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Activity : Northern Games – UK946

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Highlights of the Northern Games:

  • Outdoor and indoor options available depending on date
  • 2-3 hour-long activity
  • Fancy dress for the hen & stag
  • Prize for the winner
  • Free parking
  • Minimum group size is 10

Northern Games are new to Manchester & Liverpool and bring a collection of wild and wacky games to your event. 

Team up and compete against other groups in a variety of mini-games from the Bungee Run to Last La' Standing! We run both indoor events through the winter months and outdoor events in the summer (rain or shine!).


Some of the Northern Games you may play:

Penny Lane Bowling
Penny Lane Bowling may look innocent enough, but this game really does provide some of the best laughs from the day. your instructor will ensure every participant is sufficiently dizzy before taking part in this classic pins game.


The Bevvy Bungee Run
The Bevvy Bungee Run is one of the staples of the Northern Games and has been sending you guys flying since we started!

The rules are simple. You get three goes to get your bevvy's onto the trays with the furthest trays worth more points. Remember though... the further you run the harder you fall! He who dares wins!


Last La' Standing
This one needs no introduction! It's a giant game of last man standing where the spinning pole is pedal powered by one of your mates!

Will they be kind and go slow or will they try to take your legs off!

Either way it's so much fun and you'll probably see us having a go too!


The Derby
Our take on the world famous football match is the Derby. The mighty reds take on the dangerous blues in an epic footy sumo bout.

It's best of three to see who will come up trumps and have the bragging rights!


Human Table Football
Have you ever been stuck at at table football game, spinning them handles and feeling sorry for the tiny little players wacking the ball from end to end?

Well we have got a life sized version of this game, where you and your party will become the footballers and be pitted against each other in the ultimate Foosball challenge.


The Duel
This is the game to settle those scores! Our classic Duel will separate the men from the boys and the ladies from the lasses.

With our custom made pugil sticks shaped like Liverpool's Radio City Tower you'll be about to whack each other into next week on this game!


Note that we are constantly adding games to our collection so you may not be playing all of the above games.