One day in Brighton – Things to do!

Published on Jun 18, 2009

Things to go in brightonAs part of our series of ‘things to do in Brighton’, one day in Brighton on a break should feature.

So if you’re coming to Brighton for just one day, what would you do? Our thoughts on the subject obviously revolve around who you may be? Are you an active person, someone who likes to relax, someone who likes adrenaline and takes risks or simply a shopaholic?

Just arriving at Brighton will be exciting, the city has a youthful appeal, many celebrities enjoy Brighton and Sussex as their home base. Brighton is absolute rammed full of bars, hotels, restaurants and first rate services.

Being only 45 minutes away from London by an express train or just over the hour on a normal run, Brighton really is very accessible. Road structures are fairly good, bank holidays are extremely busy, and so if you’re thinking of coming to Brighton on a bank holiday, plan well in advance, but I digress – as this is focused on one day in Brighton and not a weekend.

One Day in Brighton – Active.

So you’ve arrived and hopefully done a little organising before hand as although Brighton has stacks of activities and wonderful things to do, it does actually sell out on most weekends.

Standing on Brighton beach is always refreshing, taking in the sea air, you can run for miles along the promenade, swim along the coast or cycle on designated cycle routes, so everyone has been thought about.

For water sports enthusiasts Brighton can offer a multitude of sailing days, half days and even luxury ‘I want to float around on a gorgeous yacht and pose option’. For the active person pulling the ropes, negotiating the buoys and organising your crack team on a yacht racing day is a must.

If you want to keep your feet dry but still want a fun competitive element to your active day in Brighton go for a treasure hunt or opt for a little 007 action with a cryptic spy hunt, fancy yourself as a beach bum then head over to Yellow Wave Beach volleyball centre.

Back to the water theme and you can arrive and float with windsurfing, dinghy sailing or enjoy water-skiing and surfing right on the beach (book if you want lessons).

So one plan would be to arrive in the morning, go straight to Brighton marina (pre-booking essential) hop on one of the sailing courses for the morning, enjoying the salty air, tinged with the excitement of trying a new sport for the first time, arrive back at Brighton marina for a quick shower and lunch in one of the numerous restaurants overlooking the marina. After a relaxing lunch head back to the start of a cryptic treasure hunt in the city before finishing at one of the Brighton Lanes Bars or cafes, then head down to the beach front for a sunset evening meal before heading home!

If you need any help in organising an active day in Brighton for your hen party, your stag weekend, or if you need a corporate event but need some local advice, please feel free to get in touch – we love to talk. 01273 858 206.