25 Wedding Cake Ideas

Published on Feb 1, 2020

25 Wedding Cake Ideas


Gathering wedding cake ideas is without a doubt one of the best parts about planning a wedding. You’ll want to conduct careful research (including tasting of course) and decide on flavours, overall style and size, and cost. We’ve collected a whole bank of cake ideas to help you whittle down exactly how you want your wedding cake to look. We should warn you, don’t scroll down on an empty stomach. Absolute scrumptiousness awaits.  


Elegant wedding cake design


Simply Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas


1) Elderflower and lemon flavoured cake with white icing is both classy and flavoursome. Add a bouquet of purple flowers to give it some vibrance. 


2) Sweet white chocolate icing with a tangy raspberry sponge centre. Classic.


3) Buttercream is both traditional and modern and comes in just about every flavour you can imagine. 


4) One way to give a simple-looking wedding cake an extra dimension is to add small yet tasteful flowers to the edges.


5) Give a minimalist looking wedding cake an extra glow by sprinkling it with golden or silver glitter to dazzle. 


6) At the very centrepoint of a wedding is the blushing bride and handsome groom. Keep your wedding cake a pleasing neutral colour with a modest look and add a stylised bride and groom wedding cake topper as the crowning piece. If your wedding has a colour scheme try and add a ribbon of this colour to match.


7) No fancy handcrafted icing is needed with a fancy metallic gold painted wedding cake.


8) Salted caramel oozes down the layers creating a rich and seriously sweet treat. Finesse with clotted cream fudge for sheer indulgence.  


Drip wedding cake ideas


Two & Three Tier Wedding Cakes Ideas


1) Make a luxurious red velvet centre first tier accompanied by a smooth chocolaty sponge on the second tier. Hide both underneath a light buttercream vanilla icing. 


2) For all the bakewell tart fans this almond and cherry wedding cake is for you. The sponge has a slight nutty texture to it complemented by a tasty cherry jam. Topped with fresh cherries for the perfect fruity touch. 


3) Drip cakes are a popular modern trend. Delicately crafted drip can turn any wedding cake into a scrumptious looking waterfall. A light strawberry drizzle goes well with a classic Victoria sponge, and salted caramel is the perfect accompaniment for vanilla icing.  


4) Naked cakes have recently come into fashion. Strip back the icing and you have your wedding cake bare for all to see! Tiers are served between gorgeous sweet cream and decorated with fresh fruit such as strawberries and raspberries.


5) Identical top and bottom layers with a contrasting middle cake gives a slice of variety and sophistication.


6) Not every cake needs to be circular, break out of the norm with square tiers. The corners give your wedding cake a new sense of grandeur.


traditional wedding cake


Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas

1) For a timeless wedding cake, line the bottom of each tier with silver lacing and decorate in a minimalist fashion with small floral piped icing.


2) For that 50s and 60s style wedding cake, connect your layers with individual columns to give it that extra height and overall wow appeal.


3) Nothing says vintage like pure angelic, elegant white. White frosting, white lace, white flowers, white icing. 


4) Premium liqueurs, in particular brandy, and quality fruits were among the most popular ingredients used in vintage wedding cakes from the 1950s. 



Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

1) For those of you with a sweet tooth, you might want to decorate and top your icing with your favourite past time sweeties. From love hearts and haribos to strawberry bon bons and wine gums.


2) If you’re after a wedding cake that’s to be remembered for its unique appearance then you need to forget traditional elegance. How about a stylised Liquorice Allsorts cake for the shock factor!


3) Dare to be different with a wedding cake with just a single layer and several tiers of divine cupcakes topped with intricate, handcrafted chocolate and vanilla icing.


4) Similar to the cupcake tiers, go bold with delicately delicious maroons that melt in the mouth.


5) Think Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the form of a lavish wedding cake. Dark icing with a moist chocolatey centre and a hint of orange to compliment the richness the chocolate brings. For ultimate luxe and style, position small edible orange decorations along the cake tiers.


6) For a real poptastic wedding cake sprinkle the top with popping candy. Vibrant, sweet, but most of all fun.


7) Nobody said that your wedding cake couldn’t be a cheesecake. Give your guests the gift of variety with three different flavoured tiers. A tangy fruity layer, followed by a crumbly cookie centre and finished with a salted caramel crown.  


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