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Activity : Nottingham Outdoor Activity Site – NOT9451

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Here are the highlights of the Nottingham Outdoor Activity Site:

  • Multi-activity site
  • All safety and specialist equipment
  • Experienced instructors
  • Minimum group size is 10 people

The Nottingham Outdoor Activity Site offers an abundance  of heart pumping, hilarious and enjoyable activities. Choose individual experiences or package them together: 


Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow in the depths of Sherwood Forest just like Robin Hood and his band of merry men. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Maid Marian or more of a Little John, our archery course is suitable for both newcomers and those experienced knocking quivered feathers to bow. Our experienced instructors will quickly teach you how to shoot like a skilled marksman. The archery range can accommodate up to 16 participants at once and each session lasts for an hour.

Assault Course

Go head to head against your friends in one of the most demanding assault courses in Nottingham. The course runs for several acres and includes all of the usual suspects; the scramble net, Burma bridge, Tyre Tunnel, The wall and much more. Each obstacle must be completed by your team in order to move on to the next. If there’s an obstacle you particularly can’t do, you must get a team member to complete it twice to avoid penalty points!

Each obstacle challenges a different fear - a tight space, a blacked out hole, a high wall or a wide ravine to swing over. You better pick your team wisely as encouragement will definitely be needed. The assault course will test you mentally, physically and your ability to work effectively in your team. It’s an incredibly rewarding way of getting dirty.

The length of time you are on the course completely depends on the competitiveness and fitness levels of your team. The course can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 24 guests.

Blindfolded 4x4 Driving

“Am I going forwards, or backwards? I have no idea!” are often the comments shouted by the blindfolded driver. Blindfolded 4x4 driving is a unique and challenging team event that requires clear communication and team work. Every member of your team gets a turn in the driver’s seat and when you’re not, you’re heavily involved giving concise instructions to the driver. This activity runs for around an hour and can accommodate up to 16 participants at a time.

Boot Camp Experience

The Boot Camp experience brings together 3 very physical elements from our events to give you a truly testing activity. These 3 elements are:

  • The Assault Course
  • Laser Tag Combat Scenario
  • Army Style Beasting Stations (A Beasting is a British Army term for physical exercise to the extreme)

The jungle boot camp is for those that want to test their mental and physical states and prove they have what it takes. The event lasts for around 3 hours and is carried out by one of our experienced instructors. If you really want the full experience, with notice we can assign an instructor that will be happy to shout at you for the duration of your event. You will need a strong and committed team with guts to tackle this activity.

This activity can accommodate up to 24 guests at one time.

Giant Table Football

Human Table Football is exactly what it sounds like, a giant inflatable version of table football using use! Each side needs 5 players to take position on the poles. The players can slide from slide to slide but aren’t able to move forwards or backwards. The minimum group size for this particular activity is 12 (players are known to get sent off!). The game is played with a soft ball, and the ref’s decision is always final – you will definitely need a sense of humour to take part! This is a hilarious and unusual game that can accommodate up to 24 guests at one time.

Quad Biking

Take a quad biking trek across 150 acres of Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest. This event is designed so that first time riders have the opportunity to experience the thrill of off-road riding whilst maintaining a thrilling and testing experience for those more familiar with quads.

Our instructors will take you on a trek through the forest. If you have a slow-goer in your group, the activity will take a little longer. But trust us, 5 mph can be exciting if you are knee deep in water and at 45 degrees. (NB This is NOT a ‘competitive race event’ but a Trek). It is advisable to bring a change of footwear.

You’ll start the activity of flat tracks to practice, demonstrating basic control of the quad before heading off into the “jungle”. This cross country course combines hills, slopes, troughs, straights and water pits. It lasts for approximately 45 minutes and includes driver preparation and your safety brief. “In the seat” ride time lasts a minimum of 25 minutes. The trek accommodates 10 riders at once.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is the perfect activity for those looking to experience the thrill and adrenaline associated with paintball, without the bruising and pain. Using state of the art laser beam technology, battle it out in our purpose built arena in the heart of Sherwood Forest.


Set in 150 acres of Sherwood Forest, we deliver fast paced action in some of the most diverse playing zones / maps in the area. That way, each time you step out on to the battlefield you experience a new, exciting mission. The games will test you mentally, physically and your ability to work as a team. Half a day (3 hours) on the battlefield includes 5 – 6 games and a full day (6 hours) is up towards 10 games.

We can accommodate up to 50 guests in one map/zone at once. There are 7 varied arenas to take part in – can you handle them all?


The Segways X2 are designed to take you off the beaten path with a unique riding experience. This experience is for both casual riders and experienced explorers, it’s your all-access pass to the great outdoors. The Segways are very safe, confidence inspiring and can be mastered in just a few minutes by anyone. After a 1-1 induction period you’ll drive the Segways you’ll take these amazing vehicles around our purpose built woodland off-road circuit. You’ll never have experienced anything quite like it.

Up to 7 riders can be on the circuit at any one time. Each rider will get a minimum of 20 minutes on the Segway.

Due to the nature of this unique mode of transport it is important that all participants understand that they must reach the required level of competency during the training in order to take the Segway Off Road.

Bubble Football

Bubble Football is totally bonkers and hilarious fun. Climb inside a bubble (with just your legs sticking out) and attempt to play a football match! When we say attempt, it becomes pretty difficult with the additional full contact element. If your opponent isn’t very skilled with a football, they may well decide to just bulldoze their way to the goal!

Crazy, hysterical, fun, competitive, physically and emotionally draining are just some phrases used to describe Bubble Football.

The event lasts for 1 hour and can accommodate groups of up to 20 participants.

Medieval Mayhem

Medieval Mayhem is a fantastic team building experience set in one of our wooded glades. This activity is often compared to It’s a Knockout styled events because of the wacky challenges involved.

