The Festival Season – Our guide to a great time

Published on Jul 17, 2013

The Festival Season – Our guide to a great time

Stage 1: Picking a festival

Picking which festival to attend is obviously a crucial decision and the purpose of your weekend, so you have to take into consideration “what would be the BEST of the BEST.”

Firstly, take a look at the line up, if it’s not perfect, is there any point in wasting your precious pounds? However with the biggies such as Yahoo’s “Wireless” and Radio 1’s “Big Weekend” already history do not feel stuck for choice… Even if there’s a lot of unknown artist playing, this does not suggest that it will be a shoddy weekend, expect the unexpected!

Keep in mind the genre of the festival; if it’s all bubblegum pop and you’re into folk, chances are you’re not going to have a great weekend!

And finally you need to think to yourself about location, it’s all very well getting £20 tickets but if the venue is at the opposite end of the country, your budget is likely to deteriorate due to outrageous transfer fees.


Stage 2 – Who to bring

Your party is the single most important decision you will have to make in the planning of your weekend. In some cases it will be easy, with the names just rolling off the end your tongue, in other cases though; this verdict becomes an impossible quest to find the ideal crowd. You will have to be strong with the elimination process and rule out any possible party poopers in order to create the most breath-taking night of your lives. Pick people you’re comfortable around and make sure everyone gets along. Now, bare in mind everyone loves a joker but there’s a fine line between being cool and being embarrassing, and at a hectic event such as a festival, any sign of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever, and your group will have committed social suicide.


Stage 3 – Where to stay

Obviously camping on site is the experience of a lifetime, with a minutes walk from the stage and the stars all the time within eyesight… But if you crave luxury or even a warm bed for that matter, why not organise a hotel room or self catering property and venture outside the walls of the venue!


Stage 4 – How to get there

There are plenty of options available, being offered by every ticket salesman in history; but if you want the most cost-efficient way then you will listen to this guide. Undoubtedly minibuses would be the easiest form of transport with no map reading or parking needed. However, if it’s cheap that you are looking for then car sharing or group save train tickets are the way forward!


Our 10 unmissable festivals: