


4) Big drinker

Find the biggest guy in the bar and buy him a ‘Blow Job’ (amaretto, Baileys & whipped cream).

Up the ante: Wink when the barman points you out as being the person who bought the drink.


5) Girly drinks

The stag must drink all of his drinks from a feminine glass, he can have his beer but it must be served from a Z-stem or similar.

Up the ante: He has to drink girly drinks all night eg strawberry daiquiris, Sex on the Beach etc.


6) Triple threat

Get a selfie with a blonde, brunette and a red head.

Up the ante: Get a kiss from each.


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Shot glasses

Not for the faint-hearted challenges

7) Foot lube

Randomly select a victim and have the stag lick their foot from heel to toe.

Up the ante: When they get to the tip, suck the toe and make it ‘sexual’.


8) World’s strongest stag

Challenge a stranger to a press up competition and win.

Up the ante: Take off your top and do an overly long stretching routine.


9) Brazilian stag

Buy some waxing strips. Then every time the stag says a certain word he has to rip one off.

Up the ante: Use Gaffa tape


10) The masseuse

The stag must find someone (who’s not in the group) to give a two minute massage to.

Up the ante: It must be a chap.


11) Body shot

The stag must buy a shot and then climb onto the bar (or table) and lie down to wait for someone to do the body shot. He can’t move until he finds someone – or pays someone to do it!

Up the ante: Put another in his mouth so he can’t talk.



Unusual challenges

12) The semi fried stag

Purchase a bottle of the cheapest, darkest fake tan and have the stag lather it on himself for the weekend.

Up the ante: Make it patchy and give him some panda eyes.


13) Not-so-social media

Find the most embarrassing photo you have of the stag (it shouldn’t take long) and have him set it to his profile picture for the duration of the day.

Up the ante: Everyone else set it as theirs too.


14) Shredded jackets

Peel a potato with your bare teeth.

Up the ante: Cover the potato chilli powder.


15) Changing your style

Dye the stag’s hair. It doesn’t have to be permanent. If you’re kind, or if the wedding is in the not too distant future, you can buy a wash out dye.

Up the ante: Give him a two tone job. I also hear frosted tips are coming back into fashion.


16) Scavenger hunt

During the weekend the stag must find a condom, a bra, a local souvenir, a urinal soap, a bottle of sauce and a selfie with a hen.

Up the ante: He can’t spend a penny on the items.


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Stein of beer

Hilarious Challenges

17) Long lost friend

Call a random number and try to convince the person on the other end that they know you. You could be an old school friend, a friend of a friend or that plumber who sends you a Christmas card each year.

Up the ante: Do the dare face to face with a stranger


18) Awkward phone call

Have the stag pretend that he’s on the phone and is having an intimate and awkward chat. He could be pleading for his partner not to leave him, having a steamy chat or perhaps begging for his job back.

Up the ante: Give him a Bluetooth ear piece for added effect.


19) Failed magician

Approach a random stranger and explain that you are going to perform a magic trick. The challenge is to keep their attention for as long as possible without completing any kind of trick.

Up the ante: Draw a fake moustache on and have a minimum target time of 10 minutes.


20) Copycat

Choose a random stranger and copy his movements for 10 minutes without them noticing.

Up the ante: Lip sync them too.


21) Look-alike

Work out who your stag’s celebrity doppleganger is and then have him try to convince a stranger that is who he is.

Up the ante: Choose a celeb that doesn’t look like the stag.


22) Arnie stag

For 24 hours, the stag has to talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Up the ante: Do a different accent in each pub – Batman’s usually a good choice.


23) Friendly barman

Every time the stag buys a drink, have him wink at the barman.

Up the ante: Slip him your phone number.


24) Provocative stag

Every time you see a policeman or another stag in fancy dress tell them you love a man in uniform.

Up the ante: Tell all of the bouncers that you love a tough man in a suit.


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Group Challenges

25) Not out

Whenever you get passed a drink you must say ‘not out’, if you take a sip without saying it, someone can catch you out by saying ‘how’s that’ and you must down the entire drink.


26) Shark attack

Whenever someone shouts ‘shark attack’ all participants must take their feet off the floor and the last one who does so must do a forfeit.


27) Sell yourself

The person who can wangle the most free drinks over the course of the stag do wins.


28) Mr President

Whenever the best man says ‘down Mr President’ the entire group must surround him in secret service fashion. Last one in loses.


29) Curses

Whenever someone swears they must keep their head on the table until the next person swears. If you’re out and about a palm on the face will suffice.


30) Big collector

The person who manages to take the biggest object home wins.


We’d love to know how these stag do challenges go down with your group. If you’re still looking for accommodation or activities for your event, check out our stag do ideas here.


Stag Party Idea

50 Fun Activities You Can Do In London

There is an abundance of activities in London for you to participate in. Whether it’s just you and your partner or a whole squad of stags and hens, London guarantees you an experience that will leave you with a dire thirst to return for more of it’s charm. So where do you start with a city of this scale that has so much to offer? To help answer this, we’ve listed 50 of our favourite fun activities that you can do in London. From bumps and thrills on a powered RIB cruising down the River Thames to sipping on cocktails you’ve mixed and shaken yourself in London’s hottest bars. View all activities for large groups here.


1) Clay Shooting on the Thames

London Thames

Ideal for the big spenders and a big hit with corporate groups. Clay shooting from a traditional trading barge on the River Thames offers a unique experience for seasoned shooters and first timers alike. The day begins with an 1 ¾ hours journey along the iconic river, passing the capital’s most famous monuments. The instructors then show you the ropes and have to compete against your friends and colleagues to shoot the most clays throughout the day. After the activity finishes, a late lunch buffet will be served and London Bridge will be raised specifically to allow your barge’s high mast to pass!

Price from: £160.00 per person

Location: Meet at City Pier


2) Pay a visit to the O2

O2 Arena

The O2 is quickly becoming one of London’s top monuments, offering activities to do day and night. The dome is filled with a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants catering for every taste – perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are interested in something a little more active, you can buckle up and climb over the 380m walkway, reaching heights of 52m. There’s no lift or escalator, so you better be sure you can take on the challenge after taking that first step! After getting your blood pumping on top of the O2, it’s time to get your ears going in one of many concerts held at the arena. Sky also has a studio inside the O2 where you can commentate on a Premier League game, race in a F1 simulator or umpire a cricket match!

Price from: £30.00 per person (Walk the O2)

Location: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX


3) It’s the Great British Bakery Off!

the great british bakery off hen party

This activity is a must for all Great British Bake Off fans. Get your friends together and compete individually or against others in teams for the title of star baker(s). You’ll watch a baking demonstration and be given a recipe, but the rest is up to you and you’ll be awarded extra points for adding your own style to your tasty treats. The best bit about taking part in the Great British Bakery Off? Eating the cooked goodies! Unless, of course, you and your friends are terrible bakers…

Price from: £90.00 per person

Location: Multiple venues


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4) Old school sports day

school sports day games

Remember the good ol’ days where you got to compete against your friends in your best vibrant bib, running with bean bags on your heads and one of your legs tied to your classmate Geoff’s?! Well, if you’re looking for fun activities in London, you can relive those old school sports day memories with a whole sackful of laughter. All of the classic games will be included; the egg and spoon race, the sack and wheelbarrow race, tackle the great inflatable obstacle course and balance those bean bags on your heads.

