Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Examples

Top tips for the father of the bride speeches

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          Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Examples

          Published on May 8, 2019

          Every father knows that one of the biggest and most important days in his life will be to give his daughter away on her special day, and with every wedding comes the famous father of the bride wedding speech.

          Not only is this an important moment for the father to thank all of the guests for attending and to welcome the groom and his parents into the family, but it’s an opportunity to tell your daughter in front of her closest friends and family just how proud you are of her.

          If you’re reading this as a father of the bride and thinking there’s a lot of pressure to deliver a heartwarming and personal speech, then you’re absolutely right. Luckily for you we’ve put together the foundations for three speech templates each with their own style to help you deliver the favourite speech of the big day – we wish you every bit of luck delivering it!


          Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

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          The proud & loving father of the bride speech

          This wedding speech example for the father is centred around the love you have for your daughter and delivering a powerful and personal speech that will bring tears to everyone that listens.

          Begin by introducing yourself as the father of the bride and thanking all of the guests for attending and being a part of this beautiful day. Check with the bride and groom when writing your speech to see if there are any special thank yous that you should mention.

          The bulk of your speech will be about retelling your fondest and earliest memories of your daughter. Times that you’ve shared together that hold an everlasting place in your heart. Share with the guests how your once little girl has grown into the strong and inspirational woman she is today. What key moments spring to mind when you think of your daughter achieving great things? Getting her first job, passing her exams or driving test, becoming a mother? Mention those moments that make you smile instantaneously when you think of them.

          Then recount the more personal moments that define your relationship as father and daughter. You could talk about the hours upon hours you spent teaching her how to ride a bicycle and her persistence to not give up, even though she was bruised and grazed. Speak of the nights you went bowling together after all your talk about how they used to call you ‘Strike’ back at college, only to find out she’s a turkey bowling master.

          What has your daughter shown passion for over the years? What does she do that inspires you? Has she taught you anything over the years?

          Finish your speech with a real tear jerking moment by telling your daughter that for all the special memories and moments you’ve shared and those that are still to come, giving her away at her wedding and watching her smile with pure bliss and joy will top them all. Say she couldn’t have picked a more genuine man to marry and then truly welcome him and his family into yours. End by toasting the happy couple.


          Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

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          Welcoming the son in-law into the family father of the bride speech

          This wedding speech template for the father is based around you giving your new son in-law your blessing and approval to marry your daughter, whilst also sharing some of your favourite moments of him trying to win your families affection and approval.

          Once again, begin your speech by thanking all of the guests for attending, it’s important to play the host as a parent. Now that the formalities are out of the way, it’s time to jump straight to it. Every father has a dutiful role to vet his daughter’s new boyfriend to make sure they are worthy to tread the ground she walks on, delivers the promises he offers, and makes her happy beyond belief. With all of this in mind we’re sure the groom has had to pass some vigorous initiation tests and stumbled along the way. Share a couple of your absolute favourite moments for some smiles and laughs, but just make sure they’re not insulting, you only want to make the guests and groom smile, but a small bit of embarrassment is allowed!

          A good place to begin is talking about when you met the groom, what were your first distinct impressions. How did he introduce himself, what was his job at the time? Did he fall at the first hurdle or were you suitably impressed? Maybe you didn’t quite gel at first but there was a particular turning point in your relationship where you stopped looking at him as your daughter’s boyfriend and more like a son?

          Your speech will be enhanced if it’s humorous but it’s important to balance it with sincerity. By the end of it you will have told a story of how your relationship with your son in-law has blossomed over the years through smiles, laughter and genuine happiness. Address the groom directly and tell him that he couldn’t have wished for his daughter to marry a nicer man. Finish by congratulating the happy couple and proposing a toast to a long and happy marriage.


          Father of the Bride Wedding Speech


          The funny father of the bride speech example

          This amusing father of the bride speech template is to bring laughter to the room whilst ultimately carrying an important message; laughter is love. You’ll need to have a great relationship with both the groom and bride because they’re going to be at the centre of some of the laughs. Remember, you’re going for light hearted laughs and not wanting to cause offence –  if you’re concerned, get someone to proof your wedding speech!

          The mother of the has already delivered a heartfelt speech about the bride and groom, so now’s the time to compliment the love with laughter. Set the tone of your speech immediately by introducing yourself as the father of the bride, slip in a quick thanks to all the attendees followed by cracking a joke straight off the bat. Try something like  “I’ve watched my daughter grow into a wonderful woman over the years. I’ve seen her throw up, wet her clothes and cry herself to sleep, but that’s enough about her 18th birthday…”. If everyone wasn’t paying attention before, they certainly are now.

          Reminisce about the early days of your relationship with the bride’s mother and talk about the similarities you see in your daughter’s blossoming romance. For instance, you’ve heard her spend a lot of time on the phone talking about, well a lot of nonsense from what you’ve heard, and you completely relate, you were also inseparable during those early years. Now, for as much as you love your wife, you can’t wait for those five minute toilet breaks with your phone to have a breather to yourself. Angry birds can’t play themselves!


          Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

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          You’re coming to the end of your speech so thank everyone in joining the newlyweds for a truly special day that they’ll both remember for the rest of their lives. Then thank them for all the wedding gifts they’ve bought as that will save you a few months pocket money to your daughter! Round off your speech by congratulating the happy couple, expressing your complete delight for the both of them and finish with some wise words to pass down from father to daughter and son; love is laughter, so never stop laughing, together.


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