Stag and Hen Parties in the Recession

Published on Oct 1, 2008

Has the stag and hen party market been hit?

In all honesty, if it has, it has not affected us! Sure some groups have changed their minds and gone for a more economical option for their stag party, and some have just booked activities, hotels and nightlife here in the UK rather than flying across the world. I think maybe the difficult position with flight operators has certainly not helped with consumer confidence but people are much happier to stay in good old Blighty!

And really why go to Europe when everything you need is laid on a plate with a language you can understand, furthermore the costs of jetting off to the rest of the world has escalated so much over the last 12 months it’s definitely not cheaper nowadays, not even mentioning the time sitting on your butts waiting for delayed flights!

But I digress…

Has the stag and hen market hit a recession?

Not a chance! You have been waiting for your wedding, planning, hours spent imagining what married life is going to be like and bang you are going to cancel it! Not a chance!

Not even the bravest of souls will air the subject let alone make the announcement. Just imagine ‘darling, I don’t think we should get married just yet as it’s going to cost too much money’. ‘Darling’, in response, ‘of course puppy love just because I have waited since birth to walk down the aisle I’m happy to put it off until you say we can afford it’. Yeh right watch as ‘the proverbial darling’ adds some new ornaments to the shelf, with a, ‘you tight*******, my mother always said you were a#!!??#!!!’

I digress again………

stag and hen recession? nope not a chance, as long as we have sisterhood booking the weddings the stag or hen parties are going to keep rocking!

If you have found this blog of some interest why not leave a comment, do you think you will cancel or postpone your wedding because money is tight, if you want to cancel the wedding but dare not for the above reason let us know – we love to talk!