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Activity : Team Building Event: Flashmaster – 2379

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Key Business Benefits

  • Supports strategic planning
  • Promotes problem solving
  • Reinforces creative thinking
  • Considers risk management
  • Minimum group size 36

‘Houston, we have a problem...’

You and your fellow astronauts have successfully reached Mars. Your mission there is complete. However, your spacecraft is damaged, oxygen levels are depleted and time is ticking away. You only have one chance to dock with your space station as it orbits Mars and, to reach safety, you must design and build a new ‘rocket docking system’ from scratch.

This is Flashmaster! The aim is simple but the challenge is great. Your teams must compete to construct a rocket system that ensures successful docking. Travel too fast and their rockets may crash into the space station, exploding on impact; too slow and their spacecraft may fall short of the station, leaving them destined to a life floating in space!

Your teams have limited time and resources. Their survival will depend on perfect planning, inventiveness, cooperation and considerable creativity. To add to the tension, bets will also be placed on who is likely to survive! Flashmaster is a fun-filled event that is designed to get teams thinking resourcefully, whilst working together under pressure. Creating success in the face of disaster, Flashmaster tests all the skills required for working as a winning team here on Earth. What are you waiting for? The countdown has begun!

What will happen?

  • To begin, our staff will demonstrate a rocket launch to your delegates. This will give your teams an idea of the weight required for their rocket to dock in the winning zone.
  • Each of your teams will then be given a rocket ‘fuselage’ upon which to build their design, plus all the creative paraphernalia they will need.
  • In a race against the clock, each of your teams must design and build their rocket, balancing creativity with practicality.
  • Having completed their rocket build, each team will give a short presentation of their design to the rest of your group.
  • Betting odds will then be awarded and the remaining teams must place their bets.
  • A rocket engine will now be inserted into each rocket by our pyro-technician and our staff will place the rockets on wires.
  • As tension mounts, the heats will commence with each team aiming to safely dock their rocket in the 5 metre docking zone.
  • The winners from each heat will then go on to compete in the grand finale, where the overall winner will be the slowest and safest rocket to reach the space station dock.
  • Bets will then be calculated, winners announced and prizes awarded.