Price from: £25.00 per person

Location: Multiple leisure centres


5) FootGolf

footgolf games

One of the latest crazes to hit the sporting scene combines football and golf in a game known, unsurprisingly, as FootGolf. The concept is simple; you play a round of golf by kicking around a football. If you’re seeking day activities in London, FootGolf offers competitive fun at an affordable price for everyone. You don’t have to worry about venturing too far as you can find a specialist FootGolf course on the outskirts of the city.

Price from: £30.00 per person

Location: Multiple sports centres on the outskirts of London


6) Tag Archery

battle zone archery

We’ve all got down and dirty playing paintball in the woods, but have you entered the battle arena for a session of tag archery? If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood then this is the activity to prove your precision. Accuracy won’t be enough to succeed in this team game, you’ll need flexibility and a quick pair of legs as you dive, duck and run between inflatable cover. All you need to bring is yourselves as all the equipment is provided and experienced marshals will guide you through the event. Activities in London don’t get any more exciting than this.

Price from: £25.00 per person

Location: Multiple leisure centres


7) Record your own Rock Band Video

Rockband Experience

Looking for something different to do in London for a birthday or special occasion? There are studios scattered across the capital that you can rent to record your own rock band video. All of the props are included so you’ll be looking the part. The activity comes with a director and professional video editor so you’re bound to look the part. All you have to do is work the camera and sing some hardcore notes. There’s also a pop band version of this activity for people who can’t quite reach the hardcore notes.

Price from: £69.00 per person

Location: Multiple locations


8) Dance Experiences

dancing lessons for hen party

If you are looking to head out for the night in London then why not practise some moves beforehand? The instructors can choreograph a routine to your favourite song and ability. There are also some great themed events, such as Dirty Dancing and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The event lasts about an hour and a half and you can even bring your own drinks to most studios.

Price from: £25.00 per person

Location: Multiple venues


9) It’s a Knockout

Its a knockout party ideas

Remember It’s A Knockout? It was the madcap TV show where a group of friends would compete in a range of ridiculous challenges requiring strength, determination and the ability to take it on the chin (sometimes literally). There are a few sites around the UK that sell out every weekend with stags, hens and team building groups competing for prizes (maybe even an alcoholic prize!). The event includes at least six activities and lasts about three and a half hours. If you have more than 12 people you will be split into multiple teams to compete against each other and other groups on the day. This activity also gets booked up very quickly so be sure to book in advance!

Price from: £48.00 per person

Location: Outskirts of London


10) Burn some rubber with Indoor Karting

Outdoor Go Karting 5

If you’re looking for something competitive to do that doesn’t rely on the Great British weather, indoor karting can be the ideal activity. There are five tracks across London, with the London Bridge track being the most central. After you change into your race overalls you are led into a briefing room and told everything you need to know about the track, cars and the safety precautions. You then climb into your car and start the race with a staggered start. The winner is the one with the best time overall on the clock, so it’s not necessarily down to the first one across the line. The cars vary between eco electric and 200cc BIZ cars, both reaching speeds of up to 40mph.

Price from: £45.00 per person

Location: Multiple centres


11) Take a Cocktail Making Masterclass


Start your lesson by learning the history behind your favourite drinks and then step behind the bar to create your favourite cocktail concoctions. As the session develops the bartenders will start playing some different games that will get everyone shouting and laughing. There are multiple bars across London that offer inclusive and fun cocktail making experiences. Most packages include some kind of food which will save you from getting lunch.

Price from: £29.00 per person

Location: Multiple bars in central London


Looking for accommodation in London? We have apartments for 10+ people.


12) Learn to wield an axe

Axe throwing experience

Got a love of history? Take a step back in time for a spot of axe throwing. There are a few country pursuit venues on the outskirts of London that can offer this medieval activity and their instructors will teach you the art of axe throwing. It isn’t a test of strength, it’s all about accuracy and technique so everyone should have a fair chance of winning. You can also split this activity to include another outdoor activity such as quad biking, archery or clay shooting.

Price from: £29.00 per person

Location: Multiple activity sites on the outskirts of London


13) ArcelorMittal Orbit and slide

One of the best activities in London is without a doubt the ArcelorMittal Orbit and Slide, created for the Olympic Park by German artist Carsten Höller. You’ll climb 178m to a 360 degree viewing platform and experience London at a new and magnificent height. Don’t worry, you won’t be taking the stairs back down! Instead you’ll descend the sculpted tower in just 40 seconds by sliding down loops, curves, and tight corners at a heart racing pace. At £16.50 a ticket, this is a beautiful and unique way to see the city of London.

Price from: £16.50

Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


14) Harry Potter Walking Tour

Harry Potter Walking Tour

For all of the would-be wizards, take a tour of London on foot and discover some of the many magical set locations where the Harry Potter series was filmed. The tour includes a visit to the Ministry of Magic and entrance to The Leaky Cauldron. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for pictures and to see the set locations up close and personal. The Harry Potter walking tour is cheap and an exciting way to see the city of London in a new and unique way, you’ll just need an Oyster card valid to travel in Zone 1. If you’re left with a thirst for more magic and wonder, head on over to King’s Cross Station to see the renowned Platform 9 ¾, or venture a little further outside of the city to the ultimate fantasy experience, The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Price from: £12 for adults, £10 for children

Location: Multiple locations around central London


15) Join the Rooftop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club

Spectacular views, true classic films and comfy deckchairs. What more could you want from a cinema? The Rooftop Film Club offers a unique way to see your favourite films with iconic London backdrops and gorgeous panoramic views. With four venues situated in Peckham, Shoreditch, Stratford and Kensington, you’re only a short ride away from your nearest rooftop cinema. There’s no need to worry about the loud popcorn-munching guy behind you with this experience because you’re kitted out with state-of-the-art wireless headphones. So, start your movie with a luscious sunset and finish with starlit sparkles. Night activities in London don’t come much prettier than this.

Price from: £15.00

Location: Peckham, Shoreditch, Stratford, Kensington


16) Go to a gig at the O2 Brixton Academy

O2 Brixton Academy

The O2 Brixton Academy is one of London’s most versatile and popular venues. Capable of holding up to 5000 guests, it’s one of London’s biggest and best crowd pleasers. From rock and indie to hip hop and grime, including intimate shows for bigger stars, Brixton Academy is a grand and diverse space like no other. The Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Bob Dylan, and The Smiths are just a few of the stars that have delivered hair-raising performances since Brixton Academy opened its doors back in 1983. With events and shows taking place nearly every day of the year, this venue is perfect spot for your evening entertainment.

