Popping the question? These marriage proposal ideas can help with your big moment…

Published on Dec 19, 2017

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when you’re ready to take the next step, graduating from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife. But, before you get that far, comes the big event – the proposal!

Now, every couple has a different vision on how they want the proposal to be and while one person’s dream may be another person’s nightmare, one thing is certain. You want it to be a memorable moment (for all the right reasons) and one your significant other will remember for the rest of their life.

Here are our top marriage proposal ideas for you to think about…

Unique Proposal Ideas

1) Memorable scavenger hunt

Let’s face it, a scavenger hunt is always fun, no matter your age. But what better way to finish it than with a romantic proposal at the final destination? This is a great proposal idea, you can make the hunt super romantic, creating clues for your partner leading to all the different destinations which mean something to you both. This could be the place you met, where you had your first date, your first kiss, or even just a place which reminds you of each other. This can be made as creative or as simple as you like, you can take them to a whole host of places with intricate clues or even just four or five which are super special to you. All you need to be sure of is ending up at the special final location where you can pop the question!

Unique Proposal Ideas

2) On a helicopter ride

If you want to (quite literally) take your proposal idea to a whole new level, then why not pop the question in the skies? A helicopter ride is both exhilarating and romantic, with tumbling views below of beautiful scenery below. When you’re with the clouds, why not take this opportunity to present your other half with the ring? Want something extra special? Enlist the help of family and friends and get them to spell out ‘will you marry me?’ down on the ground below then simply ask your other half to look out the window when the time is right! There are a number of companies who can help you to organise a helicopter ride for your proposal and some even include a glass of Champagne to help you celebrate!

3) In a Christmas bauble

If you are planning on proposing around the festive season, you don’t necessarily have to wait until Christmas day to pop the question. One romantic way to do it can be when you are decorating your Christmas tree. There are lots of jewellery and specialist shops which sell special baubles specifically for romantic proposal during the Christmas period. Simply pop your ring inside and when you are finished wrapping the tinsel round the branches pass your other half the bauble and ask them to have a look inside. (Just make sure this one doesn’t get mixed up with all the other decorations!)  

Unique Proposal Ideas

4) On stage at a theatre show

If your partner is a theatre lover, there is little better way to propose than in the show itself. This will need a bit of organising as you will need to liaise with the theatre company first but, if it all goes to plan, it’ll show you can pull out all of the stops. Why not start the evening with a pre-show dinner followed by one of their favourite plays? Give no hints away then when the curtain goes down at the end you can pretend you are nipping out for a minute and appear on stage with the cast! Drop to one knee and invite her to come up and join you where you can pop the question. Depending on the show, you could also ask to enlist the actors and actresses, getting them to hold a large sign asking, ‘will you marry me?’.

5) At one of your favourite spots

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ones. Head back to one of the locations that means the most to you. Maybe it’s somewhere you went a lot when you first started going out, somewhere you visit a lot now, or the sight of one really memorable day together. Bring some flowers and a picnic to make it really special before taking out the ring and asking the question. If you have been there a lot of times, maybe you could print out some photos you have together in that spot? You could also hire a photographer to wait out of sight and capture the moment it all happens!

6) Board game

One proposal that recently went viral was one which used a custom board game. You could create a Monopoly game with memorable stops and chance cards relating to your partner’s life, all building up to the big moment – just don’t whip out the ring every time they draw a chance card! You could adapt any of your partner’s favourite board games – they’ll love the thought and effort you’ve put in and you’ll be left with a romantic keepsake.

Unique Proposal Ideas

7) At a beautiful beach/on holiday

Holidays are the ultimate time for romance. With no stresses, no worries and the thrill of unlimited sunshine and cocktails, you’re both guaranteed to be closer than ever. Not only that, but being abroad can offer a whole host of beautiful places that serve as an ideal backdrop for you to pop the question. Why not organise a candle-lit dinner on the beach or go to a local spot with beautiful views? You can ask the staff at your hotel to help you out to make it perfect or keep things simple and ask the locals to recommend the most beautiful spot to head to. Whatever happens, the proposal is guaranteed to be special (and a tan in engagement photos always looks good too!) Be sure to pack a camera and a bottle of bubbly for post-proposal celebrations.

