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Activity : Makeover & Photoshoot – 2707

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What's Included?

Here is what is included in your styling day:

  • Professional beautician
  • Photo Studio
  • Photographer
  • Minimum group size is 10

Styling Experiences

If you want to create long-lasting memoirs of the special time then a make-up and photoshoot party is perfect for you! Meet your professional make-up artists at the venue and expect two hours of being pampered while they make your face to your liking, an ideal activity before the big night out.

Perfect for themed hen parties, our beauticians can glam your group and create some fantastic photos that you can share on the wedding day and forevermore.

*Please note this activity does not include hair styling


Retro styling experience upgrade

This is three hours of quality time together with your hens and a beautiful start to your wedding photography! The first two hours of this party will be hosted by professional make-up artists who will have brought their kits to make you up properly—vintage style! Talk and chat with each other while you transform into bright eyed, red-lipped goddesses! When the whole group is perfect, the last hour of the session will have you posing together in front of a professional photographer who will be able to guide your poses and get your best side and the best angles of a variety of photos of the whole group and in smaller groups too!

Bring props and dress to impress to get the most out of this photoshoot party! Expect your photos to arrive in your inbox within a week of the photoshoot and for no extra cost!

*Please note this activity does not include hair styling


The Full Photoshoot Experience Upgrade

This photoshoot party is the perfect combination of pampering and making memories! The first two of the three hours will be hosted by professional make-up artists & hair stylists who will ensure every hen is made up perfectly. This is a great time to sit back, relax and catch up with each other—especially if not all of the hen group know each other! The last hour is hosted by a professional photographer who will make the whole photoshoot fun and be able to advise on poses, keep the energy high and perfectly capture the excitement of the moment and the friendships of everybody.

Bring along some props or agree on a dress code to really make the most of the experience and expect to receive your photos of the special day within a week of the event for no extra cost.


Stacks of fun activity ideas to choose from and with nearby large group self catering accommodation available, we can design a truly perfect trip for you. So if you're set on a fun-filled trip but struggling to piece it all together, call us on 01273 858206.


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