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Activity : Country Farmers Games – BRI2640

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Here are the highlights of the Country Farmers Games:

  • 9 fabulous Farmers Country games
  • Free Group photos
  • Experienced instructors
  • Specialist equipment
  • Prize for the winner
  • Minimum group size is 10 people

Get yourselves down to the farm for some fun and frolics in the fields and fresh air!

The West Country is well known for its 'Ooh aar' breed of farmers, driving tractors, drinking lots of rough-brewed cider, and of course singing along with The Wurzels! In these Farmer's Games, you'll take part in a series of It's a Knockout style events, all with a West Country twist!

"Get thee down Somerset for the time of yer life, ooh aar!"

This totally unique and hilarious 'Country Farmers' day out is guaranteed to have you rolling in the hay with laughter. The farmer and his minxy milkmaids and hunky farmboys will take good care of you. Take part in 9 crazy activities including plenty of big inflatables. There's even a special game at the end for the stag or hen.

After the games, we can guarantee you're going to be gaspin' for a pint of cider and some proper West Country food and there is a stunning on-site restaurant (additional cost). Ooh arr!

The games take place in a fantastic venue just 10 minutes by car from Bristol City Centre, and 30 minutes from Bath.

Farmers Country Games - The Events

The Cider Run

Pilfer that cheeky pint an' leg it as far as you can before you gets twanged by the bungee! The longer the run the more you score.

Pitchfork Duel

A traditional way to sort out our disputes we've 'ad to tone it down. Some bloke with an 'ard hat and clipboard said we can't use proper pitchforks any more. Summat 'bout 'ealth an' safety. So get ready for some podium perched inflatable pitchfork proddin'. Knock 'em off!

Wurzel Knockout

The Wurzels 'av had it comin' for years, av' you 'eard Ooh Aar Just A Little Bit? Now's yer chance to dish out some revenge. Armed to the teeth with cider apples you'll be firin' them at the band an' you might get a shot at that pesky Blackbird they sings about.

'Pull the Pig'

Swine Squealin' fun! The prize porker's only gone and got stuck in the mud - Heave ho! Grab the rope and play Tug O' War with the hefty hog while the stag or hen saddles up!

Welly Wangin'

A skilled traditional village event, take it in turns to lob a welly boot into a series of targets. We'll make sure they's bin washed after muckin' out the pigs. Accurate lobbin' gets points.

West Country Wipeout

Jump on the pedal powered sweeper arm and knock ‘em down! Total Wipeout, West Country style!

Drunk Pub Skittles

This is real west country skittles, with a wooden alley as yer lanes, and a set of wooden skittles. It ain't that easy tho' as you spin round the pole first. See 'em stagger as they bowl 'em dizzy my babber!

Mangold Danglin'

You thought the last game was daft? You ain't seen nothin' 'til you've 'ad yer mangold dangled. Bar skittles with 'umans on cider kegs? Yer 'avin' a laaf!

Farmer's Shower

Like Mastermind but the Stag or 'en will be sat on a chair below a gert bucket of Somerset slurry! Can they 'andle the pressure...?