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Activity : Oxford Multi Activity Day – OXF9191

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What's Included?

Here are the highlights of the Oxford Multi Activity Day:

  • Specialist Equipment
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Discount available when booking more than 1 activity
  • Minimum Group Size is 10

Oxford Multi Activity Venue

If you are looking for a compact activity day out in Oxford - this is the venue for you! Just a quick 15 minute drive from Oxford centre and you have arrived. We offer packages with the following activities.

Oxford Quad Biking

This is quad biking in its pure form. After a brief introduction and practice, take the quads out into the wild on this trail, where you can really see what the ATV bikes are capable of. Whilst there are quick parts of the course, there are also some very tricky bits and you will have to learn quickly in these beautiful surroundings.

Oxford Rage Buggies - the real deal!

Come and experience the ultimate in off road karting with our Rage off road racing buggies.

600cc Honda V-twin will provide you enough power and with the up to date spec on steering and suspension, these buggies are low, sleek, quick and safe. Buckle up and hold on tight!

You'll be given an operational briefing at the start of the day so you know exactly how to operate the buggies and you'll also be given the opportunity to have practice driving them around the purpose built track to make sure you know how to operate them although they are very simple to use, (right pedal for go, left pedal for stop!).

Oxford Hovercrafts

With go-karting you would normally hit the brakes or slid around a corner, not so with our hovercrafts - you don't have any brakes!! Hovercrafts - do you drive them, pilot them, ride them or fly them? We've got no idea what the official term is, but one thing we are sure of is that they are great fun and like nothing else you've ever tried to drive (or fly, or ride..!).

The adrenalin will flow as you squeeze the throttle and twist your body to throw these lightweight, 600cc machines around the corners. Run as either a head to head competition, team relay event or simply a timed competition.

Oxford Clay Shooting

A true country sport, real clay shooting, real guns, real shots. Keeping your eye on the target, fire away at the curving clays as they hurtle through the sky. A popular activity and great fun whatever your ability, so come on girls, don't let the boys have all the fun!

Full instruction and a safety briefing are given at the start, so you do not need any experience to enjoy the sport.

Oxford Crossbows

More powerful than archery and much more accurate, these new versions of ancient weapons really do take your breath away.

Oxford Archery

With the long bows, which are powerful enough to be very accurate and light enough for most people to use.

Shooting over a reasonable distance to give everyone a real sense of achievement when they hit the target and more often than not, there are plenty of bull's eyes. You will soon be addicted and start tasting your competitive edge as archery is one of most popular activities.

Axe Throwing

Discover the native American inside you, as you launch traditional tomahawks spinning towards the target. Receive expert instruction and challenge yourself as you move further away from the target. Nearly all can manage to get the axe in the target with one spin, the competition comes when you move further away and go for two or three rotations

Paintballing in Oxford

The Oxford venue offers the best of both worlds, woodland and open air scenarios.

With more games to shake a stick at, friendly and experienced staff and the latest gear, we provide entertainment for all players from novice, to professional.

Oxford 4X4 Blindfold off road driving and reverse steer

Using a 4x4 vehicle, a blindfolded driver negotiates a course while being guided by one of their colleagues. It's defiantly not as easy as you think!

Good communication and bags of trust are required, not to mentioned nerves of steel from the instructor.

Reverse steer does exactly what it says on the tin, you steer right and you go left, so guess what happens if you steer left? This always brings on fits of abuse from all your so called friends.


Learn to throw using a perfectly designed and balanced knife. This is one activity that is definitely not as easy as it looks. The competition starts as we move you further back from the target to achieve 3, 4 or maybe even 5 rotations of the blade


Please remember to say which activities you would like in the additional comments section after enquiring.