Price from: £15.00

Location: 211 Stockwell Rd, Brixton, London SW9 9SL


17) See a film at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Regent Park Open Air Theatre

The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park is one of the most exciting attractions in London during the summer season. It was first opened in 1932 and, to this day, is one of the largest and most dynamic theatres in the capital. For anyone looking for a bit of culture and a breath of fresh air, watching a live production here is an essential for the London bucket list. With a whole cabinet of awards and an impressive list of productions – including To Kill a Mockingbird, The Sound of Music, and Lord of the Flies – you’re in for an unforgettable show.

Price from: £20 per person

Location:  Inner Cir, London NW1 4NU


18) Sightseeing in Westminster


To tick off some of London’s best landmarks all in one go, you’ll be wanting to pay a visit to Westminster. You can find Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster (also known as the Houses of Parliament), and Westminster Abbey. For even more culture, you should visit The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square where you’ll also be able to take a snap with the iconic 170ft monument that is Nelson’s Column. Westminster promises to deliver a cultured and fascinating visit through one of London’s most thriving and historic areas.

Price from: N/A

Location: Westminster


19) See the view from The Shard

The Shard in London

One of the newest features to London’s skyline, The Shard is currently the tallest building in Europe. This building offers a fantastic way to view London and, if you time it right, you can see the capital, day and night with a spectacular sunset in between! The view from the Shard is located on floors 68, 69 and 72 which offers a 360-degree panorama of the city for up to 40 miles! There are regular events held in the skyscraper, such as yoga classes from 8.30am and a silent disco every Saturday from 10pm. If you are looking to splash out, you can enhance your experience by staying in the Shangri-La hotel from £400 per room, per night.

Price from: £18.95 per person

Location: The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG


20) Take a trip around the London Eye

The London Eye

Standing at 135 metres tall, the London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered structure and has quickly become an iconic symbol of the city. Boasting views for up to 40km, you will experience a changing view of London that will wow you day and night! The ride lasts approximately 30 minutes and is open from 10am. Every ticket now includes entry to the London Eye 4D Film Experience, where wind, bubbles and cinema combine to help you see the capital in a new light.

Price from: £23.00

Location:  Lambeth, London SE1 7PB


21) Visit Soho


Vibrant, diverse and risqué are just some of the words that spring to mind when you hear Soho. Located in the West End, Soho offers an abundance of entertainment, including boutique shopping and exquisite cocktails. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous visit one of Soho’s well known burlesque clubs. Comedy shows, cabaret performances and jazz clubs can all be found within this quirky and energetic part of the city. Soho is a real feast for your senses.

Price from: N/A

Location: Soho


22) Turn hipster in London’s Shoreditch

Shoreditch Art

If you’re wanting a quirky collection of things to do in London you need to visit Shoreditch. Alongside hip Hoxton, Shoreditch is the capital of weird, wonderful and trendy – a creative hub fused with an urban edge. With coloured street art around every other corner, eclectic dining options and beautiful artisan coffee bars there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Don’t forget to wander through Brick Lane either; it’s home to one of London’s largest flea markets selling bric-a-brac, antique items, and some seriously funky second-hand clothing at bargain prices.

Price from: N/A

Location: Shoreditch


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23) Search for clues in a city treasure hunt

treasure hunt games

If you want to see London in a new light then consider taking part in a treasure hunt around the capital. Don’t be kidded into thinking that a treasure hunt is a little cheesy, they’re a great way to discover hidden gems in the city and it’s also an inclusive event that encourages everyone in your group to have an active role. City treasure hunts can be as creative and fun as you want them to be. Tailor them to your interests or turn them into a corporate event to promote team building and positive relationships within your company.

Price from: £20.00 per person

Location: You Choose


24) Visit Piccadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is brimming with life – and is one of the busiest parts of the capital. You’ll find the square in London’s West End. Popular for people watching, selfies with the famous statue of Eros and a few hidden gems, including a Grade II listed public police box dating back to 1935.

Price from: N/A

Location: Picadilly Circus


25) Take a selfie at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Did you know that it can cost up to $300,000 USD to create a Madame Tussauds waxwork? That’s one expensive candle! You’ll be glad to hear that London’s Tussauds venue is widely regarded as one of the best, featuring home grown celebrities and international superstars alike. There are also plenty of other adventures to take part in, such as the Sherlock Holmes theatrical walkthrough, The Voice hot-seat and a Marvel 4D experience.

The museum also offers a Christmas party where you can dine with the stars or superheroes in the 4D Stardome. A great idea for something a little different from the standard Christmas dinner and dance!

Price from: £29.00

Location: Marylebone, London NW1 5LR


26) Go shopping at Harrods

Harrods London

For more than 160 years, Harrods has been a major shopping destination and is one of the most famous department stores in the world. With 330-plus departments across seven floors, you can definitely spend an entire afternoon splashing your cash on the finest fashion, food, homeware and technology here. After all of that shopping, you can then get your hands on a meal in one of 27 restaurants located inside of the store, including a fine sea-grill, steakhouse and luxury bistro.

Price from: Expensive

Location: 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7XL


27) Visit a Board Game Cafe

Draughts London

For a chilled and cheap activity to do in London, why not visit a board game cafe? There are several venues around the city that offer fun social evenings. With a mixed bag of newbies and regulars, everyone is welcome and most places only ask for a £5 cover fee – although it is generally expected to purchase something from the cafe too. If you’re looking to play a certain game, it’s always worth doing your research or giving the venue a call beforehand – most places will happily allow you to bring your own games if they do not already have it. Draughts Board Games Cafe is a popular choice, they have a jaw-dropping 600 board games and counting! 

Price from: £5.00

Location: 337 Acton Mews, Hackney, London, E8 4EA


28) Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s London residence, is a stunning location inside and out – as befitting the reigning monarch. You need a pre-booked tour, available only in summer (unless you’re lucky enough to get an invite). The tour shows you a selection of the 775 rooms in the palace, including a couple of state rooms, the gardens and the gift room, which is home to a vast variety of gifts presented over the years by quality craftsmen and historic leaders alike. If you couldn’t get a ticket, you can still get a selfie in front of the gates.

Price from: £23.00

Location: Westminster, London SW1A 1AA


29) Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is situated in Kensington and bursting to the brim with interactive exhibitions and 80 million-plus exhibits to explore. Gawp at skeletons of huge dinosaurs, discover priceless treasures from across the world and marvel at all manner of natural phenomena. You won’t believe how diverse and beautiful the Natural History Museum’s collection is. It’s also free to enter and attracts more than five million visitors every year, so we recommend attending outside of school holidays to avoid the long queues and crowds if you can.

Price from: Free

Location: Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD


30) Get a fright at London Dungeon

London Dungeon Experience

Located close to Westminster Bridge, and operating since 1974, you’ll find the fantastic London Dungeon. The attraction features 19 shows, 20 live actors and two thrilling rides! The whole experience lasts about 90 minutes, with a group tour through the dark and mysterious past of London that gets you up close with infamous characters such as Jack the Ripper and Guy Fawkes. Time a visit in October to enjoy a Halloween special to heighten the scare-factor.

Prices from: Adult £23.20, Child £18.20

Location: Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB


31) HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast was originally a light cruiser that served at sea from WW2 to 1963 and is one of only three surviving bombardment vessels from D-Day. It has been transformed into a museum ship to tell the story of what life was like for those serving aboard – and offers a fascinating glimpse into naval life. You can explore all nine decks, take helm in the captain’s deck and get a unique 360 degree view of the capital. You can find the ship on the River Thames next to Tower Bridge. It’s open from 10am to 6pm.