Unique Proposal Ideas

8) With a flash mob

Sometimes less is more and sometimes only in-your-face fantastic will do. If the latter is what you are searching for then why not organise a flash mob for a truly memorable proposal? These proposals are great as they can include a whole host of your family and friends and should end up looking brilliant. Make sure you arrange for someone to film the event (someone is bound to at least have their phone on them) as flash mob proposals are great to watch back, show your friends and family and even your children in the future. You can organise this yourself (but be sure to check with venues first) or use a company to help you. Book a Flash mob is a company of professional flash mob choreographers and producers and can help you out with this. Why not meet your partner at a shopping centre or where they think you’re just going for a wander?

9) The mountain top

If you’re both into hiking and you are looking for somewhere stunning to make the move, get up early for the sunrise and hike up to a mountain peak. Jenna Bush (George W’s daughter) put this technique to use and it’s climbing in popularity (excuse the pun).

Unique Proposal Ideas

10) With a photo album

For a subtle and romantic approach, why not put together a photo album or scrapbook of all your favourite moments together? Then, on the last page, put in some photos of you holding signs saying, ‘will you marry me?’. It’s also a lovely touch to be able to sit together and look through your best moments, and the album will be something you can both keep forever.

Unique Proposal Ideas

11) On a private boat trip (yacht charter)

For a luxurious proposal, why not book a private boat trip such as a luxury chartered yacht? Tell your partner you are taking them for a surprise day out and head to a marina where you board a powerboat. Most are decadently fitted, with plush indoor seating areas. You can hire out a caterer to cook you a romantic three course dinner with wine and then, when the sun begins to set, take your other half out onto the deck and propose with a beautiful backup. Pop open the Champagne and celebrate as you sail back to shore.

Unique Proposal Ideas

12) Underwater

For something a little less conventional why not propose to your other half underwater? There are a few ways to do this – some require you getting wet and others don’t! One way, for example, would be to book on a scuba diving course together on holiday. Enlist the help of your instructor and your fellow divers, wait for your partner to turn their back underwater and, when they do, get your helpers to unravel a sign saying ‘marry me’. Another way is to speak to your local aquarium (Sea Life London offers this) where you can get an expert diver to weave your proposal into the feeding time routine.

13) Write it out in the clouds

If you have a few bucks to splash out and want a big statement that is timelessly romantic, hire a skywriter. They can doodle your question in the sky over a passionate picnic in the park or whilst you’re sunning on the beach. Either way, look up at the right moment and you’re all set for the big question.

Unique Proposal Ideas

14) Recreate your first date

Depending on how old you were when you met, your situation and your tastes at the time, recreating your first date for a proposal could lead you to some pretty funny places. But whether it is down your local pizza place, a park or a five star restaurant, it is guaranteed to be a sentimental and special event.

Unique Proposal Ideas

15) New Year’s Eve with fireworks

This may seem like a cliché, but there’s nothing wrong with a cliché! Why not bid goodbye to one year as boyfriend and girlfriend and see in the new year as fiancé and fiancée! You could take your other half to an organised firework display, or take them to somewhere special where you have the perfect view of the fireworks at midnight. The backdrop will be spectacular for your big moment.

Unique Proposal Ideas

16) Disney

There’s something about Disneyland/World that fills people’s hearts with joy. Whether it’s the childhood memories these parks evoke or the thrill of the rides, you’re bound to have a smile on your face in a Disney venue, whether it’s in Paris or America. You could be a Disney prince and princess forever (and hopefully live happily ever after).

17) The sporting event

Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe proposed to Mike at the baseball game? It might be a  public-pressured proposal but, if you’re both die-hard sports fans or the stadium played an important part in your relationship, this could be the perfect engagement.

What’s your favourite proposal idea? Let us know in the comments below! Already proposed? Now is the time to start thinking of your wedding location! If you want somewhere unusual, check out our post of top unique wedding destination ideas here.