10 Classy Hen Party Games

Published on Jul 30, 2019

10 Classy Hen Party Games that you must play

Let’s face it, Hen parties have evolved from the tacky affairs they once were, with feather boas, headbands, neon glowsticks and L plates. And while some bride-to-be’s may still want an evening of innuendos and penis straws, some will be looking for something filled with a bit more class and sophistication. After all, just because the ‘Miss to Mrs’ wants a hen do that’s a little less R-Rated, why should it be any less fun?! We’ve put together ten classy hen party games that all the ladies will love and are guaranteed to create an evening that will be remembered for years to come. Read on for some of the best inspiration that your bride to be will thank you for.


  1.     Gin and Prosecco Pong

Let’s face it, while the concept of beer pong is great, it’s not the classiest thing to drink – and is usually not so savoured by hens. Which is why a great classy hen party game is Prosecco or gin pong! After all, what better way to break the ice with the group that a shot of gin or Prosecco (or three!) It’s a win-win situation, allowing the group to bond over their competitive spirits, get to know each other and get a bit merry at the same time. Why not add a splash of tonic to the gin? Some of your hens might prefer it being a G&T and a little less strong!


  1.     Mr and Mrs Quiz

If you are looking for a fun game to play on your hen night, then a Mr and Mrs quiz is a must. Challenge the bride-to-be to answer as many questions about her partner as possible. Before the day, why not meet up with the groom and record him answering the same questions and see how well they really know each other. Vary the questions and make sure to add some funny questions to get the group laughing!


  1.     Balloon Question Time

This game is really fun and simple. Come up with a range of questions, then get your fellow hens to answer different ones about themselves on a piece of paper and put these in a balloon which you then blow up. Place these balloons throughout the room and ask the bride to pop each one in turn. The bride-to-be must then try and guess the person who wrote each answer! This is a game which is sure to bring a few skeletons out the closet and create a lot of laughs along the way!


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  1.     Cocktail Challenge

There is one thing you can always guarantee gets a party started and that is cocktail making! The aim of the game is simple, to make the tastiest cocktails in your team. Split yourself evenly and have a list of cocktails for each team to make, then together work out how to make the cocktail and get shaking. Once made, allow the bride the sample each one and the highest scoring team wins. Why not have a forfeit for the worst tasting cocktail? You can also try blindfolding one person from the team who is pouring the ingredients the cocktails so they can’t see how much or just what they are pouring in, relying solely on guidance from their team! This can make it great fun, but can get a bit messy!


  1.     Find the wedding rings

This a game which is extremely cost effective but also great fun. Purchase a selection of cheap toy rings – you can normally get these online or from a pound shop – and hide them in a few different rooms around the house. Send your guests off to hunt for them with the person who finds the most winning a prize and the rest a forfeit (maybe a shot of something!) Your guests can either do this in teams or on their own.


  1.     The Taboo Words

As far as hen do games go, this is simple to execute, easy to play and most likely to bring out a few laughs. Create a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the Hen Do – be sure to make them as hard as possible so that people get caught out! If the word is said, decide a punishment for breaking the rules, this could be a drink or a dare – basically anything that will get the group laughing! Top words to avoid – ban the hen’s fiancés name, talking about the wedding or the honeymoon – these can be difficult to avoid so have plenty of consequences!


  1.     Who knows the bride best quiz

This is easy to execute and is guaranteed to bring out the group’s competitive sides! You can order “who knows the bride best” quizzes online, or make questions up, which the group have to answer. We’d recommend between 10-15 questions, anything less is too short and anything more gets a bit boring. Questions can be anything from ‘where did the bride and groom meet’, to ‘what is the bride’s favourite drink’ or even as difficult (to some!) as ‘what does she want to name her future children’. Have a prize for whoever gets the most right and a forfeit for whoever does the worst – their fate is up to you!


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  1.     Toilet roll wedding dress challenge

While the concept of using toilet roll as the main component of this game may not sound like the most classy hen party idea, we’d actually like to think of it as creative bridal couture. Get your group into teams and have them pick a designated model. They then have to craft a wedding dress out of lots of tape, toilet roll and any other customising bits you’ve got ready beforehand. The bride gets to pick the winning design!


  1.     Fill in the blank

Again, simple yet effective, the fill in the blank game is a brilliant way to get everyone involved. All you have to do is write down a series of facts about the bride to be and leave a key word blank. For example, you could say “The bride’s once walked into _____ when on a night out and broke her nose” You could have a prize for the hen with the closest (or correct) answer and a forfeit for the silliest or furthest away!


  1.   Wine tasting

We’ve all got that one who pretends to be a fully-fledged connoisseur so why not take it to the next level? Particularly if the bride loves a glass or two of vino! Get each guest to bring a bottle of wine, place a cover over the label then taste each bottle in turn. At the end you can vote for your favourite wine and the person who brought the wine is pronounced the winner and gets a prize. What this is, is up to you to decide!


By following these simple yet classy hen party games, you can guarantee the bride will have the hen do she’s always wanted, while keeping it sophisticated!


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