Prices from: Adult £16, Child £8

Location: The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2JH


32) Pollock’s Toy Museum

Pollocks Toy Museum

Pollock’s Toy Museum is located in London’s Fitzrovia in two historic buildings that look like they’re straight from a Paddington Bear film. On display, is a range of traditional toys such as teddy bears, tin soldiers and doll houses. Back in the 1850s, the museum was a shop and printers but has been redesigned to become home to hundreds of incredible toys, most of which were hand painted by Benjamin Pollock himself. As you explore the atmospheric building you can see hand painted theatres, beautifully crafted doll houses and slightly eerie old dolls in cotton nighties.

Price from: £6.00 per person

Location: 1 Scala St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2HL


33) Freud Museum

Freud Museum London

The Freud Museum was the previous home of the established psychologist Sigmund Freud after he escaped Austria during the Nazi regime. The undoubted highlight of the museum is Freud’s study which has been preserved just as it was in his working days. You can preview his cabinets which feature more than 2000 items and his collection of Roman, Greek and Egyptian artefacts. The house also features the couch where psychoanalysis was born. For an interesting insight into psychology, history and a small chunk of Vienna’s culture, the Freud Museum is a great venue in the heart of London.

Price from: £8.00 per person

Location: 1 Scala St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2HL


34) The National Gallery

The National Gallery, London

Featuring paintings and art collections from Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Michelangelo and Raphael (to name just a few), The National Gallery is a great daytime activity in London where you can check out some of the world’s most historical and recognisable art work. Admission to the gallery, in Trafalgar Square, is totally free and there are also free guided tours and audio guides for anyone wanting a thorough walkthrough of the masterpieces on show.

Price from: Free

Location: Trafalgar Square


35) Cartoon Museum, Holborn

The Cartoon Museum

If you like a good caricature, comic strips, or animation then you’re in luck! In the heart of Bloomsbury you’ll find The Cartoon Museum, which preserves the very best of British cartoon art. The museum first opened in 2006 and has an impressive library of 5000 books and 4000 comics. Temporary exhibitions have included H.M. Bateman, Pont, The Beano and Ralph Steadman. The Cartoon Museum is part of London’s Museum Mile. Running from King’s Cross to the River Thames you’ll find 12 other intriguing museums.

Price from: Adult £7.00, Children under 18 free

Location: 35 Little Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1A 2HH


36) Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

When in the capital of England, why not visit the home of the national sport? If there’s a football match at Wembley Stadium (and Tottenham Hotspur are playing home games there at the moment) then pick up a ticket. If not, you can always take part in a stadium tour where you can see the changing rooms, dugouts and press room. During the tour you can even visit the trophy room, which is home to 1966 World Cup crossbar, the Jules Rimet Trophy and the original flag from London’s 1948 Olympic Games.

Price from: £20.00 per person

Location: London, HA9 0WS


37) Afternoon tea at the Ritz

Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

If you want to enrich yourself in some traditional English culture, afternoon tea at the Ritz is world-famous and well worth a visit. It may be one of the most expensive tea breaks you’ve ever had but the Ritz does not disappoint. Guests can indulge in 18 different types of loose-leaf tea, freshly baked scones and pastries and a selection of finely cut sandwiches. Plus, a pianist, harpist or string quintet will serenade you as you enjoy it all. If you visit during the festive period, the hotel is transformed into a stunning winter wonderland with traditional red and gold decorations and a lavishly decorated Christmas tree. Just remember you must dress to impress, strictly no jeans and trainers.

Price from: £82.00 per person

Location: London, HA9 0WS


38) Become a zookeeper for the day at London Zoo

London Zoo

London Zoo has recently launched a package that allows you to get up close to likes of giraffes, penguins and meerkats by becoming a zookeeper for the day. After changing into your keeper-for-a-day tee (which you get to keep) your leader will brief you on what you need to know before letting you join in several keeper duties right up close to your favourite wild animals.

Price from: £280.00

Location: London NW1 4RY


You may also be interested in: Top UK Stag Do Destinations


39) Zip World London

London Zip World

Zip World is a new attraction by the South Bank which is ideal for all ages. It boasts the title of being the biggest, fastest city zip wire in the world and is definitely going to give you an adrenaline rush. The tower is a remarkable 35m and when you get going you can reach speeds of up to 30mph! From the wire you can view the Houses of Parliament, London Eye and a few other famous monuments but you have to be quick, the ride doesn’t last long (unless you’re Boris Johnson).

Price from: £22.50 per person

Location: Archbishop’s Park, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7JY


40) Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin Labs

Now a permanent fixture in Camden Market, Chin Chin Labs is worth a stop on a summer’s day in London. The lab specialises in fantastic, gourmet ice cream which is presented in clouds of liquid nitrogen. The menu is spectacularly small offering just chocolate, vanilla and two weekly specials that will definitely raise your eyebrows such as cinnamon s’mores, burnt-butter caramel or avocado. You can then jazz up your dessert with a selection of sprinkles and sauces.

Price from: £5

Location: 49-50 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF, UK


41) See a show in London’s West End

London's West End

London’s West End has to be one of the greatest places to see a theatrical show in the world and is a fantastic idea for a fun-filled evening. Sing along to your favourite songs in Mamma Mia, have a magical adventure at Wicked or take the kids to see a Disney classic such as The Lion King or Aladdin. You can pick up some relatively cheap matinee tickets or dress up and go out for an evening bash.

Price from: N/A

Location: West End, London


42) Wimbledon

Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon is not only the oldest, and possibly most prestigious, tennis tournament in the world and one of the world’s four premier Grand Slam tournaments. Tickets are usually secured via ballot but if you’re very lucky you might even get tickets on a match day (it runs for a fortnight from the third Monday in June). The electric atmosphere and quality on show makes this a must for every sports fan’s bucket list.

Price from: Ballot Paper 

Location: Wimbledon, London


43) Visit Notting Hill

Notting Hill London

You can reach Notting Hill using the Central, District and Circle line. If you’re in London during the August Bank Holiday you should check out the famous carnival that happens here annually to celebrate the city’s Caribbean communities. The streets are lined with party-goers donning colourful costumes creating cultural beats. If you can’t make the festival it’s still worth visiting the Portobello market for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as antiques and greth clothing bargains. Don’t forget to grab a quick picture at Hugh Grant’s door from the film Notting Hill.

Price from: N/A

Location: Notting Hill


44) Make a splash at Lee Valley White Water Centre

White Water Rafting

The Lee Valley White Water Centre was originally a London 2012 Olympic venue but it has since developed into a training centre for experienced and newbies alike. You can try out a range of sports here, while fantastic corporate tasters and canoe polo days are put on throughout the summer.

