What makes the definitive Stag Party?

Published on May 19, 2009

Stag party weekend knowledge required, all may apply


A little knowledge goes a long way, we’re opening up our blog as ever,  for stag weekend, party and night knowledge!


Have you been on a stag do lately, you can help.

1. Was your stag do memorable, and if so, why?

2. Why was your stag weekend the best?

3. How many stag weekends have you been on to gauge it on?

4. What did you do with the stag party that you believe made the difference?

5. Did you go by price or quality?

6. Did you do it yourself or did you get someone else to organise and plan it for you?

7. Did you have problems finding a stag friendly hotel?

8. How many hotels did you call?

9. Did you try online and then narrow it down to the best possible hotels that will take a stag party?

10. Why did you eventually choose the accommodation, was it for quality, price or just somewhere to lay your head so you were not that bothered?

11. Did you opt for a memorable stag party activity, and if so what did you go for?

12. How did you go about finding an idea for a stag adventure weekend?

13. Did you have an essential ‘must do list’ before hand, or did you try and find an original stag party idea online?

14. Did you have a problem with ‘getting in’ night clubs and bars in the evening?

15. How did you communicate with all the stag group invitees, by email, phone?

16. Tell us your secret, and let us know what the definitive stag do means to you.

17. What are we missing? What did you do differently?

18. Were you happy at the end of your stag weekend?

19 If you had your stag party time again, would you do something different?

20. Would you use a party organiser to plan your stag weekend?


Ok, so we have stuck it out there, now we want you to tell the world the answers! You’ve been on stag weekends, help your brothers out with a little knowledge. Just imagine how helpful you would have found organising your stag weekend with some advice from guys who have done it.

Please feel free to pick and choose from the different numbers, (please list them so everyone can tie up the answers with the question). If you feel up to it, have a go at all 20 and then we will all know the answer to, What makes the definitive Stag Party?