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Activity : It’s a Knockout – 2323

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What's Included?

Here is what is included in your It's a Knockout experience:

  • Costumes
  • Experienced instructors
  • Specialist equipment
  • Prize for the winning team
  • 6 activities ( 2 costume, 2 inflatable and 2 water based)
  • Minimum group size is 10 people

The classic It's a Knockout games are great fun whether you're planning a hen party, stag weekend or team building day. You need to work together as every member of the group takes a key role in gaining valuable points.

Below you will find a few examples of the favourite It's a Knockout games available. For corporate team building days, there will be a choice of games depending on the group dynamic so everyone will be happy to participate. Did we mention that the winning team receives a bottle of wine?

Hats On -  (Inflatable)

This game consists of a foam covered giant inflatable hurdle course. The whole team compete across the course wearing a hat containing a cup full of water. The more water they keep in the cup the more points the team get. The last team member, however, will be wearing a rather large schoolboy costume - once they have completed the course, the team with the most water wins!

Slippery Summit -  (Inflatable)

In an attempt to recreate Hannibal's exploits, you'll be required to get your anchorman to the top and then get the whole team over the foam-covered mountain to the other side.

Because there 'ain't no mountain high enough' we have an inflatable substitute!

Fast Food Frenzy - (Water)

This is an amazing game of speed and slippery action. A relay based sprint where you will have to squeeze through the foam covered Drive Thru's and collect items of fast food from the pool of water. Each team have to complete the fast food orders that they have been set within an allotted time. Points will be deducted for incorrect items or incomplete orders.

Medieval Madness - (Water)

The whole team form a human chain standing on pedestals - when the compere says start the anchor person collects the sponges from the large bucket of water and passes them down the line. The last person in the team must catapult wet sponges over the castle wall to their team mate who will squeeze all the remaining water into a container. At the conclusion of the event the team with the most water wins!!!

Pendulum - (Inflatable)

Team members climb onto the large inflatable and position themselves on an inflatable podium. Once all guests are in position the objective is to swing the huge inflatable ball (which is attached to elastic and seems to have a mind of it's own) and try and knock their opponents off their podium. The last man standing gets valuable points for their team.

Crazy Climber - (Inflatable)

The team must use their mountaineering skills to scale a 15ft wall to retrieve pieces of a puzzle which must be assembled before time runs out. A true test of speed and nerves! Can your team scale the heights and conquer the other teams?

Golden Shot - (Inflatable)

Each team member in turn must try and score a penalty in the inflatable goal - different targets carry more points. The only problem they encounter is that their progress is been hampered by the opposing teams. A game of accuracy and balance! Being good at football may not be an advantage but it helps!

All hands on deck - (Water)

Teams must work in perfect nautical harmony as you work together to transport each sailor across the turbulent waters safely to the other side. The sailor must collect a variety of nautical items along the way; as delivery of a healthy catch will mean more points!

Damsels in Distress - (Costume)

Each team provides a Headless Ghost and Damsel to race on each heat. Both characters are cunningly hobbled by the costume so their movements are great fun to watch as the Ghosts chase the damsels down the course attempting to knock them over!

Penguin Pursuit - (Costume)

On the whistle, the penguins run anticlockwise round a course. All each penguin has to do is catch the penguin in front. When they do they must remove the fish from its back. The last two penguins standing fight to the finish!

Majestic Manoeuvres - (Costume)

Three giant kings line up on the start line. They then race through a fixed obstacle, which only has the space to allow one King through to the throne. The Kings are 10ft high, with only the competitor's feet showing from the bottom of the king.

Kangaroo Ski - (Water)

On the whistle; the Kangaroo skis down the course to the Castle, goes around the water butt and races back to the start. The team captain to release the team mates imprisoned behind the castle door. Each team player collects soaked sponges from the water butt and races to the start line to squeeze out their sponges into their containers. This is repeated as many times as possible in limit time.

Musical Monks - (Costume)

On commencement of the music, the monks circulate, in an anticlockwise direction, round a course denoted by cones. When the music stops, they race to the centre of the course and sit on any available podium. One player and one podium are eliminated after each round of music in this monastical melee.

Fe! Fi! Fo! Fall! - (Costume)

In this frantic event, participants climb inside Giant costumes complete with three-foot long shoes and quite simply run across the magic carpets. The magic carpets are pulled backwards and forwards by the opposing teams to drop the Giants to their knees.

Bird Cage Rage - (Inflatable)

An initial team relay where the team have to transport pieces of a birds nest through a large inflatable window then over the inflatable mattress. Once all pieces transported to the end point they then must assemble the nest. It is then the turn of the final person dressed as a 7ft budgie to complete the same course, which proves a little more difficult in the costume, and be the first to sit comfortably on the nest. A hilarious event which involves the whole team.

Jolly Joust - (Costume)

On the whistle, two strong yeomen pull the horse and knight down the course; using his lance to collect one Hoop on the Gallows post. When the horse reaches the opposite end of the course; the horse must be carefully turned around the rear of the podium, brought along side of the Fair Lady, allowing her to climb on. The Horse, Knight and Fair Lady race back to the finish line; collecting the second hoop with the lance as they do so.

Barmy Bingo - (Costume)

Team members dress as giant pensioners and race down the course to a small swimming pool full of extra large 'BINGO' balls to try and find the correct numbers to fill out their team's bingo card and shout HOUSE!

Rasputins Revenge - (Inflatable)

Team members must make their way onto a giant inflatable minefield to retrieve the mad monks clothing. As the clothing is retrieved the monk, aided by his team members must dress. The monk must then make his way across the treacherous minefield to rescue the princess and whisk her off to safety.

Different It's a Knockout games will be used depending on group size and weather, games will be changed for alternatives without notice for your health and safety.

TrustP Reviews

★ Jessica said:

"The course itself was brilliant and some games were harder than others. Be prepared to get soaked! Would definitely recommend to people to go."


★ Sophie said:

"Absolutely brilliant day!! The staff were amazing and really helpful and friendly. The activities were so much fun and the bride-to-be had the most fabulous time so thank you!!"


★ Lynn said:

"I rate 5 stars because it was a fantastic day out. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I'd highly recommend this to anyone."


Stacks of fun activity ideas to choose from, we can design your perfect day out, so if you're set on a fun idea but struggling to put it all together - call 01273 858206.

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