Price from: £49.00

Location: Station Rd, Waltham Cross EN9 1AB


45) Catch a Shakespeare play at the Globe

Shakespeare Globe

The Globe Theatre was originally built in 1599 by William Shakespeare’s playing company and it has since been rebuilt and redeveloped into, just 230m from the original site. Whether you’re an avid theatre-goer or not, the shows will definitely leave you in awe. If you aren’t able to catch a show, you can still take a tour of the amazing venue, which walks you through Shakespeare’s life and the story of his most famous works. See what’s on here.

Price from: £10.00

Location: 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT


46) Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator

Based in the heart of Soho, this golf simulator makes for a very fun activity in London, especially if it’s raining outside. As you wait for your tee time, you can practise your putting on a real life indoor putting green. You swing the club and hit the ball into a screen that will record the direction and power of your shot. As well as a standard 18-hole round you can play a multitude of different games, such as the longest drive, 2 vs 2 or ‘nearest to the pin’ to speed up the pace if you have a large group. All of these games are hosted in virtual versions of the world’s most iconic courses.

Price from: £50.00 per simulator

Location: 33 Great Pulteney St, Soho, London W1F 9NW, UK


47) RIB Blast on the Thames

thames rib charter london

If you’re looking for something to get your blood pumping, ruin your hair and get you a little wet, then a RIB Blast down the River Thames is just what you need. It might not be cheap, but few things can beat the rush of speeding down the capital’s iconic river in a boat. You begin in close formation from Parliament before heading east, passing through the Thames Barrier for a high speed blast, seeing the heart of London and the financial districts en route.

Price from: £399 per boat

Location: River Thames


48) Watch the Ceremony of Keys

Tower of London

The Ceremony of the Keys is a tradition that is centuries old which involves the locking and securing of the Tower of London. It’s a completely free event to watch – and a fascinating ritual to witness – taking place every evening at 9.30pm. Please be aware that you must pre-book the event a long way in advance. Book your tickets here.

Price from: N/A – apply in advance

Location: Tower Bridge


49) See a Comedy Show

Comedy Club

London has a long and varied list of comedy shows to enjoy. You can catch some of the biggest names in the industry for a big night out or visit some of the more quirky clubs to catch some up and coming performers. If you’re looking for free entry, you can catch a show seven days a week at Angel Comedy club from 8pm. Be sure to arrive early though as the queues can get quite lengthy. The club is famous for showcasing some of the best upcoming talents as well as regular Edinburgh Fringe champions. Alternatively, you can head to The Comedy Store in Soho, which is famous for being one of the biggest and oldest comedy venues in the world.

Price from: £15.00

Location: London’s West End


50) Take the London Bullshit Tour

London Bullshit Tour

Every Thursday evening comedians lead Londoners on a tour around the capital to teach them about absolutely nothing. You’ll still get to see all of the sights of London but in an unusual fashion with side-splitting comedy and absolutely no factual information will be provided. Fun right?

Price from: £10.00

Location: St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD



London Group Activities



Please note that the prices above are a guidance and were correct at time of publication.

Ten Stag Do Destinations in the UK

When it comes to organising a stag do, one of the hardest parts can be deciding where to go. Most stag parties settle for somewhere that has beer, booze, music and a load of great activities. However, if you haven’t the foggiest about where to start the hunt, it makes the whole process a little harder to organise. This is why we have put together a guide of ten of the best stag destinations in the UK, which should hopefully leave you to sort the fun stuff, such as where to grab that first pint…



Cardiff hen weekend & Cardiff Stag weekends


Voted in 2014 as the best city for young people to live, Cardiff’s vibrant nightlife and wide array of daily activities makes it one of the best UK stag do locations. The capital of Wales, it has everything from clubs, museums, shops and theatres as well as more than 330 parks and gardens, ideal for clearing the cobwebs after a heavy night before.


Where to stay?

There are a myriad of places to stay in Cardiff for your stag do. The Wynford Hotel has just opened new bedrooms geared towards stag parties. These can host up to four people (and include late checkout at a small cost) or there are numerous self-catering options where all of you can stay together (some even include hot tubs and games rooms!).

Average price of a pint: £3.20



There are plenty of activities to enjoy when in Cardiff, ranging from the extreme (such as white-water rafting, quad biking and coasteering) to the more chilled (such as golfing days, city treasure hunts and cocktail making classes). These activities take place throughout the city and are ideal for all different numbers and preferences. But be sure to book in advance to guarantee your space – particularly for larger groups!


Bars & Clubs

Cardiff’s thriving student scene can be attributed to the city’s large amount of cheap and trendy bars and clubs. For a full-on party, there is no better place than Tiger Tiger. With seven different party spaces, including an Ibiza inspired room and graffitied 90s room complete with throwback drinks, it’s a perfect destination to head after an evening in the pubs. If you’re looking for a trendy bar for drinks, 10 Feet Tall is the place to head to – as well as wines and spirits they also have a range of craft beers for you to try. It stays open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays so it’s great to head to, no matter the time of night.




Bristol hen weekend & Bristol Stag weekends


Besides being known for some of the best cider in the UK, Bristol is also famed for its legendary nightlife and range of places to go, along the new harbour side development. These attractions, coupled with easy transport and cheap drinks makes it one of the best UK stag do locations.


Where to stay?

There are several options for accommodation in Bristol depending on what sort of break you are looking for. Self-catering holiday homes are great for getting everyone together and providing a base where you can sit and chill. If, however, you don’t mind being in separate rooms, and want your cleaning and cooking done for you, there are a number of different Bristol hotels to pick. We recommend the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel for its central location and cheap pricing but if you’re really on a budget, take a look at The Lanes Hostel.

Average price of a pint: £3.85



When in Bristol, there are a range of activities to keep you and the lads entertained. Channel your inner James May (who was even born and bred in Bristol) with an off-road driving day or challenge each other to a competitive game of It’s A Knockout or a Hovercraft Race if you’re feeling really competitive. If you’re looking for something a bit more chilled, why not head to a wine course ready to prep yourselves for the night ahead? Got a self-catered house and want the entertainment to come to you? Why not book bachelorettes in the buff…



When it comes to nightlife, Bristol is a force to be reckoned with. Why not head to one of its comedy clubs to begin the night before setting off to somewhere a little livelier? Motion is the most famous club in the city – it is an enormous multi-roomed venue which has even been voted one of the best nightclubs in the world. Basement venue Cosies (whilst it might sound low-key) is also one of the city’s most legendary party spots (and its Sunday reggae sessions are also worth a visit). For something a little different head to Thekla (a club on a boat) or Basement 45 for the best dance music in the city.




brighton party destination


Seaside city Brighton is renowned for its brilliant atmosphere and stacks of things to do. From the Royal Pavilion, the zipwire on the beach and the i360 to the city’s karaoke bars, the pier and numerous pubs, it is one of the best UK stag do locations you can choose. Voted one of England’s best beach breaks, you’re guaranteed a brilliant time come rain or shine.


Where to stay?

Brighton is a hot spot for hotels and self-accommodating houses. From the downright quirky to the super luxurious, there is something for everyone. This luxury barn conversion can sleep up to 31 so is ideal for larger groups, or a hotels such as Hotel du Vin or Brighton City Centre Hotel are perfect for if there are less of you in the group.

