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Activity : Team Building Event: The Curio Show – 2362

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What's Included?

Key Business Benefits

  • Reinforces creative thinking
  • Breaks the ice
  • Promotes problem solving

Best described as a cross between ‘The Antiques Roadshow' and 'Call My Bluff', The Curio Show is an enjoyable and sophisticated icebreaker – the perfect accompaniment to any evening dinner. Guesswork and bluff will be required by your teams as they venture into a curious world of intrigue. The Curio Show features a diverse collection of objects that range from the fascinating to the downright bizarre, each of which may have many different uses. Each team’s task is simple: deduce the era, estimate the value and determine the intended use of each curio. Intriguing, interactive and highly entertaining, The Curio Show is sure to create an evening to treasure.

What will happen?

  • The first round of the game often takes place during cocktails when your teams will be able to enthusiastically inspect and handle the curios, displayed on numbered plinths around the room.
  • Your budding antique dealers will be invited to take a hands-on approach to get a true feel for each item, including taking them apart if necessary!
  • By the end of the round (which may continue throughout dinner), each member of the team (seated together at one table) will have formed his or her own individual opinion on each curio.
  • However, as the evening unfolds, much argument, debate and laughter is likely to ensue as your tables attempt to reach a team consensus!
  • The next round will begin when each team receives a written description of the true identity, era and value of one of the curios.
  • Teams must then create two false but plausible descriptions to present alongside the true description.
  • The more convincing their fabricated descriptions, the more chance they will have of throwing their opposing teams off the true identity of each curio.
  • Frenzied and colourful discussions will ensue as the diverse descriptions are considered and evaluated.
  • Finally, the true identity of each curio will be revealed to the gasps, groans and occasional cheers of all.