What To Do On A Stag Night In

Published on Mar 28, 2017

What to do on a night in with the lads

Not every evening on your stag do needs to be an alcohol-fuelled party funded by deep pockets. Between you and your trusty stags of the round table, you’ve spent a lot of money on your swanky self-catering accommodation, so it makes every bit of sense to make the most of it for an evening! Whether this is the warm up to your big night out on the town or part of your “recovery process”, this blog is for those that need a little inspiration for a top stag night in.

The Big Game

Now TV offers Sky Sports day passes for £6.99 (April 2017) so you and the lads can sit back and watch the big match in the comfort of your own home. If you really want to boost the experience why not hire a property with a cinema room or hire a projector! Ask the property owner for local takeaway options and bring in a few cratefuls of lager – what more really needs to be said? BBC sport have put together a great sporting calendar for the year so you never miss a match.


The Butlerettes 

If you’re looking for a little more spice in your evening without any nudity, butlerettes are a great addition. They are hand picked to be outgoing, friendly and cheeky in order to entertain you and your fellow stag comrades. They can be hired to serve up your dinner or pour you another glass of bubbly over the poker table. The butlerettes will arrive at your house with nothing more than their uniform and a charming smile. Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention, they’re dressed to suit the needs of your event…


Poker Night

If the hustle and bustle of the town isn’t for you then why not chuck in some money and pull on your poker face… Pick up a deck of cards and some chips and you’re all set for a classic poker night. Call your friend’s bluff, take their precious earnings and show them who the real pro is. If you want a truly prestigious experience you can hire private croupiers to host the evening who will bring high-quality cards, roulette equipment and tables so that you feel the full Monte Carlo experience.



The infamous stripper is a discussion that takes place in every stag group. If you don’t fancy a night on the town why not bring the club to you! The cost of a stripper may shock you at first but once the price has been divided between you all then it becomes very reasonable and why not surprise the stag with some fresh young blood on his final night of freedom! However if the misses doesn’t warm to the idea of her man ogling some cleavage then why not hire a male stripper, guaranteed laughter and the look of horror/disappointment on the stags face will not be forgotten no matter how much has been drunk!


Stag Drinking Games

We’re all aware that one way to cut the cost of a night out is to pre-drink before you head off for a good ol’ fashioned boogie.


Ring Of Fire

A college classic. All you need is a large glass (a pint glass will suffice), a deck of cards and everyone to have their own beverage. Place the cards in a circle formation around the glass in the middle and then take it in turns to draw one. Each card has a specific rule and when the circle is broken you must finish your drink! See the below image for the rule cards.



Pour as much drink into a glass as you wish, then flip a coin and guess which side it will land. If you guessed incorrectly – drink the contents. If you were correct, pass the glass on and the next person adds however much they like to the drink and then guesses the coin flip. As more and more participants guess correctly the amount in the cup will increase, therefore worsening the forfeit.


Cheers to the Guv’na

Take it in turns to count to 21 individually but 7 & 11 are switched (so instead of “7” you would say “11” and vice versa) and instead of saying 21 you shout “cheers to the guv’na!” and everyone repeats it, then has a group *cheers!* The governor then gets to make a rule for another number. For example, instead of 16, you have to get up and spin around. If you forget the rule you have to have a swig of your drink. I’m pretty sure nobody has ever managed to complete the whole game where every number has a rule!

See our full list of stag do drinking games.


Video Games and Films

Gaming holds a place in every man’s life. It’s the pure ambition and drive to be the best. Some self-catering houses have a home console already installed, but be warned that due to licensing laws most properties won’t actually supply the games! Although, we do live in a digital age so you’ll have no problem downloading games on site or pop into your local game store and pick up a few games before you leave. If your house doesn’t boast a console, no problem, just bring your own! If you want to incorporate alcohol into your gaming evening you can always have shots lined up for the loser on Mario Kart or if you’re feeling dangerous, shot per goal!


How well do you know your films?


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