GPS Treasure Hunts

A quiz against time, trivia and terrain!

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          GPS Treasure Hunts

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          GPS Treasure Hunts ★★★★

          Challenge yourself and your companions to a quiz against time, trivia and terrain! Using our high-tech program, we can turn any smartphone into a treasure-hunting machine. Working in teams you must uncover the GPS clues and solve the riddles before the timer runs out. The team with the most points wins the day.

          From £15.00 pp


          • Available anywhere in the UK
          • 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2-hour Hunt
          • Explore new places
          • Fun with your Family, Friends and Co-Workers
          • Easy-to-use link to set up your own event
          • Accessible on any smartphone, no downloads!
          • Themed Events (Pirates, Spy, 80’s, Magic Spells)
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          About GPS Treasure Hunts

          What is involved in a GPS Treasure Hunt?

          Choose your location- we have 100+ locations already mapped out across the UK and 100+ more on the way! We can also create custom hunts for you anywhere on the surface of the earth! (dry land for preference!)

          Get a Theme going- From Sailing on the Ocean blue in our Pirates Ahoy adventure, to our Deadly Spy Mission we aim to have a hunt for every occasion! Travel back in time with us in our 80’s Retro quest or defend yourself with your Magic Spells Trivia.

          Gather your Party- Select your teams of intrepid Adventurers! Best friends, Bridesmaids or Pub Quiz champions. Who would you pick to be on your side? Or who would you like to challenge? Working in teams of 3/5 people clues can be answered in any order, following the interactive map.

          Ideal for corporate events, Hen Parties, Stag Do’s, family gatherings, school groups and events.

          The GPS hunts also come with an interactive scoreboard so that teams know what the Opposition are up to at all times. To encourage a little friendly competition between teams we also have a brand new free feature this year ‘Weapons/Defence Mode’, this allows teams that are near to each other to interact by throwing “virtual” custard pies, stealing points from the other team.

          Managed Treasure Hunts:

          If you don’t fancy setting up the event yourself, we will happily step In and fully manage the event ourselves!

          We will meet you at your chosen location/venue and brief your teams with the exciting scenario of today’s hunt, teams will be given their own specially programmed GPS devices (we provide all the devices required) and the game is on!

          We will be on hand to provide technical assistance throughout the hunt and will also act as moderator.

          On completing the Hunt your Facilitator will debrief the teams, calculate the scores and announce the winner! Your winning teams will also be awarded with certificates.

          Please note: prices, availability, photos and specifics may vary depending on your preferred location and dates. Exact information will be available upon booking.

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