The medieval challenges are as follows:

  • Friar Tucks Wheel
  • Trent Duel
  • Knock The Knights
  • Joust Mad
  • Witches Test
  • Sheriffs Tax

Medieval Mayhem can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 40 guests at a time.

Hunter Games

After putting your archery, knife and axe throwing skills to the test, you’ll head out onto the battle field (Hunger Games style) to put your hunter instincts into action. Using the most up to date combat archery gear, you’ll compete head to head with your friends on our combat field.

You’ll be firing bespoke arrows that have been specially designed with foam tips so that you won’t be going home riddled with holes. There’s no feeling quite like knocking someone off of their feet from a well-placed arrow! Will you be the last competitor left standing?

This activity lasts for two hours and can accommodate up to 16 guests at once.

Axe and Knife Throwing

Bring out the hunter in you and master three hunting weapons. You will get to use throwing knives, Red Indian style Tomahawks and double handed throwing axes (due to the size and weight of the AXE, this is at the discretion of the instructor).

Will you be the first in your group to stick all 3 of your weapons into the huge log targets? This activity takes serious skill and accuracy but assures satisfaction for the entire group.

The activity lasts approximately one hour and can accommodate 12 participants at once.

Airsoft Experience

Take part in a realistic combat scenario using state of the art airsoft equipment. It’s a hunt or be hunted experience. You’ll be using the M5 Carbine from Tipmann Sports. It looks and feels just like a real M5 and has the added realism of providing recoil after each shot. Note: these are not the plastic battery operated guns used by 99% of suppliers.

We were the first venue in the UK to fully kit out these amazing weapons! This activity is not for the faint hearted – this is anything but soft!

The event runs for about an hour and a half and can accommodate up to 24 guests at once.

4x4 Off-Road Driving

The name “4x4 Off-Road Driving” is deceptive. This is no leisurely drive around the country. You have to trust the instructor as much as the machine. When you’re told to take both your feet off the pedals as you’re facing down hill at 45 degrees heading into a deep pit full of sludge you may give a double take, but both he and the vehicle know what they are doing. Come and test your skills on one of the most demanding 4×4 Off Road courses in the Midlands.

After a short induction period that briefs you on techniques and demonstration from your instructor, you’re behind the wheel and tackling the course. The instructor will be beside you to guide you through so that you get the most out of the experience. You’ll be scaling crazy gradients and negotiating axle-twisting cambers. The course has features that will provide a challenge for experienced off road drivers as well as for beginners.

The driving time is dependent on your group size. Please call to discuss options available.

Laser Clay Shooting

Laser clay shooting is a unique, simulated, hi-tec electronic version of the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is shotgun shooting without the need for ear protection and without the worries of recoil or bruises.

You’ll be shooting with de-activate (but very real) shotguns. You’ll be firing laser beams at discs fired from a traditional trap. The shotguns use an infra-red pulse which acts the same as a traditional cartridge, mirroring the action of the shot as it leaves the gun. The discs have reflective strips on them that rebounds the laser beam to the shot guns which then registers the hits on our digital scoreboard.

The sound system simulates the noise of the shot and the sound of smashing clays to signify a hit. Each gun has its own light indicator for hit and miss so you know instantly whether you’re an expert or need a bit more practice!

Different speeds and trajectories can be programmed as you progress. The event can accommodate five participants shooting at once on a range of games.


Falconry is one of the most fascinating activities we offer, and very different from all our other on-site events. We have a range of birds that our expert Falconer brings in – usually 5-7 very different and distinct owls and hawks that will fly to your glove on this “hands on” activity.

The event will commence with our Falconer imparting his vast knowledge about his birds, their history, habitat and hunting styles. Once you have been introduced to the birds you will spend the 1st part of the session in a gladded area where you will get to have the range of birds fly to you.

The 2nd part of the event will be to see one of the Harris Hawks be put through its paces on a hawk walk around a section of our woodland. Please note the Hawks will be hunting for food so there is a chance he may well take a meal in the form of a wild rabbit or squirrel which some guests may find disturbing, but it is just nature in action.

Forest Craft - Survival Skills

Learn and develop the survival techniques to survive in the wodlands. The experience gives you a chance to have a hands on opportunity to try out some of the following survival and forestry skills including:

Building Shelters – working in teams you are challenged to build a shelter that is then tested for its stability, waterproofing, site location and comfort.

Fire Lighting – You will have to find and collect dry materials and then light a fire using fire steels and your natural supplies and the first one to make a cup of tea wins the challenge!

Knife Crafts – you will be shown how to make whistles, weave with willow, make string or build some camp furniture.

Water Filtration – you will be shown how to filter dirty water through a unit which you have made yourself using sand and charcoal and watch how it cleans it till it becomes clear.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Try one of the UK’s most addictive and popular sports. Clay pigeon shooting starts with a full safety briefing from the expert supervisor. You’ll be shown how to shoot and then it’s up to you to see how many you can hit out of 25 clays.

Off Road Buggies

For a true adrenaline rush, hop on into one of our off-road go karts. You’ll be driving on a challenging dirt circuit that comes armed with slopes, bends, dips and straights. We do not compare this event to the speed thrill of Tarmac Karting, what we do say is that if you want something different then this may just be what you are looking for.

You’ll begin with some practise laps before you head out onto the safari track. This course comprises of plenty of humps, bumps and hairpin bends to test your driving skills in our 400cc Honda powered buggies.

Each session includes additional time to get “kitted up” as well as a safety briefing from one of our experienced marshals. A maximum of 6 buggies will be out at any one time. Each driver gets 20 mins of actual driving time.

Remember to include what activities you're interested in on the additional comments section of your trip summary.