Average price of a pint: £4.25



When in Brighton you are never short of something to do. The Brighton Party Bike is a great way to see the city (you travel around on a large pedal bike, tunes playing and beer in hand) or why not try indoor go-karting for something a little more fast paced? As Brighton is famed for its water sports, why not head down and try stand up paddle boarding or laser dinghy sailing?



Nightlife is where Brighton really comes into its own. With a host of clubs along the seafront and also in the town, there is something to suit all types of evening. Want a chilled one? Comedy club Komedia is a fine bet for great performances and easy food and drink, or Lucky Voice karaoke is always a fun way to spend your night. Cocktail bar Steinbeck and Shaw are a good choice for cheap cocktails (50% off before 10pm) and Pryzm, with multiple themed rooms, is great for clubbing.




Edinburgh hen weekend & Edinburgh Stag weekends


The Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a melting pot of culture, style and activity, all while being easy to navigate your way around. The city is divided in two – the Old Town and New Town – with a plethora of pubs, bars and restaurants just waiting to be visited. The medieval architecture is well worth checking out – and don’t forget to head to the famous Edinburgh Castle.


Where to stay?

For a large group, nothing could be better than one of Edinburgh’s self-catering mansions. These sleep large numbers so you can all stay together without the hassle of booking lots of separate hotel rooms where you’re likely to all be spread out. The Edinburgh Harvieston Hall sleeps 37 and even includes a hot tub (for a small fee) and games room. For a smaller group why not try one of the cities boutique hotels?

Average price of a pint: £3.55



Edinburgh has activities for all types of personality and all times of day, cementing it as one of the best UK stag do locations. Why not play tag archery or go clay shooting – a nod to the medieval history of the city. Alternatively get (quite literally) into the spirit of Edinburgh with a whisky tasting afternoon or make a day of it with some organised Scottish Highland Games. Whatever you choose, this buzzing city will not disappoint.



When it comes to your night out, Edinburgh has it all. Whether you decide to head to a casino for a few rounds of (responsible!) gambling or decide to hit the tiles, the city is thriving with activity once the sun goes down. The Liquid Room is voted one of the top clubs thanks to its large dance floor and varied live music nights calendar. Cabaret Voltaire is a must-visit if you want something a bit different. It’s built underground with a warren of cavernous caves and booths and, importantly, reasonably priced drinks to make for a great night.




London hen weekend & London Stag weekends


When it comes to choosing the best stag do locations in the UK, there’s little London doesn’t have to offer. From cultural offerings such as West End theatre shows, to themed bars and clubs (which London has in the truckload) to speciality cafes and even a boat hotel on the Thames, you’ll never want for anything.  No matter what the groom’s style is, whether he wants a weekend of laid back sightseeing or fast-paced action, London has it all.


Where to stay?

London has a whole host of accommodation on offer, both in the heart of the city and on the outskirts, depending on how close you want to be to the action. Self-catering apartments are the ideal choice for sleeping groups in a relaxed setting where you can spend time together, or stay in a hotel that offers convenient sleeping arrangements, an all inclusive hearty breakfast and great transport links.

Average price of a pint: £4.50



There’s so much to see and do in London that cramming everything in in your time is the only issue. Why not charter down the River Thames in your very own rib blaster for an adrenaline-fuelled experience? Or see the city from above in your very own private London Eye capsule complete with brunch? Or if you’re looking for something on foot, take part in a London treasure hunt. This will get you exploring the streets and is a great way to also spot bars and pubs to head to later on.



When night falls, you will see why London has been voted one of the top UK stag do destinations. For a more sophisticated evening why not organise a private casino table or head to The Piano Works (a live music club). For a more raucous night of inebriation, head to some of the clubs such as KOKO, Xoyo and the massive Studio 338 – all of which promise great drinks, great music and great atmosphere.




Bournemouth Jet Ski


Bournemouth is fast becoming the destination. With a similar vibe to Brighton (but with slightly cheaper prices) it’s got a vibrant nightlife scene and is packed with trendy bars, old-timey pubs and bars. There are a number of restaurants to feast at and the sandy beach is a great extra when the sun shines.


Where to stay?

If you’re looking for somewhere right in the centre, the Bournemouth Grand Hotel is a great choice – and it even has a good range of leisure facilities such as a pool and gym if you fancy a workout during your stay. For a place where you can all stay exclusively, the Bournemouth Party House offers all you could want and more – including a BBQ, large games room and sauna. There are a multitude of places to stay in and around the main centre, be sure to research before you go to find the perfect place for the group.

Average price of a pint: £3.65



Bournemouth offers a whole range of things to do, from getting competitive with each other in a game of bubble football, to something a little less serious such as a Thriller Dance experience or mountain bike treasure hunt. If the weather is nice you could go on a windsurfing experience or drive a short way from the centre to the Go-Ape trees experience.



The nightlife is buzzing in Bournemouth and there are plenty of venues that will offer you the chance to dance into the early hours. Try Halo – an old converted church which is now one of the most popular clubs in the city – or Aruba, a Caribbean themed bar and restaurant which turns into a club as the night gets later.




Manchester Dusk Landscape


From theatres and music venues to clubs and pubs, Manchester is a city packed with things to do on a stag weekend. A capital of stylish entertainment, Manchester’s range of canal side bars and buzzing atmosphere creates the ideal recipe for a stag do to be remembered (or most of it we hope…)


Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels to stay in when you go to Manchester. Planning a football themed break, why not stay at Hotel Football? If you don’t fancy a hotel, you can opt for one of the cities self-catered apartments where more of you can stay together. It also gives you a place where you can convene for a drink or two before you hit the town in the evening.

Average price of a pint: £3.50



Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the biggest and best football clubs in the country – and heading to a match could be the ideal treat for a football fan. Or you can take part in an activity such as an off-road buggy day, extreme dodgeball, or maybe even a game of footgolf. For something a little more refined, why not book in for a cocktail making evening or a wine masterclass? There’s plenty on offer for everyone to enjoy.



When it comes to Manchester’s nightlife, you are spoilt for choice. Whilst there are plenty of bars, the city is also home to a number of real ale pubs and cocktail bars if you fancy something a little more sophisticated. Head to Cloud 23 for great drinks and the best views of the city (there’s even a glass floor looking down to the streets below). Marble Arch is a great traditional pub filled with character, for example. Club wise, be sure to visit Gorilla. This is based under the railway tracks on Whitworth Street and is one of the most exciting locations in the city.




Nottingham Hen weekend Nottingham Stag Weekend


Nottingham is proud to boast more pubs, bars and restaurants in one square mile than any European city –  and if that alone doesn’t qualify it for one of the top 10 stag do locations in the UK we just don’t know what will. The Castle Wharf waterfront development is packed with contemporary bars and eateries and the city’s mix of classic and eclectic design makes for a buzzing vibe. It’s also one of the cheapest places for a pint on our list.


Where to stay?

Nottingham is filled with places to stay, from large holiday cottages which sleep up to 30 people to quaint town house hotels. The Nottingham Riverside self-catering house provides great river views and even comes complete with a sauna and BBQ, whereas the Peak District Manor House has a games round and is set in six acres of woodland – ideal for a kickabout or a walk to clear your head the morning after the night before.

