Zorb Football & Binocular Football

Published on Jan 18, 2016

We’re just playing for fun… right?

Choosing the right team building activity for your company can be a tough decision, but at Adventure Connections, we’re on hand to offer a whole range of team exercises that you may not have even heard of!

In this blog, we’re going to tell you a bit more about two of our favourite football based activities that we recently partook in ourselves whilst in Brighton; Zorb Football, and Binocular Football (with a twist). Now team building may be about bringing your staff closer together through team work, but pitching half of them against the other half for a bit of competitive madness works a treat! Here’s our experience…

We should explain that binocular football isn’t just playing football with binoculars attached to your head. Remember the days at school with the beer googles? Yes, it’s exactly like that! There are two types of goggles that are visually impairing. Working together, we took part in a series of mini-games which consisted of dribbling, shooting and a lot of shouting directions. It’s ridiculous fun, whether you’re benched on the side-line watching your colleague stumble and miss, or taking part, you are guaranteed to be in hysterics. When the goggles are on, up is down, and left is right. When the ball looks like it is right in front of you, check again, it’s a metre ahead! Think this is easy? Have a go yourself!

It has to be said that Zorb Football is pretty intense, but that physical intensity serves a purpose! It gets your blood moving, heart pumping, and brings out the competitive side of your staff. You’ll have teams working together in no time because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to win? Climb in to a bubble suit, with little more than your shins on show, and get ready for some bumping and tumbling. Zorb Football is incredibly fun whether you enjoy playing football or not. The zorb suits completely take your mind off the ball in play (in fact, we spent half the time without the ball!). You could even ditch the ball completely and turn you’re your event in to Zorb Bulldog – elimination style! All of the team building games are fantastic fun and require everyone to pull their weight, guide and lead their side to victory, zorb football will create friendships and build trust within your team – which is pivotal to a successful team building day!

Still not sure whether this is the right team building experience for you? Take a look at the Go-Pro footage of our taster session…

Looks incredibly fun (and exhausting) right? Get in touch with us today for more information about these availability and prices. More information on zorbing, and binocular football here.


(Selected locations now offer a Megamix which allows you to combine two extreme events in to one mega event! – contact us for more details)