Stag and hen parties missing the boat…

Published on Jun 9, 2009

Why do stag and hen groups leave it till the last minute?

How long in advance do most people book their wedding? 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, it’s a long time in the planning. So why do a few stag and hen parties leave it till the last minute?

Both stags and hens are as bad as each other, they are so demanding and they get upset when availability is either limited or the options they want are sold out. It’s not our fault!

Do not believe the credit crunch will make things go your way, forget it, the best activities, hotel and shows are always in demand, so leaving it till the last minute to bag a special offer is very risky.

One question? How many times do you think you will get married? Once only right, so how many stag weekends or hen parties will be your stag or hen party? One, only one big night out will be yours, sure you will go on others if you have friends, but only one will be your stag weekend or hen party!

You don’t want to be the one everyone talks about for the wrong reasons or even worse forgets about! You want the best stag or hen weekend, enviable by your friends, emulated by others. You’re the trendsetter.

If your reading this, then maybe you have perused our website, it’s rammed full of premium stag weekends and hen parties, we organise them day in day out, in our history the longest lead time for a party has been 18 months, that’s booked not enquired!

Leaving it till the last minute is incredibly stressful for you, we can help but be ready for maybe your second or third option. If you think you have a fab idea for a stag or hen party then be sure someone else has thought of it before you and booked it up!

Don’t despair, it’s not the end of the world, after all, you’re getting married and the party beforehand is just the start of something wonderful.

We really can help, as we book hotels and activities all the time, we have a little more sway than if you call, relationships and reputation are everything to us.

Take zap cat power boating in Brighton, not everyone’s choice of activity but we negotiated the instructors getting up a little earlier and work a little later to make sure all Adventure Connections groups (we booked every zap cat session on the day) had a fabulous day out.

So our words of advice, if you want the options for your stag weekend or hen party then book it up. If you want someone else to organise a premium weekend for you so it’s stress-free hassle free then talk to us, we love to talk.

Adventure Connections – after all fun, is a serious business