Average price of a pint: £3.00



There’s a whole load of things to do when you’re on your stag weekend in Nottingham. We’d recommend tag archery for a great team day or the ultimate army experience if you’re looking for something a bit more hardcore! If you want to channel your competitive side then hovercraft racing is a must.



Nottingham boasts a seriously eclectic night scene, with a whole range of clubs, pubs and VIP hangouts. Ink is your destination for a real party, with 4 clubs and 8 bars under one roof (including laser beams, dancefloors and unique DJ sets). Stealth is your place if you want to just lose yourself in the music and dance the hours away and Alea offers both a bar and casino – ideal if you fancy a spot of gambling.



New Forest

New Forest Hen weekend New Forest Stag Weekend


If you’re looking for something a bit different, then a stag party in the New Forest is just the answer. From waking up in a luxury holiday house in picturesque surroundings, to having lots of space for all sorts of activities as well as a range of cultural areas to explore such as museums and gardens, there is so much to do here.


Where to stay?

With so much space, there are a plethora of self-catering lodges in the New Forest which are ideal for large and small for stag parties. Hold BBQs in the garden and see if there’s a campfire nearby for you to all sit around with a few drinks in the evening. There are also a range of hotels to stay, or why not head back to nature and go camping for the weekend?

Average price of a pint: £3.40



With such a large outdoor space, there are a huge amount of outdoor activities for you to all enjoy. Take part in country pursuits where you can have a go at clay shooting, off road buggies, quad bikes, archery and more. Head to head footgolf is worth considering to get your competitive sides racing and the city treasure hunt is also well worth a go – ready to show anyone who thinks the countryside is too soft just how wrong they are. Don’t forget to also head to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu during the day.



Just because you’re away from a city doesn’t mean your evenings have to be drab! Whilst it’s not necessarily the scene for fancy dress, the local pubs are still more than good enough for a great time. Drinks are affordable, the atmosphere is unpretentious and simple. Why not organise a pub crawl and see how many you can get round in one evening?




Portsmouth Hen weekend Portsmouth Stag Weekend


Portsmouth is an irresistible mix of history and heritage, with great shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. With a great beach, harbour filled with attractions and a thriving nightlife scene, what better place for a UK stag do than Portsmouth?


Where to stay?

There are a whole host of places to stay in Portsmouth, from the cheap and cheerful (such as Travelodge or Holiday Inn) to boutique hotels or self-catered apartments. Each depends on what you are looking for – whether you want somewhere you can all stay together, somewhere purely as a base for sleeping, or somewhere nice you can sit at the bar for drinks and enjoy dinner.

Average price of a pint: £2.80



Portsmouth has a rich military history, so why not tie this theme in with your stag do activities? Have a go at Underground Airsoft (1900ft below ground in the former Underground HQ used by the Royal Navy in WW2) or try the Portsmouth multi-activity site for a range of different games. You could also take advantage of the great waterfront and go on a sailing day or all take an adrenaline pumping ride on Portsmouth Rib Charters – catering is also available so you can make a real day of it.



Gunwharf Quays is a great option for nightlife in Portsmouth, thanks to its numerous amount of bars and clubs. Begin the night with a pint watching the ships bobbing in the harbour before heading to one of the clubs, where you can dance until the early hours. We recommend the Lyberry bar (they even have a beer pong table and relatively cheap cocktails) or The Astoria for a really electric atmosphere (it’s worth upgrading to VIP here too for an even better experience). Transport back to your accommodation is easy from here too, with a large taxi rank or bus links.

Top Team Building Activities

Looking to increase motivation and productivity in the office? It has been proven that by participating in team building activities your motivation at work increases, trust is built and morale is higher. There are so many great team building ideas out there for you and your colleagues to take part in that it can be hard to know where to start. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 15 of the best team bonding ideas (and they’re so much more fun than the dreaded sitting in a circle and telling everyone your name and favourite hobby…!)

treasure hunt games

1) City Treasure Hunt

A large part of working in a team involves communicating together to achieve a common goal, something which can sometimes be forgotten in amidst the chaos of everyday tasks. A city treasure hunt is a great way to remind everyone of how much better they are when working together and is a top team building exercise.

For a city treasure hunt participants are split into teams and are presented with pens, paper, folders and anything else necessary for the hunt – including customised maps of the chosen area for the activity. Teams then work together with their teammates to earn points by solving clues to find places and answer questions, completing numerous tasks along the way. After the allotted time has passed, everyone regroups to find out the winners of the day and (hopefully!) receive the winning prize! This game is great to encourage better communication between workmates as well as how to tactically solve problems as a team.

Murder Mystery team building event

2) Murder Mystery

This is designed for smaller groups and so it is ideal for those smaller companies who are looking for great team building activities ideas. It takes place in the evening, giving you the chance to let your hair down and get to know your colleagues a little better. Prior to a murder mystery night everyone is assigned a character to play, with a personalised invitation letter and guest list beforehand which explains everything about their persona for the night as well as giving costume tips and instructions for the activity. Two actors join the group for dinner and teams are immersed in a fully interactive evening which all runs smoothly until…well, you find out on the night!

This is designed to take place over a three course dinner in a private dining room giving plenty of time to get to know colleagues you might not normally speak to.

Teamopoly team building event

3) Teamopoly Team Building

Teamopoly is a great choice for team building. Not only does it strengthen core team dynamics but it also encourages communication and team strategy – as well as a bit of healthy competition! Now ignore any terrifying flashbacks from last Christmas’s annual boxing day game of Monopoly, this is much more fun. This is a life-sized board with teams of giant irons, wheelbarrows, ships and boots – made up of the traditional pieces. Teams have 90 minutes to navigate through the board with their team, passing challenges along the way and dodging pitfalls such as the jailbreak card. The whole journey is brought to life with live actors and supersized props and the aim is to try and gain as much Monopoly money as possible! Teamwork and a clear strategy are key to this, so it’s a great chance to work on those skills! Once the timer runs out, finances are counted and the most prosperous team wins!

team building ideas

4) The Apprentice

No-one wants to hear the words ‘you’re fired’, especially from your boss, but this team building activity offers you the chance to go through that route for fun in a game based on BBC One’s The Apprentice. With up to 25 participants, teams will begin the day with a briefing from the powerful business mogul ‘Sir Allan Sucre’ (wonder where they got that one from?!) where they are told of their task ahead. It is up to the teams to plan their time wisely and assign team roles correctly, utilising individual members’ skills and strengths. The team which returns with the highest figures will win, receiving two bottles of champagne. Participants will walk away with better team work, negotiation and communication skills – as well as either the Hired or Fired trophy.

The Crystal Challenge Team Building Event

5) The Crystal Challenge

Whilst there are a few things which are better kept in the 90s, The Crystal Maze is one throwback we’re all too happy to see return and it makes for a great team building day. Based on the popular Channel 4 game show, this sees teams competing in a mix of adrenaline-inducing activities to collect as much time as possible in the crystal dome at the end of the game. Activities are designed to test teams’ communication, strategic, time management and problem-solving skills and will guide participants through Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones with unique challenges in each one. The team at the end who then uses their time in the dome to grab the most gold tokens will be crowned the winners. This is a great event for larger groups to get to know one another (plus, the optional costume actor Richard O’Brien is free of charge to groups of more than 100 guests).

