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Activity : Team Building Event: Da Vinci Code – 2598

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What's Included?

  • An iPad per team
  • Medal ceremony
  • A bespoke treasure hunt suitable for your group
  • Playing to key individual strengths
  • Da Vinci Trail including all Kit and Equipment Cryptex

his adventure is a fantastic team building event that captures your imagination in a spellbinding quest to crack the curator’s code. A fun activity that tests your team’s creativity and sense of adventure, you and your guests will be highly engaged in the mystery of the cryptex!

Based on the massive best seller by Dan Brown, discover the secrets of our capital including the hidden messages the illuminati didn’t want you to see! The event starts with a clue left by the murdered curator ,  of the world famous Louvre, Jacques Sauniere.

This clue will lead you on a quest around the beautiful city of London, taking its scenery and exploring hidden secrets, opening the unique cryptex and meeting with mysterious figures that live their life in the shadows! After many years of searching by many of the world’s greatest minds can your team be the one to discover the Holy Grail?!!

A dramatic and unique team building event where teams plan their own investigation to solve a murder

  • Your team are expert code-breakers
  • You've been called to a murder scene in a museum
  • Details of the brutal murder of the museum's curator are revealed to you
  • You hear the last words of the victim on a recording
  • These words give you your first clues
  • Each team has a unique cryptex (a handheld encryption device)
  • You learn that the curator was a significant player in a secret society
  • The identity of the assassin is hidden in works of art exhibited around the museum
  • Your team plans their own investigation of the museum's historical artefacts
  • The aim is for your team to be first at cracking the code to identify the killer