The Star Wars Stag Do

Published on May 3, 2016

Four ways to star wars the hell out of your stag do

1 Cosplay

Dress up, obviously. You can pick up some pretty awesome storm trooper costumes for about £30 online. Who doesn’t want to see an army of stagtroopers, led by Darth Vader (the stag), infiltrating the dance-floor?


2 Lightsaber battles.

Grab some cheap lightsabers online for roughly £5 (or extra cool ones with noises for £15) and hold an ultimate battle to the death (AC does not condone fighting to the death). Take turns with one on ones or team up, when you get zapped on the arm, you can no longer use the arm. Zapped in the leg, start hopping and any hits on the torso / head are instant death.


3 Drinking Games

I’ve included two very different drinking games that could go two extremely different ways.

Luke Saberhands – A twist on the classic Edward 40 hands, duct tape a cup, filled with a strong drink of your choice, to both hands of each member in your stag do. You will quickly figure out that you can’t do anything whatsoever, no opening doors, no peeing and no hand gestures. You only gain access to your hands after the cup is empty.

Drink When – Most stag do’s spend the first night with a takeaway and a movie night. Introduce the new Star Wars – The Force Awakens film and a few beers into the equation and follow these very simple rules:

  • Drink whenever someone opens a lightsabre
  • Drink whenever Ren loses his temper
  • Drink whenever someone says BB-8 or Resistance
  • Drink whenever someone calls Leia “Princess”
  • Drink whenever you see a classic star wars screen wipe transition


4 Forfeits

Get the entire stag do together and work on renaming some items. You could give each other nicknames from the star wars series, motor vehicles could be Millennium Falcon’s, the accommodation could be the Death Star… When people say the true name, forfeits can be given such as warm beers, dares for the night out or how about your own personal stag slave?!