Wolves of Wall Street Team Building

6) Wolves of Wall Street

Encapsulate the noise, buzz and excitement of Wall Street itself with this fast-paced team bonding day idea. The ultimate trading game sees teams buying and selling shares at exactly the right moment to reap the highest financial benefit before purchasing building materials from the profits. These can then be used to construct a corporate tower to sell for even more cash. This leads to a series of exciting twists and turns designed to challenge and keep everyone on their toes – from grumbling surveyors checking your regulations are in place to market news flashes and rapidly changing prices, it’s a game of communication and strategic planning. At the end, it all comes down to money. Properties are sold off at £p/cm and added to the share values. Those who have made the most profit will be crowned the Wolves of Wall Street!

Masterpiece team building activity

7) Masterpiece Team Building Event

A regular phrase in workplaces is to remember everyone is working for the “bigger picture” – Masterpiece team building day brings this analogy to life, with a giant picture painting challenge. Ideal for getting those creative juices flowing, this is a fun event which marries together problem solving, time management, delegation and communication, for it’s not so simple as just putting a brush to paper! Teams have to create a giant size masterpiece of a famous  painting, company logo or graffiti art work and along the way there will be a range of tasks and challenges to help complete the painting. This involves logical quizzes, puzzles and tasks to win stamps which can be cashed in at the shop to win supplies for the finale. At the end of the day teams can take their masterpieces back to the office as a keepsake!

Beat the clock team building activity

8) Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock is a day filled with team bonding ideas. An expansive list of creative, physical, technical and mental tasks will see teams racing together against time to score the most points. This game is simple, taking place in one conference room. Each team is given its own numbered box and team pack where they can decide to either start by conquering challenges within the box or heading to various tasks which are set up around the room. Each task (out of the 150-plus on offer) has three different levels of difficulty and each team may only attempt one. Succeed at a harder one and you’ll win more points, but is it worth the extra seconds you waste on the clock if not? This is a challenge which features something for everyone, with every sort of personality and skill set and requires teams to work together, pooling their best resources for every task. The day ends with the all important announcement of the winning team. This activity is great to encourage teamwork and utilise different strengths. It will encourage time management, role allocation, planning strategies and so much more and this can then be applied back in the office.

Beat the banker team building activity

9) Beat the Banker

If you’ve ever heard of or watched the TV gameshow Deal or No Deal, you’re sure to have wanted to have a go yourself at beating the banker. Well, with this Beat the Banker game you can! The event comprises of teams picking a sealed numbered box and, through process of elimination, getting rid of the other numbered boxes until they either reveal the value of their box or accept an offer from the banker. There are two games every half hour, led by presenter No-El and his co-workers, and six teams of ten can compete against each other over the 90 minutes of gameplay. As the event draws to a close, scored are totalled up and the team with the highest figure walks home with the largest prize. Prizes range from a bottle of bubbly to a single chocolate coin, so it’s important to pick those numbers wisely! This is a great way to encourage teamwork and bring co-workers closer together for a fun and unique day out of the office.

Back to School

10) Back to School

Memories of your school days can often bring back a strong sense of nostalgia and this Back to School team building day allows participants to head back down memory lane, but with a difference! The day offers a range of activities for competing ‘houses’ to go head to head in a range of classes such as art, home economics and physics – but be careful not to land in detention. Dressing up, while not compulsory, is highly recommended. Don’t think PE is missed out on either, teams compete in their very own sports day featuring all the classic challenges – including sack races, hockey games, welly wanging and lots more! The day ends with a prize for the winning team (which you will find out on the day). This activity is great for promoting teamwork and encouraging a competitive spirit!

Fencing Activity

11) Fencing

Fencing is a really fun day away from a desk. Team members can either enjoy a bronze session (two hours) silver (three hours) or gold (with guidance from Olympic fencers). On the day, groups receive a safety and technical briefing before learning all the necessary skills required for fencing – a mix of focus, balance and timing. Team members are then taught to draw swords and both attack and counter-attack their opponents. At the end of the event, the ‘Battle of the Sword’ finale sees two opposing legions compete against each other to capture their opponents’ colours. They will walk away from the event with a greater competitive spirit (and hopefully bragging rights too!).

Haute Couture

12) Haute Couture

Haute Couture takes workwear wardrobes to a whole new level. A high energy experience, this team bonding day starts with teams being provided with everything needed to create a fashion sensation – from scissors and cloth to a production budget, makeup and accessories. The teams then have to work together to create a sartorial masterpiece to show on a catwalk at the end of the experience. And it doesn’t just end with the clothes. Teams must put together the messages, the costumes, the choreography and the music choice to accompany their show – working up to a jaw-dropping showcase! The teams’ super models end the day by parading their creations down a catwalk in front of the rest of the group. It’s a great choice for changing attitudes and encouraging team members to think outside of the box.

Plate of Food

13) What’s Cooking?

This action-packed event takes participants straight from the frying pan into the fire as they compete against rival teams to create the best dishes. What’s Cooking offers the chance for team members to watch experienced chefs whip up some delicious dishes before getting some hands on practice themselves. Working together with a selection of mystery ingredients, they have to create their own mouth watering dishes to be presented to the critics ready for their restaurant’s grand opening! As well as gaining new culinary knowledge, teams will also learn the importance of working together in a time-pressured environment, providing them with essential skills to be transferred back to the office. Bon appetit!

Flash Master Team Building Activity

14) Team Challenge

Team Challenge is, as the name suggests an action packed day filled with different tasks and challenges to take part in. When arriving to the venue you are divided into teams (with matching t-shirts of course) and then have to try your hands at a number of activities, which you have to all work together to complete. The activities are split into zones such as the driving zone, the creative zone, reaction zone and It’s A Knockout-style inflatable zones with tasks including buggy racing, human table football and even herding ducks! The day finishes with the awards ceremony, which sees prizes given to not just the winners but also for novelty reasons too, such as the funniest/worst competitors. This day is perfect for encouraging teamwork, promoting positive attitudes and increasing communication between colleagues.

Urban Circus team building activity

15) Urban Circus

Urban Circus offers a team building activity with a difference, shunning clowns and lion tamers for a motivational and challenging event which will see participants return to work and approach tasks with an invigorated mind and positive attitude. Upbeat and energetic, the day commences with professional circus performers staging a show, led by the charismatic ringmaster. Team members are then taught a plethora of exciting acts such as feather balancing, plate-spinning and low-wire walking. There are a number of zones to try, all with different activities to have a go and challenge themselves with – with most people being surprised at just how much they can achieve when they put their mind to it. The day closes with the grand finale, where delegates perform together to the ringmaster. It’s a team bonding day which is both unique and inspiring and guaranteed to have participants return to the office with a whole new attitude.

Whatever you choose, we’re sure that these team building exercises will make a difference to your workplace.

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