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Activity : London RIB Treasure Hunt – LON10222

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Here are the highlights of the London RIB Treasure Hunt:

  • RIB Power Boats
  • Instruction -Skippers
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Protective Wet Weather
  • Maximum 12 people per RIB

London Rib Treasure Hunt

We offer various options for your RIB trip to combine with your treasure hunt. All of the different options to choose from are listed below

What does my RIB Treasure Hunt  include?

  • Set of 10 questions based on London facts - sheets on clipboards with pens to per 2 people
  • Answers to these questions are included in the Guided Commentary, passengers are advised to listen very carefully
  • Questions that are on the clipboards are asked by the crew member with fun & interaction
  • The person who gets most questions correct will receive a Cocktail Shaker on board, presented with humour & celebratory music
  • The winner  will receive also a complimentary bottle of bubbly & a free on board printed photo
  • Your Choice of RIB experience from the options below


Other RIB activities:


Tower Rib Blast

Introducing our new invigorating 20 minute Tower RIB Blast to and from the world famous London location of Tower Millennium Pier. For those of you who need a quick fix in terms of speed and sights, this is the perfect option for you! On board this Ultimate London Speedboat ride, enjoy a unique guided commentary on Celebrated London Landmarks Leaving Tower Pier, you’ll see The HMS Belfast, the Shard, City Hall, Tower of London & under Tower Bridge, our skilled skipper then blasts the turbo for serious high speed thrills and music before turning at full throttle all the way back to tower bridge and arriving back at Tower Pier


Ultimate Tower Rib Blast

Our Ultimate Tower RIB Blast in an enthralling 40 minute round trip departing from Tower Pier. Hold On Tight as we unleash the beast of our mighty twin turbo 740hp engines heading under the iconic Tower Bridge, past Canary Wharf & the O2 arena and right through the incredible Thames Barrier. Then its full on action, twisty turns, awesome tunes and high power all the way back to Tower Bridge. More Hold On Tight moments than our shorter Blasts


Canary Wharf Experience

Feel like James Bond for the day as you experience the fastest London Speedboats on the River Thames! See more of London in 50 minutes (approximately) than you’d expect to see in three times this length of time on more conventional sightseeing tours. Informal and entertaining guided commentary accompanies all the major new and historical sights of this amazing capital City.

Starting your journey at Embankment pier we then head upriver to take a look at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and a glimpse of MI6. Then a guided commentary through the centre of London passing many amazing sites, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Monument, the Shard, HMS Belfast, the Tower of London and then finally we pass under the iconic Tower Bridge. Then throttle down and off we go.

You will be turbo blasted at high speed through the Docklands, past Canary Wharf, with music before turning at high speed back to Tower bridge, before returning to the Embankment Pier for the Ultimate Rollercoaster on Water Experience.


Ultimate Spy Experience

As our sleek Ribcraft powers its way along the River Thames and through the very heart of London. In addition to seeing the sights that this great city has to offer our trained Guides will regale you with fascinating anecdotes and true stories about the life and times of author Ian Fleming, the history of the British Secret Service and their counterparts and indeed Fleming’s greatest and most famous creation of all – James Bond.

And then, having seen many of the locations features in the famous books and films (MI5 & MI6) and having gained an insight into the fascinating world of international espionage, it’s time to hold on as our skipper opens up the engines and you can pretend to be a top secret agent as the boat speeds off down towards the O2 at a rate of knots. This is a high speed ride with a difference, that will get your adrenaline pumping!

Thames Barrier Experience

Thames Barrier Experience gives 75 minutes of high speed thrills, guided commentary and a chance like no other to see so much of London by river on our twin turbo 740hp high powered RIBs. It is the ultimate option for sightseeing addicts. And (for all you speed junkies) it’s our pleasure to announce that there’s double the amount of high speed on this route!

Once you’ve witnessed all that our shorter Canary Wharf has to offer you’ll need to Hold On Tight onboard this extreme London speedboat as we round the Isle of Docks with even more gusto, checking out the ever changing river side, the old industries clinging on as the property developers arrive. Then the famous O2, originally the Millennium Dome, under the Cable Car, past the Greenwich Yacht Club and onto the amazing Thames Barrier (described as the 8th wonder of the world!) we pass through the gates slowly allowing you to take in the full glory before turning you round and giving more G-Force on the return. Once we arrive back at Tower Bridge we then reduce speed to cruise back through the centre of London with more music and a chance for everyone to relax and enjoy the ride home


The London Thames RIB Blast details

  • We are able to operate on The Thames at any time during daylight hours. 
  • Although we travel fast, we are very aware of and considerate to other River users. Before applying full power, we wait until we have cleared the Thames Barrier, creating an excellent finale before returning to the disembarkation point.
  • The RIBs normally operate in choppy coastal waters. In central London we are able to guarantee operating in all but the most extreme conditions. Typically only snow storms will stop the fun..
  • We provide smart breathable oilskins for everybody, which will keep participants warm and dry even through the most inclement weather.


Health & Safety: Participants will need a reasonable level of physical health rather than fitness. This event is unsuitable for those with knee, hip, back, neck or weight problems, and those who are pregnant.