It’s a Knockout – Adventure Connections Style

Published on Feb 29, 2016

It's a knockout

“It’s a Knockout is the most stupidly competitive thing I’ve ever done”

Remember that old tv show with all of the inflatables, fancy dress attire and muppets falling in water? No, not Total Wipeout; It’s a Knockout! One of the BIGGEST perks of working as an event organiser is that I get sent out a few times a year to perform market research and experience the activities we sell – or as I like to put it, spend a day having heaps of fun! Recently we organised a Saturday day out to our It’s a knockout site in Brighton, and it was one of the funniest, competitive things I’ve ever taken part in.

We checked in, browsed the BBQ menu and got changed into our mud-friendly clothes. Everyone got into teams of 8 and then was split off to compete in the different events, with 3-4 groups competing in each event. On my left was a stag party growling, flexing their fake tanned abs and topping up their beers every 40 seconds. On my right, was a hen party, screaming some sort of battle cry from the top of their lungs whilst tightening their head bands and smearing mud on their cheeks in a Rambo-like fashion. This was going to be intense. Our first event was the “Maids a Milking” which required us to sprint onto an inflatable, dolphin dive through either the higher or lower hole and then rapidly tug on a (fake) cows teats, once you’ve emptied your udder, turn around, dive back through and then tag your team mate – first to fill the bucket wins the most points, second gets second and third doesn’t get any knockout points!

It's a knockout 2

Our next it’s a knockout activity was “All Hands on Deck!” An event that required quick delegation, skills analysis and a lot of self-control. One side has a barrel of water which has to be passed to the ship-mate, who’s then pulled across the sea and then passes the jug over to the other team mate who fills their barrel. Ultimately it came down to the time it took to pull the boat across and how much water could be kept in the jug (and not over the ship-mate).

The next activity was one of my favourites, essentially the It’s a Knockout staff filled a jungle gym with foam and then made your teams run through it blind, reach the other end and then throw random objects into a bucket which is held by another member of your team dressed as a chef. Ridiculous yet hilarious.

Throughout the afternoon we took part in several other events which included dressing in penguin suits, running in oversized tyres and competing in a 7 legged race (a 3 legged race but attached to 3 other teammates). I can’t express how much fun this activity was and it really helped our team to bond through delegating roles, working and competing as a team and making the boss look an utter fool!

It's a knockout 3

It’s a Knockout is a fantastic team building activity and is the perfect activity for stag and hens looking to spend an entire afternoon out having fun at a low price! Feel free to call our team and ask about our day out in more detail on 01273 858206 or book your It’s a knockout day online!