Brighton Zap Cat Experience

Published on Sep 9, 2013


OMG, What Have I Got Myself Into…

As you can imagine at an events agency we’re lucky enough to take part in almost all of the activities, (still trying to bend arms for the F1 challenge!), this enables us to have first-hand experience of the events and activities. We believe this is paramount for a top agency, we have the knowledge to discuss and explain what happens on an activity or event, gives us an edge and keeps us sharp. So when I arranged for a Zap Cat session so we could take some new photos for our website I was expecting something similar to previous outings, how wrong could I have been?

Now before I continue I should explain, I have been part of a bungee jump team, I have paraglided, I rock climb, I’m a water sports instructor, I have raced karts, and driven many vehicles, and enjoyed so many adrenaline events over years and years of working at Adventure Connections, but seriously  ‘OMG what have I got myself into’,  was going through my head as I was gripping the hand rope for dear life, whilst my feet were jammed into the foot straps, desperately trying to keep myself in the boat while being propelled at break neck speeds at what looked like mountainous seas in the Zap Cat.

I should have realised before jumping in the cat that something was very different from the destroyed look on the other guest’s faces… You know the look, they were exhausted, exhilarated, spent and done in, they literally had trouble stepping from the Zap Cat into the so called RIB “safety” boat.

So why didn’t it click, why!! I couldn’t wait to get into the Zap, I had to be patient, wait for my turn as such, and then within seconds of launch, and I do mean launch, I was thinking: “F**k ,this is serious!!”

How can I survive, it was full on, breath taking, strenuous, and seriously SERIOUS! That’s all I could think, crap this is serious, what the hell, Jesus help me, the driver has lost his mind, we cannot possibly live through this…. And then, Wahooo we’re airborne, are we meant to be airborne, I’m sure this is not right, what the hell is this lunatic doing, make it stop, mummy make it stop, make the bad man slow down,  I was a blubbering wreck.

And then I was saved ‘SAVED’ I tell you, it slowed and stopped, what happened, I’m alive ‘ALIVE’, I turn to see the other passenger breathing deeply, wanting to take a break, ‘it’s ok I say, no worries we can take a break, if it’s too much for you’ (SAVED I TELL YOU!!) And then the passenger says the immortal words ‘I’m ok, we can go again now’. WHAT!!! What’s wrong with you, so of course I put on a brave face and murmur, ‘great, let’s get going’.

Even before launch control hurtle us back through the jaws of hell, the cold hand of fear is creeping back, if it was possible to leave hands imprints on rope I would have done so. It continued at impossible speeds and turns, weaving across the waves, launching from the peaks, diving down the back of huge waves again and again what seemed like an eternity.

I thought I could do no more; I made peace with my maker, I was thankful for my life, and it would be a good way to go out, it was over, goodbye world…

And then bam, I opened my eyes and to my astonishment we were slowing, making our way back to the support boat. Pulling alongside I could see other guests looking at me with a knowing nod of the head, I was now the wreck, spent, exhilarated, done in  and with a helpful hand I was safe, we had all survived, we had shared the bond that will stay with us for life.

Would I do the Zap Cats again, absolutely!! And I did, two more times; it was fantastic, one of the best experiences of my life.

Now you should also know that the RIB safety boat is some 23ft long, and the sea on the day had waves and swell of over 6ft combined, so adding the figures up, when the RIB was launching off the top of the waves you’re a long way up and it’s along way down!

The whole experience was fabulous, absolutely fabulous, if you really want an activity that you will talk and talk about, Zap Cats has got to be on your list.

A word of warning, Zap Catting really is serious, on this day the swell was over 2m, in gale force 4-5. We were at the limit of safety and lunacy for us mortals, most days will have better weather, but if you’re really lucky at the end of the experience you too will be smiling from ear to ear too.

You can see some of the action on our youtube channel or call the office for a ride of your life 01273858206