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Activity : Survival Island Teambuilding Event – 106

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  • Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
  • Well maintained and regularly updated equipment
  • Fully trained first aider
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessments 


Develop a strong team identity with team building, whilst having fun, to develop trust and improve communications with real transferable skills



To develop trust, establish structure and achieve a resilient team, who are able to return from the experience more agile adaptable and flexible.



Your team will return from the program, with transferable skills, that will result in positive outcomes, to team cohesion and business performance at all levels.

Our Team Mission: Is to deliver the best in class suite of resilience and survival training programs.

Our Team gives ordinary people the opportunity to access extraordinary training and experiences.



The teams arrive and receive equipment and medical and safety briefings. They will receive a background brief to set the context for the event. They will then get the running order for each team, and locations for each stand.The experience then begins under expert tuition from trained coaches and survival experts.



The teams will arrive at each stand and will be given a detailed brief on each of the elements of “Emergency Survival Planning” and “The PLAN”. The trainers will deliver a clear and concise brief on each element giving enough information to enable each team to achieve the exercises. A certain amount of team skill, creativity and effort will be required to achieve the next part of the team challenge. The teams following their operational training will conduct an assessed exercise, which will encompass aspects of the Survival PLAN. The exercise will be assessed by the trainer, who will be looking for good skill’s, teamwork, communication and sense of humour, to achieve the mission outcomes. The scoring system will be explained at the start of the exercise and mission.The tasks will help develop team identity and cohesion using modern coaching models, relevant and specific to your teams needs. These include the “Tuckman Models” and NLP techniques from our trained staff.


P - ROTECTION: First Aid using current Emergency First Aid protocols, including trauma techniques. A demonstration on emergency shelter building, using improvised techniques. Fire lighting using no matches. There will then be a casualty exercise as a team. “Find and treat the casualty, prepare and make a stretcher, to move to safety, build a shelter to protect the patient, and light a fire to keep them warm. Carry the patient to safety”.

L - OCATION: Learn the principles of Emergency signaling by Day and Night. Learn about basic Search and Rescue cover and techniques. “ You are on the Island, with minimal equipment prepare a signal plan and make as many signaling devices, to signal for rescue by day and night.” Teams have two bags of every day objects and equipment that could be found in a Ladies Handbag or Manbag.”

A – QUISITION: Learn and understand the importance of water and food in an emergency situation. Where to find water and prepare, to be suitable for drinking.“On the island you’ve discovered water, but have nothing to carry it in. Using objects that have been washed up on the beach, your team needs to construct a range of water carrying devices and fill up the camp water supply.” The teams will also be required to forage for as many edible plants within a specified area”

N - AVIGATION: Learn how to find direction using Natures clues to orientation. Make an improvised compass to ultimately find your way home! “On the island you’ve walked into an area of danger due to subsurface volcanic disturbance. A team has left a note detailing clues to the safe passage through this area. Navigate your way through the area, without stepping from the route and falling into the Abyss!!”


DEBREIF: The completion of each task will see a “hot debrief” from the staff. A course wash up and performance debrief will be delivered with the points scored by each team will be assessed to find the ultimate winners of “The Island”.