How to plan the perfect stag do in the UK

Published on January 1st, 1970

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          How to plan the perfect stag do in the UK

          Published on Mar 14, 2018

          It may appear – certainly from social media – that everyone is heading abroad for their stag dos as many grooms-to-be book flights to cities and beaches across Europe to soak up the sun with their male friends and relatives ahead of the big day.  

          However, research conducted by Banana Moon Clothing found that only 32% actually hold their stag (or hen) party in another country. It also discovered that the average cost to those attending is £507, due in part to this desire to head to warmer climates.

          This isn’t only off putting for those attending, as they have to sacrifice their own holidays and use their annual leave in order to be part of it, but with weddings now costing an average of £27,161, this is an extra cost the groom could probably do without.     

          Plus, with so many exciting and unique options within easy reach across the UK there really is no need to head overseas.

          So, with that in mind, here are some stag do ideas right here in the UK and tips to ensure it is one that will create memories that last long after the fun comes to an end.  

          adventure connections trip

          First, you need to decide on your destination…

          One of the first decisions you need to make is where you are going to hold the stag do because this is imperative to making it perfect.

          The type of stag and what he will want from the weekend will ultimately determine the destination. He may like to head down to Cornwall – where you could almost be abroad – as you learn to surf before chilling out on the beach. Alternatively, if the stag weekend will centre around partying then you might go to London, where you will find the best nightlife in the UK. But, if the stag is a history buff then make your way up to Edinburgh where you can explore the city and learn about its past.

          If you aren’t sure where to go there are a couple questions to ask yourself that should help you to decide.

          When will the stag do take place?

          The date of the stag do will be determined by the wedding date. However, it is important to consider whether this will be during the summer or winter when deciding what you will do and where you will go. A weekend surfing in Cornwall, for example, won’t be suitable during the middle of December, however for the beginning of August this would be ideal.   

          How are you going to get there?

          You need to think about how you are going to get to your chosen destination. Is it within easy reach of all those attending? Could you hire a minibus to travel together and keep the costs down? Or will you need to get a train?

          Brighton watersports corporate event ideas

          Choose which activities you are going to do

          This will partly be dependent on where you decide to go – or could even help determine the destination. If you are keen to participate in watersports, for example, then you might consider Brighton or Bournemouth.

          There are a whole range of activities to choose from so make sure you organise a good selection that all the guests will enjoy – and that are appropriate to the time of year. For some stag party ideas have a look at the activities we can organise for you here.

          Tie it in with an event

          There are plenty of exciting events across the UK throughout the year, so why not see if there is one you can coordinate the stag party with one? If the stag loves to go to festivals – and his party is taking place during the summer –you might like to go to a music festival –perhaps Manchester for Parklife in June or London for Wireless in July.

          Stag Do

          Don’t forget to plan in some downtime

          Spending the day rushing from one activity to another could mean that come the evening you are falling asleep into your first pint of beer. The UK boasts beautiful scenery and has plenty to explore, so allow some time to do so. If you are in Edinburgh you might want to wander up and the castle, while those in Bristol might head up to Brandon Hill and look back down on the city and in Brighton you could have a wander along the pier. Allow yourself time to enjoy the destination you are in and build in some flexibility into the schedule.

          This is also the perfect opportunity to play some game. Have a few prepared and use these to break the ice between guests who don’t know each other that well and bring them out if you find yourself at a loose end at any point.

          You also need to consider where you are going to eat – and make sure that the bar or restaurant is well located to fit in with the rest of your day and night.  

          Now you need to book your accommodation

          When booking your accommodation first think of the location – is it in easy reach of the bars, shops, restaurants? It might well be cheaper to stay on the outskirts but if you are then getting taxis everywhere this will quickly add to the cost.

          Also, consider who is going. Would you prefer a house that will sleep all the guests or would you be better off in a hostel?

          Keep the stag in mind

          Most importantly, make sure through every part of planning and organising the stag do, you keep the most important person in mind – the stag.

          His weekend will quickly be ruined if you organise activities he simply isn’t interested in, or you spend more time travelling than anything else.

          Likewise, don’t forget to think about who is going – if his dad and father-in-law will be attending then this might help you to make a few decisions.

          stag do lads

          Don’t be afraid to ask for help…

          It might only be one weekend but making sure that everyone is able to attend and happy with all the decisions, that the transport is sorted (to the location and between activities), that you have enough to do, but not so much that you are rushing around and, on top of that, actually booking and sorting out payments – is a big job for one person.

          Take control to ensure it all goes smoothly but delegate a few jobs such as planning the games or collecting payments. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for advice – even from the groom himself. You might want to keep some of it a surprise but the more say he has the more likely he is to be happy with it – particularly when it comes to the guest list. You don’t want to miss anyone off or invite someone he would rather wasn’t there!

          And, of course, at Adventure Connections we can always take a lot of the stress out of it by booking the accommodation and activities for you.  

          There are so many beautiful destinations right here, packed with both typical and quirky stag do activities that it is easy to have the perfect party without having to pack your passport. Now, you have some stag do ideas in the UK you just need to plan it!


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