Wedding Table Name Ideas

Published on Feb 20, 2020

Wedding Table Sign Ideas

There’s no detail too small when it comes to organising your wedding day. Bride and groom – it’s all about you, which means you’re going to want to share lots of little sentimental and personal stories with your guests and one great way to do this is through your wedding table names. Don’t be a boring Barry and seat your guests at tables 1 & 2. Place them at a table that’s named after something special, fun, and memorable. To help your imagination run wild here are 20 of our favourite wedding table name ideas.


Countries you’ve visited

Travel, holidays and excursions abroad. Tell your guests about the adventures you and your partner have shared together by naming each table as a country you’ve travelled to. You could include a small itinerary note on each table to add a little extra culture and encourage others to visit too!


International phrases for I love you

It’s not a wedding without the theme of warmth and affection embedded throughout. Spread the love amongst family and friends at their tables by finding the translation for I love you in different languages from across the globe. A phrase that’s so universal that no matter what language it’s spoken in, it’s heard and felt by everyone. Cue the awws.



Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Lagoons

There’s something quite majestic about the names given to huge bodies of water. The Atlantic, Loch Ness, The River Nile, Lake Como, The Pacific. Blue nature at it’s finest. This theme is perfect for lovers of the Earth’s water.


Planets of our Solar System

Naming your wedding tables after the planets in our solar system is about as grand as you can get. We’re sure this astrological theme will provide some thought provoking conversations at the table about our existence and size relative to the rest of the universe (We’re so tiny!). 


Star Constellations

We’re betting that at some point in your relationship you’ve sat in a country field gazing upon the stars hand in hand with your loved one. Give credit to the romance that followed and name your wedding tables after the wondrous star constellations. For an extra creative touch, include dot-to-dots of the constellations for your guests to complete.


Game of Thrones House Names

Who will you assign to house Lannister, Stark and Targaryen, and what will that say about the wedding guests at those tables? If you’re throwing a fantasy themed wedding, your guests will love revisiting GOT. Add famous lines from characters belonging to that house and get your family and friends to guess who said them. ‘Isn’t it a man’s duty to be drunk at his own wedding?’ – Tyrion Lannister. 


Famous Cocktails

We’re going to take a wild guess and predict that alcohol may be available at your wedding. Name each table after the most delicious cocktails you can think of, and include a little recipe / ingredient card for how to make them for bonus points.


Wedding Table Card Names

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Simple and classy. Forget words, just assign your favourite colours to each table. If you’re all about tones then you might want to note the hex codes for each colour. You just know someone will ask you for one!


Breeds of Doggos

Dogs are just the best things in existence, wouldn’t you agree? So smiley, fluffy and happy, of course you’re going to want to include them in your wedding! Labradors, chihuahuas, German shepards, dachshunds, corgis, and beagles. If you can’t have a golden retriever delivering your rings down the aisle, you can at least use these cute creatures of comfort as a theme for your wedding table names.


Greek Mythology

Fans of ancient Greek history will love this mystical table name theme. Allocate each table a legendary creature of myth and wonder such as the primordial cyclops, ferocious chimera, deadly hydra or war hound Cerberus. Go the extra mile and include an image and description of each exalted being. 


Local Phrases and Sayings

Colloquial phrases that you, your family and friends have used growing up are a fantastic choice for wedding table names. They’re distinctive, personal and more often than not, hilarious. Go bananas. 


Gold Tier Chocolate Bars

Rank your absolute favourite chocolate bars and label your tables with them. Will your guests agree with your cocoa rankings or will you start a choco debate? Don’t forget to have mini chocolates available for each of your guests as a delicious sweet treat.


Bier Cheers

If you and your partner are big fans of barley, water, hops and yeast (let’s just call it beer!), have your tables named after your most recommended bevvies. Or stick with the types; IPA, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Porter, you get the gist. Just make sure you have a good selection of these at the bar!  


Wedding Table Place names

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Types of Flowers

Can’t decide on what flowers to have at your wedding? Don’t settle for one, have a touch of everything by naming each table after a piece of Mother Nature. Sunflower, Daisy, Lavender to name just a few flowers that will add a touch of beauty to your big day and smell spectacular. Maybe you could have one of each type of flower on each table?  


Sporting Heroes

If you really can’t do without a sporting reference on your wedding day, assign each table a captain which will act as your wedding table name. Your guests will field their captain’s teams. For some after-party fun, organise a few team games to take part in with a cardboard cut out of your captain to inspire and lead.


Famous Duos

Romeo and Juliet, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Jelly? The choice is yours. Will you choose those that inspire beauty and love, or comedy duos that deliver gut-busting laughter. 


Significant Dates

Every blushing bride and handsome groom has at least a few milestone dates in their relationship. Your first date, first kiss, engagement, moving in together, birth of a son or daughter, even the time you spilt your entire soup entree down you at your anniversary meal. Use these dates as the headers for your wedding tables. Choose your styling options; dashes, periods, or make it more enigmatic with just digits like 05082010. Don’t forget to include a caption so your guests know the significance of those dates!



Glitz up your wedding tables with the names of shimmering birthstones. These stones could also influence the colours used on each table. Plus, the names emerald and amethyst just emit elegance and glamour.


Unique table names wedding

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Family and Friends

The spotlight is firmly on the happy couple, but a wedding isn’t complete without their closest friends and family to share their happy day. Once you’ve assigned all the guests to a table, select one member and share with everyone your most treasured memory with them, verbally or written on a note for the table. 


Mountain Ranges

Are you both accomplished conquerors of mountains and seasoned adventurers? Call your wedding tables all the mountains you’ve climbed or are on your bucket list to hike. Include a few mountain facts on the tables such as the total height, conditions (snowy, volcanic), time / estimated time of your climb, and date conquered / you hope to complete it. You could even include a sign-up sheet somewhere so that your guests can opt-in for the next big climb with you! 


There we have it, 20 unique wedding table name ideas to get you thinking about your big day. Have we missed any that you’re considering using or have used? Let us know in the comments!


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