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Activity : London Spy Hunt, Corporate Events – LON2263

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Here are the highlights of the London Spy Hunt:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Maps, Pens, etc
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Minimum group size is 20 people

The Ultimate London Spy Hunt

The Mission

Imagine the're training to become a team of secret agents, the absolute elite of the undercover world.

A data chip has been stolen from UK Secret Service HQ, containing the identities of all current agents. This is a scenario that could put National Security at risk. HQ has been informed that the chip has been implanted within an innocent member of the public without their knowledge. This was a cunning method of hiding the information.

Your mission is to identify the individual, before they are hunted down by other parties.

After a briefing from HQ, you will be required to complete a number of team exercises that will test your mental and physical prowess and decipher clues that will unlock vital information. You must use you time wisely and allocate tasks efficiently between your team. Successful completion of tasks will lead to identity information being uncovered.

During the mission you will have to search for a number of undercover agents, who will either help or hinder you.

The mission culminates in a return to HQ, where you will decipher all the information and begin the race to discover the identity of the chipped individual!

Team Division

We recommend that groups are divided into 4 teams for the mission. Each team will compete against the other, with the winners receiving a prize.

Event Location

The mission can take place throughout London and the South East, however please find below an event which has been run in Brighton - successfully - many times over!

The mission will take place within the City of Brighton, around the main seafront, the Historic North Laines area and the prestigious Brighton Marina complex.

Teams will walk - run and make use of taxis where necessary. Additional modes of transport such as power boats, helicopters, limousines can be included for extra event panache, of course these are additional.

Example Event Timings

The event is based upon a 09.00am start time and a finish at 17.00pm, with a planned lunch break.

  • 09.00 Meet at HQ for Mission briefing and allocation of Agent packs
  • 09.30 Mission begins with Challenge 1
  • 10.30 Move to next challenge
  • 10.45 Challenge 2
  • 11.45 Move to next challenge
  • 12.00 Challenge 3
  • 13.00 Move to lunch location
  • 13.15 Lunch
  • 14.15 Move to next challenge
  • 14.30 Challenge 4
  • 15.30 Challenge 5
  • 16.15 Rendezvous for Mission completion and prizes
  • 17.00 End of event

The Mission Challenges

Each team will begin the event with a secret service pack, containing the mission briefing. This will consist of a written brief, micro cassette message and a number of important items of equipment. Once the brief has been read, teams must head off to complete their first challenge. Over the course of the event, teams will complete all of the challenges, rotating at periods throughout.

The event will include the following exciting missions.


Teams must find a hidden Dictaphone cassette, containing information which will lead them to a casino. Here they will meet an undercover agent, who will pass on information over a game of Roulette.


After locating an undercover agent in the streets, the team must complete a secret code, before heading off with Walkie Talkies into the den of narrow lanes near the seafront to search for answers to clues. The answers to these will be exchanged for numbers which will in turn, open an electronic safe, hidden in a secret location!


A hidden envelope, containing vital information, will lead the team to a ringing public phone box. A mystery voice gives them valuable information, which will enable them to collect a package from an undercover agent and open an important email message.


Teams meet an undercover agent, who gives them a package containing 2 GPS units. They must use these to follow a clue trail, which will give them the combination to a briefcase, containing data that will help them to save the day.


A challenge that will test the teams creative mind! Teams will receive an instant camera within their briefing packs and a list of photo titles and must take a number of creative team photos that represent these throughout the event. Only the most creative team will win this task!


Teams will have to complete a number of mental team building tasks, at specific points in the day. With time pressure and points at stake, only the teams who perform the greatest will come out top!