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Activity : Nottingham Multi Activity Venue – NOT2291

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What's Included?

Here is what can be included in your activity weekend:

  • Indoor Carting
  • Paintball
  • Off-Road Buggies
  • Quad Bike Safari
  • Powerturns
  • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Archery
  • Human Table Football
  • Argo Cat 8X8 Assult
  • White Water Rafting

Nottingham Multi Activity Sites

Nottingham Indoor Karting

The Nottingham indoor go karting venue has an outstanding 360m track to race with 150ft flyover and 200cc race prepared karts.

Gear up, race fans - it's time to put your foot down! With honour, prestige and a trophy on the line, this is no time to be messing around. Brake late into the chicane and accelerate out of it to take full advantage of the long downhill straight, where the track will be whistling past underneath you at an eye-watering 40mph.

Whether you opt for a grand prix or endurance kart race both will leave to wanting more!

Nottingham Paintball

Shoot your day away at this superb broadleaf woodland paintball site that features man made and artificial Game Zones. You will be fully kitted out with overalls, paintball marker, mask, goggles, hopper and air cylinder before being split into your teams. Games last between 10 and 30 minutes according to skill or good fortune, so even if you get hit you won't be out of action for long. All games are professionally refereed to insure player safety and fair play.

  • Included:
  • 100 paintballs
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • Semi-automatic markers
  • Padded suits and hoods

Nottingham Off Road Buggies

Hop behind the controls of a beefy 400cc Thunderhawk Biz Off-Road Buggy and throw up some major dirt around 2 custom built tracks. The Nottingham 400m dirt buggy track is designed to test different driving skills and include bridges, switchbacks, tarmac and dirt sections and 2 buggies will be on each track at a time which allows for plenty of over taking opportunities if you are good enough. One track has a huge jump and is very twisty whilst the other is more speed based, being flatter with less corners and a faster surface.

Nottingham Quad Bike Safari Trekking

Driving versatile 180cc quad bikes you'll encounter plenty of hills, humps, bridges, climbs, drops and tight turns around this safari style course. The brand new Nottingham Quad trail takes at least 15 minutes a lap to complete, and depending upon your group size you will have the chance to navigate the trail a couple of times. Up to 8 quads will hit the track at once after a practice session and full safety briefing.

Nottingham Powerturns

An absolutely unique and fun motor sport experience, this is guaranteed to give people from all walks of life a thrilling time. These twin-seat, twin-engine machines will whiz both passengers around a trials course whilst pulling a series of 'wheelies'. Each driver has control of an engine and you need to ensure you work together to navigate the Power turn around the obstacles whilst the front wheels are airborne!

Nottingham Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

All the fun of live clay pigeon shooting but without the nasty kick into the shoulder! Using only the best equipment, competitors will use real shotguns which have been converted to fire a low energy laser rather than bullets. We fire real clays from a real trap with your scores being recorded on the digital scoreboard. We'll set-up and run through several games with you and coach you throughout the games. The hen partied really give the stags a run for their money on this great Nottingham activity.

This Activity is an ideal compliment to any motor sport activity.

Nottingham Archery

As you're right in the heart of Robin Hood country, why not try out a range of bows and arrows on a variety of targets! All participants will receive full instruction on how to handle the weapons before heading out onto the range.

Groups will take turns handling some state-of-the-art archery bows that will have even first time users looking like pros. Unless you have a member of your group you're not particularly fond of, there will be no firing apples off peoples heads - just some skilful target shooting that will require a sharp eye and a steady hand.

Nottingham Human Table Football

You've played table football in the pub; now imagine the same thing 20 times bigger and with you as the player! The inflatable pitch can accommodate teams of 5 layers. All players are attached to the bars with velcro, so you can only move sideways. Players also share bars, so you have to co-ordinate your moves with team mates. Each game is played under the careful supervision of a referee and substitutions are also allowed. Great fun for all.

Argo Cat 8x8 Assault

A unique experience, tame our all terrain amphibious 8x8 vehicle. The Argocat will go almost anywhere- up steep inclines, cross country through deep water, it even floats!

Your instructor will go through the safe operation of the Argocat prior to you taking your seat at the controls. The Argocat can take up to 4 passengers and operates on the specially created course

Nottingham White Water Rafting

One of the most enjoyable ways of experiencing the thrills and spills of fast moving white water is through white water rafting. Using a four metre inflatable raft, a crew of between four and eight persons will descend the 700 metre course of fast flowing white water under the supervision of a qualified Raft Guide.

With the capacity to run 8 raft at any one time on the rapids, the Nottingham white water venue can cater for large groups. Your safety is paramount, all raft guides are governing body qualified, and undertake continuous training by guide trainers.

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